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  • 20140918
    Throwing darts with the Wii U GamePad

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large18

    Darts Up (Wii U eShop)
    (C) EnjoyUp Games

    PAL Review by SKTTR and Rukiafan.

    Welcome to another review on WiiWareWave. This time we have a casual dart game from Spanish development team and publisher EnjoyUp Games.

    In Darts Up you're playing exclusively with the Wii U GamePad, no Wiimotes or other controllers allowed. It's...
  • 20160112


    Discovering Strange New Voxels!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x27

    With Minecraft: Wii U Edition already released how does Noowanda's voxel crafting cousin stack up against its older relative? Continue reading our review to find out!

    First off the game emphasises on the creative aspect of the genre so don't expect any survival mode or anything....
  • 20150727
    Don't Crash review (Wii U eShop)
    GamergyComments: 6Views: 1032
    Crash and burn

    Wii U eshop Reviews Dont-crash

    In my review of “Shut the Box” I mentioned how it was the exact kind of game that you would expect to see on mobile. Well, Don’t Crash is another one to add to the list of “eShop games that are more like Mobile games”

    Don’t Crash has a very simple concept; your car goes around an oval track with two lanes. Another car goes the opposite direction and you try not to crash, with the...
  • 20150731
    Solid, But A Little Rough Around The Edges!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s29
    The game is decidedly retro, if you enjoyed the NES Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy titles, you should enjoy Dragon Fantasy Book I: The Volumes of Westeria!

    Developed by Muteki Corp and published by Choice Provisions Dragon Fantasy Book I is a turn-based RPG that plays alot like a hybrid between the NES Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior titles. Originally released on mobile,...
  • 20160914


    Steer Clear of This Fantasy...


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x10

    Developed by Muteki Corporation and published by Choice Provisions Dragon Fantasy Book II: The Black Tome of Ice is the sequel to Dragon Fantasy Book I: The Volumes of Westeria which we thoroughly enjoyed in our Wii U and 3DS reviews of the game! Dragon Fantasy Book II is fantastic in theory,...
  • 20160921


    Steer Clear of This Fantasy...


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x10

    Developed by Muteki Corporation and published by Choice Provisions Dragon Fantasy Book II: The Black Tome of Ice is the sequel to Dragon Fantasy Book I: The Volumes of Westeria which we thoroughly enjoyed in our Wii U and 3DS reviews of the game! Dragon Fantasy Book II is fantastic in theory,...
  • 20130814
    A blast from the past with a new gen twist!!

     photo 1_zps6371ea4b.jpeg

    If you grew up in the late 80's early 90's than you probably remember Disney's hit cartoon Duck Tales.  Based on Uncle Scrooge comics by Carl Barks, Duck Tales paved the way for other cartoon series by Disney.  At height of its popularity Duck Tales could be found everywhere.  On lunchboxes,...
  • 20131022
    Relive The Glory of The Coin-op Age Without Spending A Fortune!

     photo 107_zps9727b294.jpg

    Dungeons And Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is an HD remake of the first two Dungeons And Dragons coin-op arcade games from the 80's and though the game looks quite good with its 24-bit HD remaster is it still fun enough by today's standards that you'll want to...
  • 20171204


    A Rare Western JRPG Making A Festively Magical Splash On Wii U!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 900x

    Developed and published by Snowcastle Games, Earthlock: Festival of Magic might be developed by a European company, but is truly a JRPG at heart with a colorful artstyle, and music you'd expect from the Japanese sub-genre of RPG's. Is the game as a whole worth purchasing if you're a Wii U owner? We...
  • 20131124
    Simple Yet Amazing!

     photo 154_zpsf350c45b.jpg

    At first glance EDGE HD might look overly simplistic, however it is not! Find out what we thought of this complex puzzle platforming adventure by reading the rest of our review of the game!

  • 20150417
    Curse of The Satar!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s19

    Developed by Ansimuz Games Elliot Quest is a tough as nails platforming RPG in the veins of Zelda II that also has gameplay elements from the NES Kid Icarus title, but do these gameplay elements work well together? Keep reading our review to find out!

    The game has platforming elements similar to early platforming RPG's such as Zelda II and blends the two genres together perfectly! The game has towns, fields, and dungeons which are divided into different...
  • 20160426


    Epic Dumpster Diving!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Large10

    Developed and published by Log Games, Epic Dumpster Bear is a platformer that would be easy to write-off given its bizarre name, premise, and lackluster visuals, however the game itself is really quite solid and here's why:

    Epic Dumpster Bear possesses a ton of content and secret levels...
  • 20140409
    A Fish Eat Fish World!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s50

    Gameplay And Controls:

