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    KeAfan7Comments: 16Views: 6256
    Here are our updated forum rules so read them carefully


    #1 Be nice! Don't flame, bash other people, or troll on the forums

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    @KokorOtaku You are the man of the hour!!!! W00t!!!!

    KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku
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    Sorry guys, I did all I could to support the browser for as long as humanly possible, but with our webhost's current encoding it's now no longer possible to keep the browser supported at a usable level. In memory of our over 7 years of supporting the browser I am writing this global message on my Wii U browser. This may well be my final post using the browser as it is a nightmare to navigate our site with and most features no longer work with the app. Who here has used their Wii U browsers to browse our website and post messages? When did you stop using the Wii U browser on our website? As always,...
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  • 20120215
    SkywardLComments: 16Views: 3448
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews 110

    I remember receiving a Game Boy Color in my youth and felt uninspiring with it and being too busy enjoying my Nintendo 64 anyway, then I realized that few years later that was because they were shovelware plus Pokemon.
    Thanks to the Nintendo eShop, I can finally experience what I was missing with the original Game Boy and my first purchase was Donkey Kong '94. Once I accidentally letting Mario to perform a back...
  • 20120327
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjufzs-qGPJ-Cw6HpwCf_B4A7WgiSHklChORP2orJvq5DknWhh

    “Icarus Circuit”

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a F-Zero pilot? Surviving in this futuristic racer is only half the battle. F-Zero Maximum Velocity is from a franchise that requiring successful maneuvering and be familiar with your chosen machine.

    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRTv-JufKhuxKmeuil-toxz3jFbJ_pjquhHQJQqy4qYlAMX8gGRSg

    Grand Prix is the main single player campaign where your first step is...
  • 20120625
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews GWG2L8vcL9hRMFd6DcgWVXVPWW1VAPEd44jV
    (Game Boy Color)

    (C) 1997, Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo

    US release (3DS): May 24, 2012
    JP release (3DS): March 21, 2012
    EU release (3DS): May 3, 2012

    Players: 1
    Nintendo eShop NA price: $3.99
    Nintendo eShop JP price: ¥400
    Nintendo eShop EU price: £3.60
    Genre: Videogame Compilation

    Relieve the handheld classics again, this time in color ! experience more...
  • 20130525
    Farming Made Simple.

     photo 2107576-harvest_moon_3_05_zpsa6526af7.png

    Is this portable entry in the Harvest Moon franchise a worthwhile eshop download? Let's find out!

    Gameplay and Story:

    The story is very sandbox just like every Harvest Moon game and while the first portable...
  • 20120802
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images10

    Publisher : Nintendo
    Developer : Nintendo
    Price : $3.99

    Easier than the first title, but still tough.

  • 20120427
    Happy 20th birthday Kirby, this review is my gift to you

    3DS Virtual Console Reviews U4N5-AKdydLQCe-yrnjXS1Mm7kA8OTAO

    Kirby’s Dream Land is one of the first imaginative gaming visions from Masahiro Sakurai. A vision of a little Dream Lander taking a journey to demonstrate that having a pale appearance is similar to having straight and courage when wearing a red hat and blue overalls. That little Dream Lander is Kirby and he’s not so little once he starts swallowing anything that gets in his...
  • 20121016
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews IM2VLBm-b_JdLJkcZ-ip5aCUReo8SCdb
    © 1999 Nintendo/CAMELOT

    Developer: CAMELOT Software Planning
    Publisher: Nintendo

    NA release: October 11, 2012

    Available for 3DS eShop: price tag $4.99
    # of Players: 1 player (2 player disable)
    Genre: Sports

    For 3DS owners, there’s a total of three 8-bit golf titles on the Nintendo eShop. These Virtual Console titles are NES Open Tournament from the NES system, Golf from Gameboy, and...
  • 20130504
    Every Legend Has a Beginning

     photo 30_zpsb9ef9fb4.jpg

    Almost everyone by now has heard of Capcom's robotic hero Mega Man. Mega Man is to Capcom what Mario and Link are to Nintendo and what Sonic is to Sega. Hes had several games with varying playstyles from RPG types, to platformers and even a soccer game. However back in 1987 when the game Mega Man...
  • 20130329
    A Rock Solid Adventure for the 3DS VC

    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Megaman32_zps953a1c40

    First off a little warning here. This is my first public I guess you will call it review. I will admit I love writing but honestly structure is not my high points. I apologize if this review is wordy and at times I may seem to ramble.

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity and any comments or concerns please let me know either below or in a PM if you are more comfortable with that. I dont mind criticism...
  • 20120305
    SkywardLComments: 7Views: 2011
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9x_SJ1w2b3JNCDOrtouo0ZemD2SA0Zu9ioE_VCtwcIhonjCyHKQ


    “You sunk my battleship”

    That doesn’t sound very enthusiastic naval experience. However, when visually seeing your decision unfold as your missile launching towards the selected space, sinking a battleship can be fun even if it's just stock footage. Radar Mission is a spiritual predecessor to the 3DS launch title Steel Diver. While Radar Mission doesn’t have a campaign mode, it does have the other two modes that are similar to Steel Diver without...
  • 20120319
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTXwk_-bwjQvTneOQALc7t8r_NhXuEmz2t3FmFLG2UmL9suhmk_Cg

    “Sonic Got Chaos Emeralds”

    Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble is an 8-bit speedy adventure exclusively for the Sega Game Gear and no longer worrying about draining six AA batteries at a time thanks to the Nintendo 3DS. Knuckles once again confuse of which side he’s on, took five Chaos Emeralds before Sonic and Tails gets a chance to and give chase through five dangerous Zones while Dr. Robotnik has the last Chaos Emerald and he’s waiting for them in the final Zone...
  • 20120227
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Super_Mario_Land_GBC_ScreenShot1

    After completing Super Mario Land twice, I can clearly see why I've never picked this game up beforehand. Like Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Land differentiates itself from the traditional Mario experience. With its quirky enemies, unusual bosses, and overall terrible level design, Super Mario Land is difficult to recommend.

    First thing you'll notice after starting up the game, is the utterly clunky controls. It feels as if I was sliding on ice the entire way through this game...
  • 20120811
    Mario's Best Monochrome Adventure!

    3DS Virtual Console Reviews 250px-10

    Price: $3.99/3.60 (U.K.)
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Nintendo R&D1
    Genre: Platformer
    Players: 1

    See why Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is vastly superior to the original Super Mario Land game in my first 3DS Virtual Console review! Also learn about a rumored upcoming feature that could be made available in...
  • 20120223
    SkywardLComments: 4Views: 1816
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR96EfDPzQwPAWcOsIIecQnhUBL7dFC7RflzVUeO3bKH0QQ0lTy

    “Work It!”

    That is exactly what Wario is doing, he’s working it. Working his way to find treasures, that someone else found but not obtain yet. He wastes no time as he drives all night with his sweet purple ride, suprising a suspicious black cat with its heavy-duty headlights. The Golden Pyramid awaits for him not just treasure, but the wackiness that will engulf him, even literally, and the insane boss confrontation that he no doubt feels right at home in. Wario...
  • 20120121
    3DS Virtual Console Reviews 250px-Zelda_II_The_Adventure_of_Link_box

    I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge Zelda fan. The storylines, puzzles, and goofy, creepy characters always put me off as a kid. Unlike Mario, Zelda games never grabbed me and sucked me in from beginning to end. Actually, Zelda was one of the few big names of gaming that did this. I played The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and A Link to the Past, but as great as they are, I never had the tolerance to play them through. First...
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