XSEED teasing a new project... Xseed-logo

Now that Solatorobo: the red hunter is going to be released for America, do you think that XSEED have other plans to do right now ? If you've answered yes, then you're absolutely correct !

XSEED, the company responsible for publishing "Solatorobo: the red hunter" for America, posted three hints on their twitter profile that might be another one of their unannounced projects, such twitter posts are:

"[NEWS ALERT!] Something is coming...


That clue is for those who'd rather know the 'secret' sooner than later. Smile"

... Ok I have no idea what they're hinting ! Very Happy

But what about you ? do you know what they are possibly hinting ?

Source: Gonintendo

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on September 21st 2011, 11:26 pmGrumblevolcano
Interesting maybe it means........lets see......does A Traveling Midday Ghost make any sense Question
on September 22nd 2011, 12:40 amMouser
Could it possibly be Xenoblade Chronicles bounce
on September 22nd 2011, 11:57 amMs_Kinomoto
@Mouser wrote:Could it possibly be Xenoblade Chronicles bounce
That would be a dream come true for many gamers across America Smile
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