Dragon Quest X to be online heavy, USB needed for the beta + more details Shgu

Do you think that there is no more Dragon Quest information in the event ? well, guess what ? there's even more details in the game in the conference !

First things first is that the upcoming Dragon Quest X is going to be online heavy, meaning that it requires you to have an online connection in order to experience all elements of the game, the information states:

"It's possible to play offline for the first few hours after the start of the game. However, to play all elements of the game, an internet connection is required."

In other news, there is going to be a beta for the game and it requires you to have an USB and that in the final game, it will use the USB as a way for DLC or patches ! details state:

"- Wii version may include USB memory for DLC and patches
- full official name is "Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online"
- Wii version's media is listed as "12 inch disc and USB Memory"
- Wii U version's media is listed as TBA
- Wii version's release date is listed as 2012
- Wii U version is listed as date TBA
- create up to 3 characters
- official site lists this as a single-player game
- supports Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro and USB keyboard
- General Director: Yuji Horii
- Character Design: Akira Toriyama
- Music: Koichi Sugiyama
- Director: Jin Fujisawa
- Producer: Yusuke Saito
- details on beta test coming soon
- details on controls for NPCs in your party aren't confirmed. Level of control over their attacks hasn't been detailed.
- Price / usage fee: TBD"

And finally, there's even more details from the game:

"- Astordia's five continents: the mesa-like Ogrelead, Eldona, a mountainous region called Dwachakka, Pukuland, and an island area Wena
- Ogres are known for their strength and courage.
- Wedi (the blue water-like creatures) express themselves with songs of love.
- Elves honor nature.
- Dwarves value craftsmanship and wealth.
- Pukuripos live to dream and laugh.
- maximum number of characters you can travel with is three
- no transition to a battle screen
- a monster’s name changes color as its takes damage
- when you logout at a bar, you can leave your character there
- Alchemy allows players to enhance weapons and armor with special effects
- Sewing lets players create a template for equipment
- breakout (non-random) battle sequences"

So, what do you think ? are you interested in picking up this game ? are you going to get it for the Wii or for the Wii U ?

Source: Gonintendo ( 1 , 2 , 3 )

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Well they would be stupid if they forced us to pay a usage fee considering games such as Monster Hunter Tri are free online experiences and the fact that many people who own a wii "aka" the budget console can't afford a monthly fee so I can't see too many people playing it online if Squeenix decides to charge for the online portion of the game Neutral
Any word on the usage of the USB Hard-drive Question wait is it possible we'll be able to download gamecube games or larger wiiware games from the wii shop Question
@DigiDestined wrote:Any word on the usage of the USB Hard-drive Question wait is it possible we'll be able to download gamecube games or larger wiiware games from the wii shop Question

There isn't any details about that yet, so I don't know, but once something has been updated about this, I'll let you know.
W00t Dragon Quest X details :3
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