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  • 20160424

    Published by Digerati Distribution & Marketing
    Original Game by Code Avarice
    Wii U Version by Saturnine Games

    Genre: Roguelike FPS
    Players: 1

    EU Release Date: 2016-04-21 / Price: 9,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-04-14 / Price: $9.99

    Website / Trailer

    Tested: EU (PAL Version)

  • 20140212
    A Real Predicament

     photo 97cef0a4-97fb-41ae-bea7-261466db5c7c_zpsb613af74.jpg

    Percy's Predicament is a balance based platformer similar to Super Monkey Ball, but does it live up the the standards set by SEGA's semi-popular series or should it be avoided? Find out by reading the rest of...
  • 20141108
    Love Letter Of Lunar And Phantasy Star!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Developed and published by Watermelon Studios corp. Pier Solar started off as a homebrew game for the Genesis/Megadrive that was going to feature members of an online community as the protagonists, however this idea was scrapped early on in the development of the game and Pier Solar: And The Great Architects was born! Is Pier Solar a amateur game or does it live up to the standards set by other old-school JRPG's? Continue reading...
  • 20141014
    A Blast From The Past With A Modern Twist!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_161

    Ping 1.5+ is an action puzzler developed by the indie studio Nami Tentou Mushi that is part Block Breaker, part puzzler, and has incredible arcade-style action filled gameplay that makes it a very unique title! The game uses the touch controls of the Wii U to control the block which is essentially the playable character in the game. You need to bounce the block off of objects to reach the goal. You only have a limited number of bounces to reach...
  • 20160627
    Wii U eShop Review

    Double Eleven / Q-Games

    Genre: Tower Defense
    Players: 1-2

    EU Release Date: 2016-05-19 / Price: 8,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-05-19 / Price: $9,99

    Website / Trailer

    Tested: EU (PAL Version)

  • 20130919
    Gotta Beat Em' All!

     photo 63_zps8f29e18a.jpg

    We had good things to say about the WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble, but does the Wii U iteration live up to its predecessor? Read our review to find out!

  • 20140703

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s67

    Poker Dice Solitaire Future is a board game style video game that has been developed by the one-man developer RCMADIAX "the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Wii U eshop title Blok Drop U"! But is Poker Dice Solitaire Future as good as Blok Drop U? Keep reading to find out!

    Poker Dice Solitaire Future is pretty basic and plays like the popular dice game Dice, but has some elements of poker and even Yachtzee thrown in. The rules are simple, you have...
  • 20160903
    Wii U eShop Review


    Published by Rising Star Games
    Created by Delve Interactive
    Wii U version by J.A.W. - Just Add Water

    Genre: Puzzle-platformer, adventure
    Players: 1

    EU Release Date: 2016-08-18 / Price: 8,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-08-18 / Price: $9,99

  • 20140331
    A King or A Pawn?!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s40

    Gameplay And Controls:

    Pure Chess is a chess title originally released on IOS, but is now available on many platforms including Wii U and 3DS! The game makes excellent use of the Wii U Gamepad and the controls are simple and precise! Pure Chess has many modes of play including single game, multi-match tournaments, and even an online mode where you can play against people who have the game regardless of platform which means that there's always...
  • 20150327
    PUZZLE MONKEYS (Wii U eShop)

    Developed and published by LOG GAMES.


    Players: 1
    Release: 19.02.2015
    Price: 2,99€

    PAL Version

    Review for WiiWareWave.com by SKTTR.

    Review copy provided by www.Games-Matter.com
  • 20150924
    Q.U.B.E. - DIRECTOR'S CUT (Wii U eShop)

    (C) 2015 Grip Games / Toxic Games

    Website: www.grip-games.com

    Tested: PAL Version

    EU Release Date: 2015-08-27 Price: €9.99
    NA Release Date: 2015-09-10 Price: $7.99

    Players: 1

    Genre: First Person Puzzle-Adventure

  • 20141101
    My What Monotonous Stories You Tell Grandmother!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x3610

    Developed by Brave Rock Games Red Riding Hood is an interactive storybook that is geared towards young children, but with only 15-20 minutes worth of content and a bare-bones presentation is the game even worth its $1 asking price? Continue reading to find out!

