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Two creatures, one tarantula and one scorpion, are having a deadmatch againts each other, but many obstacles and other animals are interrupting their fight, be it insects, rats, reptiles and even humans...

The story, which setting is supposed to be in real life, is kind of unrealistic on how it is being told, but it is very interesting and keeps you being interested in it, but then the story gets kind of darker later on, but then the ending goes from darker to even more darker to the point in which is even disturbing to even think about it...

The game plays like an action adventure game, you play as either the tarantula or the scorpion depending on what chapter are you playing, both of them can climb walls, but they have a very different style of play, for example the tarantula's abilities focuses more on exploration and the scorpions's abilities focuses more on combat, and both of them have different style of combat (the tarantula can shoot webs and the scorpion can guard, etc.), but some of their abilities like the scorpions digging and the tarantulas web shooting must be unlocked at certains parts of the game. In combat, you can attack other animals along your way by pressing the buttons and shaking the wii remote and nunchuck while also performing combos as well for extra damage, the whole shaking can be a little tedious while exploring, but thankfully it is not necessary in  combat (but with a few exeptions...), as for the exploring, the levels are mixed with linear paths to open land depending on what chapter are you on, they are very well varied with obstacles and views and they are never bland, however, there are certain parts in which you must backtrack a few times, and it can get a little annoying.

However there might be a few glitches and bugs (no pun intended...Razz) in the game like for example in a certain level where you don't know where to go so then you explore and then you end up falling down for no good reason, but these problems are not frequent and not too possible to perform... if you know what you're doing.

The graphics depend on what desing are we looking at, the enviroment looks great in some parts and in some other parts are ok but it gets the job done, the insects look really good and the other animals look kind of dated, but the humans do really look a little outdated but not by much.

Music and sound
The music has this calm but creepy tone, it does work for some parts, but it is kind of over the top at times.

Even tough some insects are always quiet, they do make a sound in this game depending on their reactions, however they sound really unnatural and it looks like the sounds were forced to be put in, but as for the other animals such as the rats and the reptiles, they are ok. But one of the most important things about this game has to be the humans, they were not voiced by just some people, they were voiced by familiar hollywood actors Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper, and they are incredible in this game ! only if the game is in english, since the game can speak other languages as well and not just english.

The game is told in chapters and some of them progress through the tarntula's story and the other chapters progress through the scorpion's story, they are told with their point of view and both of them are progressed on what they are doing and there's one certain ocasion where their chapters will affect each other and it is pretty cool, but to bad it doesn't happen a lot of times, now what I liked more about the game is how well represented the enviroments are, complete with a camera pretty good positioned for a great point of view. As for replayability, there are some grubs spread on the entire levels in which you must collect (by eating them...) and when you collect a certain amount of grubs, some artwork can be unlocked in the extras menu, and there are also some leaf crickets in which you must collect in order to increase your creature's health meter.

So as you can see, there are a lot of creepy bugs in the game, and while they don't look too real, they still look kind of creepy, so if you're an arachnophobe, you might find this game very creepy.

Deadly Creatures, while it may not hold you forever, is a pretty good playthrough that people should at least experience once, since the enviroment and the story, for the most part, is pretty interesting, but the gameplay could've been a little more better, so if this game sounds good to you or you somewhat like insects or creepy stuff, then go ahead and give it a go, but if any of this interests you just a little, then give this one a rent, maybe Im being too honest with this game, but for me this game gets...

an 8/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

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It's still on my list of Wii games to get. But that list is very long Wink.
on August 9th 2011, 11:29 amDigiDestined
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Great review Jnes5 Smile
Actually this game sounds rather interesting =)
on August 9th 2011, 11:47 amReanfan
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Your review is stellar as always Wink
on August 9th 2011, 1:25 pmStaroceancrazy
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Great game and a great review=awesomeness Very Happy
I can't wait to read your next review Jnes5 Wink
I've never even heard about this one,but it definitely sounds interesting Wink
on August 10th 2011, 12:48 pmRoboYoshi
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Meh I didn't really like this odd title but good review anyways Wink
on August 10th 2011, 4:35 pmPhoenixSage
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good review Jnes5,really good Very Happy
Sounds like my kind of game Very Happy
lol the overusage of emoticons is contagious here Very Happy
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