    The rules of the game are simple, you must eat smaller fish and avoud being eaten by the larger ones which might seem easy, but during later evolutions there will be almost as many fish that are larger than you as there are fish that you can eat. To counter this balance issue the game features many power-up's such as the bomb which kills all fish surrounding you and the shield which temporarily protects you from...
  • 20151213
    The Future Is Here, And It's Fast!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x20

    Fast Racing Neo was developed and published by the world-renowned indie developer Shin'en Multimedia the masterminds responsible for the hit WiiWare titles Fast Racing League and Art of Balance, as well as the Wii U titles Nano Assault Neo and Art of Balance for the Wii U as well as some top-notch 3DS titles as well! The developer always impresses their fans by developing some of the most visually impressive indie titles on Nintendo's...
  • 20140423
    An Intergalactic Green Thumb Adventure!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s57

    In this exciting adventure you must transform a dull boring world into a vibrant and lush world that is filled with beautiful flowers. But is this game worth checking out? Keep reading to find out!

    Gameplay And Controls:

    You must work your way through a massive world map by playing levels and collecting coins, seeds, etc. Gnomes block many paths and you need to use the stars that you've earned in each level...
  • 20140808
    Resurrection Or Decomposition?!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 410

    The mobile game market is a place where many cheap and poorly designed games are released and forgotten, however despite its mobile marketplace origins Frederic: Resurrection of Music is a quality title worth taking a look into, but it has its share of issues. But do the positives outweigh the negatives? Keep reading to find out more!

    Frederic: Resurrection of Music takes cues from the gameplay in games such as Guitar Hero where you must hit the...
  • 20151004
    Sonic Would Be Proud!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s41

    Developed by Galaxy Trail Games Freedom Planet pays homage to fast-paced platformers of yesteryear, namely Sonic The Hedgehog's SEGA Genesis outings, however elements of certain other classics from the Genesis era are also present!

    The gameplay itself is quite hectic and will test your gaming skills. The bosses are also quite impressive and will quickly remind gamers of the classic titles from Treasure Games. The stages themselves...
  • 20160207


    An Ice Solid Platforming Adventure Awaits U!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Freeze16

    Developed and published by the one person crew at Rainy Night Creations FreezeMe is love letter to the platformers of the 90's with some modern and unique touches that will remind players of the golden age of the video game industry, however some bugs are present, but are...
  • 20150914
    Generic, But A Blast To Play!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s13

    Developed by UFO Crash Games and published by Enjoy Up! Games Fullblast is a rather generic shooter at first glance, but don't let that fool you as the game is actually quite fun and is definitely worth its price! First of all the game is a traditional arcade-style vertical shoot 'em up that feels like it would be right at home in an early 90's arcade!

    The game features many different insectoid, mechanical, and aquatic/subterranean...
  • 20160928
    Review: FUTURIDIUM EP DELUXE (Wii U eShop)
    SKTTRComments: 7Views: 1040
    Wii U eShop Review



    Genre: Arcade / Flying / 3D-Shooter
    Players: 1

    EU Release Date: 2016-05-26 Price: £7.99 / 8,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-05-26 Price: $9.99

  • 20151206
    Could Use Some Jeweler's Polish.

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x_110

    Jewels have been a common staple in games of the puzzle genre, and the same is true for Gemology, but the game is no simple match three puzzler like most Jewel-based puzzlers! Is this a good thing though? Keep reading to find out!

    The puzzles in this game require some strategy or alot of it "especially later in the game!" This level of challenge is one of the game's strong points for sure along with the cameo stages that...
  • 20140615
    Getting Geometric!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s37

    Intro And Gameplay:

    Geom is a Puzzle title developed by Pablo Millan a one-man indie developer who just recently became an official Wii U developer! His first game Geom is a puzzler title that focuses on scoring big in each of the three modes of play which all have different rules and ways to score! The gameplay itself is easy to learn, but difficult to master as scoring big will test your brain in a big way. Of the three modes the first...
  • 20130909
    The Power of Twins!

     photo 16_zps243104f9.jpg

    In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams you must travel between two versions of the same world to progress through the stages and save the protagonist's sister, but the game is very challenging and the bosses are quite tough, keep reading to find out more about this gem of a game!

  • 20150713
    Gravity Bending Brainbusters!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s17

    There have been few puzzle titles on the Wii U eShop and even fewer have been worthwhile experiences, but is GravBlocks+ a worthy puzzler? Continue reading our review to find out!