    The presentation of the game is pretty lackluster, especially for a visual novel and the narration is almost unbearably slow which is something that should be a high...
  • 20150610
    A Rough Start...

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s11

    Clearly inspired by classics such as Super Offroad, Rock 'N Racing: Offroad is a classic top-down racing title that had potential, but fails to live up to it. The game features a decent amount of tracks separated into several cups and while the gameplay is reasonably decent, the tracks are horribly designed and it's easy to get lost on the more technical tracks.

    The game features Championship and Time-Trial modes and that's about it...
  • 20141111
    The Power of Rock And Roll!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s16

    Published by EnjoyUp Games and developed by Quaternion Studio Rock Zombie is an interesting arcade-style action game that will remind retro gamers of the cheesy yet fun horror games you would usually find in most arcades during the 90's, but is it a solid game by today's standards or is it something that would have been better off releasing a couple decades ago? Keep reading to find out our answers to these questions and more!

    The gameplay is simple...
  • 20150721
    Wii U eshop Reviews Rr_logo

    ROVING ROGUE (Wii U eShop)

    (C) 2015 PadaOne Games

    Website + Trailer

    Tested: PAL Version

    EU Release Date: 2015-07-02 Price: €7.99

    NA Release Date: 2015-07-02 Price: $7.99

    Players: 1-4

    Genre: Platformer

    ROVING ROGUE is a new 16-bit...
  • 20131218
    Mind Bending Puzzler Action!

     photo 204_zps21f13601.jpg

    Gameplay And Controls:

    In RUSH HD your goal is to put colored cubes in slots of the same color, however you have very limited control over the cubes meaning that you have to be clever in order to solve this game's challenging levels! You place panels in the cube's path...
  • 20140515

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s75

    Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails is an on-the-rails shooter/plotformer developed by Dakko Dakko Games and has been one of the most anticipated eshop titles for the Wii U! Does the game live up to its hype? Keep reading to find out!

    Gameplay And Controls:

    The gameplay in Scram Kitty is refreshingly unique in-terms of both its design and features! There are a few different modes of play including adventure where you must collect cats by...
  • 20161021
    Wii U eShop Review


    Hullbreach Studios

    Wii U eshop Reviews WiiUDS_SDKSpriter_01_mediaplayer_large

    Website: http://hullbreachstudios.com/

  • 20160208


    Shallow Shadowy Platforming...


    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s39

    Developed by Sarepta Studio and published by Snow Cannon Games Shadow Puppeteer is a 3D platformer that has some very unique gameplay and an excellent co-op mode, however it is marred by seriously repetitive gameplay, but is the repetition enough to make us not recommend the game? We don't...
  • 20150102
    More Like A Blessing!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Developed and published by WayForward Shantae And The Pirate's Curse is the final game in the first story arc of the Shantae series and it features streamlined gameplay and more polished mechanics than earlier games in the series, but is it enough to give this game our seal of approval? Keep reading our review to find out!

    The story of Shantae And The Pirate's Curse isn't a major part of the game, but the story itself is quite humorous as are the plethora...
  • 20160516


    A Sweet Dish Called Revenge!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x20

    Developed and published by WayForward Games, Shantae: Risky's Revenge: Director's Cut is a remake / remaster of the second Shantae title originally released on the Nintendo DSiWare Service. The game has been visually improved and has many new features as well, but is this enough to keep the...
  • 20160918
    Review: SHOOTY SPACE (Wii U eShop)
    SKTTRComments: 5Views: 1238


    Genre: Highscore game / vertical 2D shooter
    Players: 1

    EU Release: 2016-09-15 Price: £2.69 / 2,99€
    NA Release: 2016-09-15 Price: $2.99

    Tested: PAL version (EU)

  • 20140626
    A Knight In Shining Armor!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s59

    Shovel Knight is an 8-bit retro inspired action/platformer developed by Yacht Club Games and has been released on both the Wii U and 3DS eshops, but does it live up to the incredible amount of hype it has received prior to its release? Continue reading our review to find out!

