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Bonfire psvr review
Let’s turn up the heat in these dark woods or something.


So! Bonfire it’s a very short vr game made by “Baobab”, it starts out in space where the main character has awoken from hyper sleep because he is a scout meant to look for other planets that can be inhabited by human because humanity made earth inhabitable with its destruction and use of resources., so you crash land into the planet and then make a bonfire alongside your ships navigation computer AI. Basically it’s a very short narrative adventure that you can interact with for about 15-20 min give or take, the art style is cute and has nice voice acting and the story is kind of nice but again it’s too short. And there are some interactions that the game will do for you if you don’t do anything during them. You can play through it multiple times for some minor changes in what the AI says but that’s about it

I give it 7 out of 10 because it was well made and art style and voices were nice but it was too short for my taste and while there were interactions they were a bit limited. If what you seek is a cute small interaction with vr you can get this for $4.99. But if you not into these types of games I recommend skip it entirely. It’s cute but its most likely one of those games you pick up once and never play it again. It does have easy trophy’s so if you a trophy hunter this is an easy one to get.
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