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Party Like You're The New Kid in The City!


Welcome to the world of animal crossing and enjoy a world where time and seasons change just as they do in real life. Do whatever you please be it fishing or helping neighbors out. It's completely up to you.


This game is a sandbox virtual life game that you can pretty much do anything you want after the first 30-40 minutes of playing. You start the game in a bus talking to a chatty cat who will ask you the name of your town and the current date. Afterwards he will ask you several questions that will affect the gender and appearance of your character.

You will then arrive at your town and choose between 4 different empty homes to purchase. Tom Nook will then accept your initial payment which, much to Nooks dismay, is nowhere near enough to pay for the mortgage so he hires you to do several odds and end jobs to help pay for your homes mortgage. Once completed you can do whatever you want.

Theres tons to do in this game such as visiting the city to shop or fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting or even having some friends coming over via wifi connection. Or you can visit their town. This game has holidays just like the real world and there is plenty to do on those days such as getting presents from Jingle the Reindeer or finding the Jack O Lantern to get special furniture for your pad just to name a couple. It's pretty tedious to some but can be quite fun for those who like titles like this.

Graphics & Music:

The graphics in this game are cute and colorful but don't expect much detail or realism in the graphics (which is a nice change of pace from games like SIMS). The music in this title is very fun and cheerful and fits this titles cuteness very well.

Bottom line:

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a niche game that some will find irresistibly fun and addictive but is certainly not for everyone. However those who like virtual life games that allow you to live a separate virtual life such as The Sims, you'll likely enjoy this refreshingly cute game. At a $20 price for brand new copies it's a bargain.


Score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!



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Good review, though I found this game to be very disappointing. The difference between Animal Crossing on GameCube and Animal Crossing Wild World was huge, but this almost felt like restarting my Wild World file on the big screen.

For every slight addition, they actually took away my favorite features. That means a smaller house, not being able to collect villager pictures, the destroyed grass patches, and Tom Nook downgrading his shop. Sad It's still a good game for newcomers to the series, but this just felt like they put no effort into it.
I'm a fan of the series and Animal Crossing City Folk is a great game!
I truly enjoy sandbox games such as Animal Crossing that give you the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Cool
I love this game! I love you
Animal Crossing is such a fun game with so much to do. It's open endedness is what makes it so much fun! Smile
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