    GravBlocks+ is a match-three puzzle title with a twist. The game features arrow blocks that when matched alter gravity based on the direction of the arrow on the gravity blocks! There are some hazards and items such as bombs a color sweepers that...
  • 20140607
    Docile Badgers!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s24

    Gravity Badgers as its name suggests is a physics based puzzler that involves both gravity elements and space travelling alien badgers that you must safely navigate through the games various stages as well as escaping from terrifying bosses that likely would eat any space traveler in its path! Gravity Badgers is developed and published by the award winning indie studio Wales Interactive who have crafted many top-tier indie titles over the years, but is this game as good...
  • 20160316

    Drakhar Studio

    Published by: EnjoyUp Games

    EU Release: 2016-03-03 Price: 4,99€
    NA Release: 2016-03-10 Price: $4.99

    Tested: EU - PAL Version


  • 20140706
    Masked Champion!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s72

    Gaucamelee is a Metroidvania style platformer with beat em' up elements and was developed by Drinkbox Games. The game has alot of potential and is critically acclaimed on other consoles so what did we think of this upgraded Super Turbo Championship Edition for the Wii U eshop? Keep reading to find out!

    Guacamelee: STCE emphasises on tricky platforming and beat em' up battles and can be quite challenging at times. The platforming will require the use of many...
  • 20150919
    A Heartfelt Westerner!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s20

    Developed and published by Horberg Productions Gunman Clive is a classic action-platforming series of games that was first released on the 3DS eShop in 2013 with the sequel releasing on the 3DS eShop earlier this year. Now both games have been released on the Wii U eShop as part of the Gunman Clive HD Collection! You can read our late reviewer Nintenbro's review of the...
  • 20150507
    Unusually Strange!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large10

    Developed by Barnyard Intelligence Games and published by Majesco High Strangeness is a bizarre action/adventure title that will raise some eyebrows, but is it worth checking out? Keep reading to find out!

    High Strangeness' story is a bizarre telling of the Illuminati and the crystal skulls and it shouldn't be taken seriously as it's really awful, however the rest of the gameplay is very solid!

    There are 8-bit and 16-bit versions of the world which...
  • 20140608
    Dashing And Jumping Galore!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s27

    I've Got To Run! is a sidescrolling platformer in the runner sub-genre that focuses exclusively on scoring as many points as you can in each of the game's 3 modes! Developed by the one-woman studio 4Corner Games this game has alot of polish for a game developed by a single person, but is it accompanied by serious issues as well? Let's find out!

    Gameplay And Controls:

    I've Got To Run! features simple runner mechanics and...
  • 20140909
    Wii All Scream For Ice Cream!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_142

    Published and developed by Dolores Entertainment Ice Cream Surfer is a side-scrolling shoot em' up title that has cutesy visuals and several characters each with their own unique powers, while some are pretty good, others are almost unplayable due to their attack range or strength. The game is split up into 6 different zones each with their own boss at the end. These levels start off easy, but become challenging near the end and the later bosses are very...
  • 20140730
    Ice Cream Surfer (Wii U eShop)
    (C) Dolores Entertainment

    A colorful 16-bit Parodius-style horizontal shoot'em up for 5€.

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large10

    PAL Review by SKTTR.

    Shooters don't really need a story. Most of the time you're defending your world from an evil alien or robot invasion. Ice Cream Surfer has five heroes that defend the world from an evil Brokkoli guy. Yes, the developers tried to put their crazy ice cream, vegetable,...
  • 20160313


    High-Tempo Rhythm-Based Platforming!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Inside11

    Developed and published by Seaven Studios, Inside My Radio is a fast-paced rhythm-based platformer that can be extremely challenging or easy depending on how you play the game! So is the game as good as it sounds? Yes, to an extent and here's why:

    Inside my radio has all...
  • 20140714
    Diagnosis Not Terminal, But Could Be Better.

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s83

    Developer Bear Box Media's debut Wii U eshop title Internal Invasion might have received mixed criticism from some of the professional media outlets, but how do we feel about the game? Well you'll need to keep reading our review to find out!

    Internal Invasion is an arcade-style puzzle game where you play as some sort of medicinal virus and must use cannons to reach other cannons and ultimately find the exit of a level in a limited...
  • 20140603
    This will do quite nicely:

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s17

    Ittle Dew is an adventure title similar to the popular long-running Zelda series of games and is developed by the indie developer Ludosity. Ittle dew might be similar to The Legend of Zelda, but there are many differences. First of all the protagonist is a girl albeit a girl who's wearing clothing very similar to Link from The Legend of Zelda. Then the bosses and dungeons of the game are linked to the item system and shop in an interesting twist to the formula...
  • 20150110
    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x11

    Ittle Dew (Wii U eShop)
    (C) 2014 Ludosity

    PAL Review by SKTTR.

    Players: 1
    Price: 9.99€

    The Legend of Ittle Dew: Speedrun of Time

    Ittle Dew is the cute main protagonist of a topdown Zelda-style action-adventure. We don’t know why Ittle happened to be on a raft somewhere in the ocean, accompanied by a talking, flying and potion loving fox fairy sidekick, but soon enough they crash...
  • 20160409


    Decent Match-Three Action.