    In Shovel Knight you take the role of a retired knight who lost a close friend in battle, but has returned to action due to the turmoil created by the Order of No Quarter. You...
  • 20140811
    Review: Shut The box (Wii U eShop)
    GamergyComments: 17Views: 2261
    Leave this box shut

    Wii U eshop Reviews Shut_the_box_wii-u

    In some of my recent reviews I’ve mentioned how some games feel a bit like mobile games, but now I have come to the pinnacle of “this game feels like it belongs on smartphones” That game’s name? Shut the Box.

    Shut the Box is so simple that the entirety of the gameplay is summed up on one screen that shows once you start the game. Your goal is to clear a row of cards listed 1-9, and clear two more identical...
  • 20160209


    Seriously Swell Shmup!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s40

    Developed by Neon Deity Games and published by Choice Provisions Shutshimi: Seriously Swole is a very unique shoot 'em up title that has players take on 10 second waves of ememies as well as bosses and did we mention that it's blisteringly difficult too? Does the game as a whole warrant downloading...
  • 20150313
    A Race Against Time...

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x30

    Published and developed by Takusan Works Shuttle Rush is a hectic action platformer where you must race against the clock to finish each stage within a very strict time limit or die trying. Is this unique formula a recipe for disaster or does it actually work well? Keep reading our review to find out!

    Time limits in platforming titles is nothing new, but Shuttle Rush takes this concept to an extreme new level as some stages you'll have mere seconds on...
  • 20140817
    Ooh Shiny!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_113

    Soon Shine is an action-puzzler available from the Wii U eshop and developed and published by Dahku Creations the masterminds responsible for the tough-as-nails platformer Chubbins which was also released earlier this year! But what did we think of this new Wii U eshop title? Continue reading this review to find out!

    Soon Shine has players utilizing the sun and the moon to destroy spirits that are moving towards the center of the screen to destroy the celestial...
  • 20160203


    A Solid Hulk!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s38

    Developed by Hoplite Research/Full Control/Plunge Interactive and published by Hoplite Research Games, Space Hulk is a unique strategy title that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but is it worth its steep price? That's a judgement call and here's why:

    First of all the gameplay is standard...
  • 20140918
    Flappity Flapp Flap!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_146

    Spikey Walls is a clone of the popular ios title Flappy Birds and was developed and published by the Blok Drop U developer RCMADIAX. But does the game live up to its predecessor? Continue reading this review to find out!

    The gameplay is simple you must navigate through an endless wave of spikes by tapping a single button to avoid an early death! Each spike you pass earns you points and you can post your score on Miiverse for bragging rights. The controls...
  • 20140907
    Party Like The 1980's!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_131

    Published and developed by KnapNok Games Spin The Bottle: Bumpies Party makes good use of the Wii U gamepad to bring up to 8 people together with some unique multiplayer party gameplay! Some of the games are quite fun especially with more players, however other games can be a little annoying. This game also makes use of the gamepad's camera and mic for some of the games which was a pleasant surprise!

    One annoying aspect, however is that some of the games...
  • 20150123
    Spy Chameleon review (Wii U eShop)
    GamergyComments: 9Views: 1473
    Sneaking into your wish list

    Wii U eshop Reviews Maxresdefault

    There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” which is true; and it is very relevant to the game in this review, Spy Chameleon. I went into playing Spy Chameleon knowing little about it, and wasn’t expecting greatness, just another indie game; however I was pleasantly surprised with how good this game looked, sounded, and played.

