Case Turns iPad into Giant Game Boy Empty Case Turns iPad into Giant Game Boy

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Case Turns iPad into Giant Game Boy Lootiful

Lootiful’s retro-tastic iPad case will make your iPad 2 look just like a first-gen Nintendo Game Boy. The polycarbonate snap-on back plate turns your sleek, modern tablet into the taste-wasteland of beige, gray purple and yellow that was all the rage back in 1989.

While the case isn’t yet ready for sale, Lootiful already sells a smaller version for the iPhone 4 for a reasonable $18. You can pre-order the case “soon,” though. And with Nintendo’s continued refusal to put its games on non-Nintendo hardware, this might just be the closest you’ll get to playing Mario on your iPad. At least until Nintendo is forced to pull a Sega, I guess.

iPad 2 Game Boy case [Lootiful via TUAW]

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I know its not really news but its super cool. What are your thoughts

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Case Turns iPad into Giant Game Boy Captaincanucksigcopy
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Meh I don't own any mobile devices besides my GBA,and DS and lol at his remark about nintendo going the way of sega Laughing
It looks great in my opinion but I would not pay more than $30 bucks for it
It looks cool in a retro kind of way but I agree with dragoon I wouldn't pay more than $30 for an ipad case no matter how neat it is.

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