Ben 10 Galactic Racing details and release dates! Empty Ben 10 Galactic Racing details and release dates!

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Ben 10 Galactic Racing details and release dates! Ben-10-galactic-racing-wii

We all know that Ben 10 is a hero worthy of a Friday Prime Time slot on Cartoon Network but is racing and Ben 10 a good combination?
Only time will tell,however we do have some information about the game so continue reading to learn some new information about this Galactic Racing title!

Ben 10 Galactic Racing presents the Ultimate racing experience! While Ben makes use of his Ultimatrix to transform into his alien forms mid-race,every other character utilizes thier unique special abilities,based on powers straight out of the television series,to affect the outcome of each race.

All characters can pick up special Omni-Node Power-Ups with varying alien-based abilities,including an Ultimate move that unleashes a super-charged,race-changing boost of speed and power that is themed to that particular characters abilities.

Players will race with or against friends in any of the various game modes! They can also win trophies in each of the Galactic Grand Prix circuits,or they can race thier favorite tracks in an attempt to set record-breaking times in Time Trials mode!

For those of you who are looking forward to this interesting looking wii racing title,you don't have to wait long as Ben 10 Galactic Racing will be released on October 18th 2011 in North America and TBD Q3 for Europe!

Ben 10 Galactic Racing details and release dates! Rukiafan7
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Sigh........I guess I can't add pics anymore using my wii Neutral
Well anyways this game sounds fairly decent and it's the only retail racing title scheduled for the wii in North America so I thought I'd post this article Wink
on August 20th 2011, 6:33 pmJnes5
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Don't worry, I'll put the pics ! Smile
I'm not too interested in this game given that most ben 10 games are not very good :/
RWBY Yellow = Yang
@sigourneybeaver That wiiware ben 10 game was fun and this game sounds alot funner than those 3D adventure ben 10 games for the PS2 and wii Very Happy
This sounds like it might be fun Surprised is there any news about wi-fi races Question
Objection Blaster
This sounds fun but it'll probably fall a bit short of being a truly enjoyable game given the fact it is a ben 10 game :/
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