    Spy Chameleon is all about reaching the door at the...
  • 20140717
    Squids Odyssey (Wii U eShop & Nintendo 3DS eShop)

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x15

    (C) The Game Bakers

    PAL Review by SKTTR

    There aren't many RPGs on Wii U at the moment, but this fairly unique and charming turnbased underwater adventure is absolutely worth it! The 3DS has more RPGs but still you never played an RPG like this one before.

    Both versions are identical.

    Squids Odyssey puts you into the role of a team of squids in 90 arenas filled with...
  • 20140530
    Heroic Bloop...erm Squids Save The Seven Seas!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s13

    The GameBakers have been a staple on IOS and mobile devices for awhile now and have earned a reputation as being a gem of a developer in the sea of endless indie companies on the download services for those devices so how does Squids Odyssey stack up against the heavy hitters of the Wii U eshop? Let's find out!

    Story, Gameplay, And Controls:

    Squids Odyssey has a surprisingly rich story with likeable...
  • 20160315


    A Hauntingly Difficult And Fantastic Shmup For U!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Full10

    Developed and published by Squarehead Studios Star Ghost is an extremely challenging yet enjoyable procedurally generated shoot 'em up title released exclusively on the Wii U! Does the game live up to its Studios' Rare pedigree? Continue reading our review to find out!
  • 20130923
    May The Force Be With U!

     photo 75_zps61d28305.jpg

    Is Zen Pinball's Star Wars Pinball a deep-space treasure trove or is it an intergalactic dirt clod? Find out by reading our review!

    Gameplay And Controls:

    The gameplay in Star Wars Pinball is very realistic and features true-to-life physics and great secrets to find...
  • 20141104
    Clone Wars!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Stealth Inc. 2 is a 2D action/platformer developed and published by Curve Studios the masterminds behind the development of Lone Survivor and the upcoming Wii U eshop title The Swapper! But does this game live up to the high standards that Lone Survivor has set? Continue reading this review to find out!

    In the main campaign mode of Stealth Inc. 2. you must circumnavigate dangerous platforming stages by quickly avoiding traps and relying on your clones to unlock...
  • 20140825
    U Dig It!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_122

    Developed and published by Image & Form SteamWorld Dig is a sprawling Metroidvania style game that focuses on treasure hunting in a randomly generated underground world, but is the game a gem itself or just a hunk of scrap metal? Keep reading to find out!

    The gameplay is simple, you must find treasure and bring it back up to the surface in order to earn money and upgrade your town. The more you upgrade the town, the more new upgrades and items to purchase will become...
  • 20160412


    Everybody Phone Home...


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x14

    Here it is! Our 500th review and Steel Rivals is a truly epic title in our books, but for none of the right reasons! Continue reading the rest of our review to find out why we aren't very fond of Steel Rivals!

    Developed and published by nuGAME the gameplay in Steel Rivals is straightforward...
  • 20140514
    Stick It To The U!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s71

    Stick It To The Man is an indie platforming title developed by Zoink Games and published by Ripstone Games. You can read minds, pull and rip objects like paper, and even use those ripped objects as stickers to solve puzzles, but is this as fun as it sounds? Keep reading to find out!


    The story of Stick It To The Man is fairly original, the protagonist gets a head injury and gains psychic powers due to a certain variable...
  • 20150914
    Like Watching Stones Dry After A Rainstorm...

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s17

    Developed by Finger Gun Games, Stone Shire is a Minecraft-style sandbox game that has potential, with promised updates and eventual RPG elements this game is like a blank canvas with loads of potential, but at present the game is extremely lacking in core content.

    It is okay in its present state, but the replay value and non-artistic aspects of the game will leave you expecting much of the upcoming content updates....
  • 20140729
    Fun With Toys!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s96

    Super Toy Cars is a racing title that was developed by the indie studio eclipse Games! The game takes many cues from both Micro Machines and the Mario Kart series, but does it live up to the high standards that those two long-running franchises have set? Keep reading to find out!