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x10

    Developed by PlayEveryWare and published by iWin games, Jewel Quest is a simple yet highly challenging match-three style puzzler that will test your skills and can be a decent amount of fun for short-bursts, however how does it hold-up against its competition? Continue reading to find out!
  • 20151018
    Getting The Job Done!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Downlo10

    Developed and published by Herrero Games Job The Leprechaun is a retro arcade-style platformer that shares some characteristics of early NES platformers such a Mappy-Land, but is it worth downloading? Keep reading our review to find out!

    Job The Leprechaun is a fairly short game, but it has quite a bit of charm. The objective of the game is to collect every shamrock in each stage and reach the exit before time runs out. The game starts...
  • 20160306
    Wii U eShop Review

    Joindots & UIG Entertainment presents
    A VIS-Games production

    Wii U Version by SilentFuture

    EU-Release: 2016-02-04
    Price: 7,99€

    NA-Release: 2016-01-28
    Price: $6.99


  • 20160306
    Wii U eShop Review

    Glass Bottom Games

    Published by Joindots

    Wii U Version by SilentFuture

    EU-Release: 2016-02-11
    Price: 5,99€

    NA-Release: 2015-12-10
    Price: $5.99

    Website / Trailer

  • 20170313


    Rock Solid Platforming!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 900x

    Developed by Jaywalkers Interactive and published by Abstraction Games, Kick & Fennick is a fantastic 2.5D platformer with alot of charm and a fantastic audio-visual presentation! Is this enough to make Kick & Fennick a blockbuster indie hit like Shovel...
  • 20140916
    Kick To The Beat!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large14

    KickBeat - Special Edition (Wii U eShop)
    (C) Zen Studios

    PAL Review by SKTTR

    Hungarian developer Zen Studios fourth Wii U eShop game (after Zen Pinball 2, CastleStorm, and Star Wars Pinball) is KickBeat - Special Edition, an innovative rhythm game where you defend yourself from hordes of enemies coming to attack you from all four sides.

    If you know other Zen Studios games...
  • 20131226
    Post Apocalyptic Underground Adventure!

     photo 209_zps7f1c0f37.jpg

    Knytt Underground is an atmospheric side-scrolling adventure title that has elements of classic titles such as Metroid and Castlevania, but adds a bunch of new elements of its own as well. But how does this title measure up against the heavy hitters of the genre? Well, let's find out!
  • 20130921
    More Fun Than A Barrel Of...Uh Rabbits!

     photo 69_zps504a390a.jpg

    Kung Fu Rabbit is Neko Entertainment's second game on the Wii U and is only $4.99 on the eshop, so is this game a bargain or should you save your money and pass on this title? Read the rest of our review to find out!

  • 20160214


    An Enjoyable Bugfest...


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x10

    Developed and published by Moving Player, Level 22 is a unique and enjoyable stealth-platformer that has many strong points, however it's riddled with a ton of major bugs. Do these bugs completely ruin the experience? Not quite, and here's why:

    The gameplay in Level 22 is straightforward...
  • 20150816
    Pixels 4 Life!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s36
    Even the Commodore 64 and other early gaming computers make an appearance in this thrilling trip down retro-gamer memory lane!

    Life of Pixel was developed and published by Super Icon Ltd. The game or rather the games are arcade-style platformers that are relatively straightforward, but in some cases very difficult! The games are separated by over a dozen consoles including a few unlockable consoles...
  • 20141018
    Survive Alone or Be A Hero and Survive Together!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_163

    Lone Survivor is a post-apocalyptic survival horror action platformer developed by Superflat Games and published by Curve Studios. Lone Survivor: Director's cut has additional content that was made available after the game originally released on the PS3. The objective is simple you must navigate deadly corridors in order to find food, shelter, weapons, ammo, and most importantly escape from the nightmarish zombies that have overrun your...
  • 20160607


    Katamari Damacy Meets The FPS Genre!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x10

    Developed by QUICKTEQUILA Games and published by tinyBuild Games Lovely Planet is a hardcore FPS at its core with deceptively cute Katamari Damacy style graphics that strangely seem to compliment one-another! The game isn't without its faults, however we feel that it's definitely worth...
  • 20141221
    Somewhere Between Get Your Game On And Feeling The Flow!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large24

    Developed and published by Dark Roast Entertainment Lucadian Chronicles is a card battling game that is clearly inspired by Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! though it definitely leans more towards the former. The game has a great campaign though it does have very unfair difficulty spikes that throws off the balance of the game, the game could also use more cards "especially magic cards" which hopefully will be added during future...
  • 20160928
    Review: MAHJONG (Wii U eShop)
    SKTTRComments: 1Views: 1335
    Wii U eShop Review


    Sanuk Games

    Genre: Strategy / Puzzle / Tile-matching board game
    Players: 1

    EU Release Date: 2016-09-22 Price: £4.49 / 4,99€

    Website: http://www.sanukgames.com/


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