    First off the game has several game modes, including career mode, quick race, and multiplayer to play against some of your friends locally. There isn't any online multiplayer which...
  • 20140526
    When in Iceland lead the Viking army:

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s18

    Swords And Soldiers was one of the best-selling early titles released on the WiiWare service and rightfully so. Published by Two Tribes Games Swords And Soldiers was a strategy title that had players command the Vikings and other armies against one another in sidescrolling fashion. You must hire miners to obtain gold and then send attack units into battle all while using gold to build up mana so you can heal your units to prevent them from falling...
  • 20151229
    Tediously Crawling...

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s31

    Temple of Yog from CHUDCHUD Studios promises a mishmash of 2D Adventure and rogue-like gameplay, but unfortunately it fails to provide an exciting experience at present and here's why:

    First of all the game's classes are all the same, except the differences in stats. All character classes are long-range fighters which seems a bit bizarre, but the Warrior class in particular is the only class currently available that is even the least...
  • 20150313
    Zen Storytelling!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s32

    Developed and Published by Nyamyam Studios Tengami is a point and click adventure that takes place in a Japanese pop-up book and is not only unique, but is also very atmospheric! The game is fully controlled by the Wii U Gamepad's touch controls and it feels flawless! The game has many puzzles to solve and some can be quite mind-bending in nature. The story of the game unfolds visually as it would in a pop-up book and the visuals are incredibly pleasing to look at!
  • 20140912
    May The Force of Magnetism Be With You!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x28

    Teslagrad is a Metroidvania style platformer developed and published by Rain Games. The game focuses more on puzzle-solving than action oriented gameplay as you must use the forces of magnetism by obtaining special items scattered throughout the game and unleashing their power on various blocks, enemies, and other objects to make your way through an ancient tower!

    The game can be mind-numbingly difficult at times and...
  • 20160909
    Wii U eShop Review


    Sanuk Games

    Genre: Tetris variation
    Players: 1-4

    EU Release Date: 2016-09-01 / Price: 4,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-09-08 / Price: $4,99

    Website: http://www.sanukgames.com/
  • 20141211
    Just Puzzlin'

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x38

    Developed by Swing Swing Submarine and published by Neko Entertainment Tetrobot And Co. is high octane action puzzler which can be quite challenging at times, but is the game also an enjoyable romp? Continue reading our review to find out!

    Tetrobot And Co. makes good use of the Gamepad's touchscreen and is the first title that we've reviewed that is almost entirely reliant on the touchscreen controls and it works surprisingly well as the controls are spot-on! The...
  • 20150929
    A Workout For Your Brain!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s23

    Developed and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild The Bridge is a physics based puzzler that will seriously bend your mind and give your brain a workout like no other game has before!

    The game is separated into several chapters and each stage in the chapter is a tricky puzzle. The game's first two to three stages are fairly straightforward, but after that the game ramps up to mins boggling levels of difficulty. It took...
  • 20140828
    Loyal A.I!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_126

    The Fall hasn't received alot of press coverage or hype from fans when it was announced for the Wii U awhile back, but that doesn't mean that this game isn't an amazing title! Continue reading our review of this amazing title to find out why we think The Fall is an underrated and underhyped Wii U eshop title!

    The Fall is an unusual Metroidvania platformer that features a story focused on an A.I. created to protect its master who has been seriously injured on an...
  • 20140719
    A Spookfest This Is Not!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s85

    The Letter is a horror title developed by Treefall Studios and is exclusively for the Wii U. This game has an eerie tone and is a bargain eshop title, but Is this game as precious as a Ghost Sapphire? Keep reading to find out what we think about the game!

    The story of The Letter starts off right away as soon as you start up the game and forces you to traverse a dark room to find a letter things aren't explained that well so you might have difficulties...

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