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Episode 7: Octavio Ink-ontrol!
AKA "The Wibbly-Wobbly Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Night

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

We see Ally in her Hero gear and armed with a Hero Charger. She is stalking through a darkened room.

Ally: H-Hello...? CallieFan8? Are you in here...?

DJ Octavio's voice: HAHAHAHAHA!

DJ Octavio slithers into view.

Ally: Octavio! Release these people at once!

DJ Octavio: Never! Now fall under my control, daughter of Kappa Maki!

A mysterious song begins to play. Ally covers her ears with her hands and struggles to stay in control of her own thoughts. Suddenly, she stands straight, her eyes flashing purplish pink as she does so.

Ally: What are your orders, Tako-sama?

Voice: Squi-

The scene cuts back to Ally's room. Ally awakens and sits up, panting heavily.

Ally: That dream again...

Scene 2: Ammo Knights: Morning

We see a view of Ammo Knights. Nearly every piece of stock is missing, with a multitude of boxes sitting across the store. Ally opens the door and walks in.

Ally: Sheldon...? Are you here?

Agent 1's voice: Did he SERIOUSLY have to move TODAY?!

Ally: That sounded like...

Ally approaches the back room.

Agent 2's voice: Of course. His new location is opening for business as of tomorrow, so he needs to move all his stock on his one day off.

Ally: Hello? Agents 1 and 2?

Agent 1's voice: Oh, that sounds like Ally!

A figure emerges from the back room. It is none other than Callie of the Squid Sisters. She is wearing casual-looking pink clothing, and greets Ally with Agent 1's voice.

Callie: Hi, Ally! What brings YOU here?

Ally blushes and speaks nervously.

Ally: H-How do you know my name...?

Callie: Duh! We talk all the TIME during your missions!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: We do?

Marie emerges from the back room. She is wearing green clothing in a similar style to Callie's.

Marie: Hello again, Agent 3.

Ally: Oh...h-hi, Marie...wait...

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Y-YOU'RE Agents 1 and 2?!

Marie: Well, obviously.

Callie: Yeah, Ally! You should know how our voices sound, right?

Ally laughs nervously.

Ally: I guess you have a point...anyway, I'm looking for Sheldon.

Callie: He's not here.

Ally: Really? But he hardly ever leaves this place.

Marie: He is in the new Ammo Knights location over in Inkopolis Square.

Ally: Wait...he's moving...?

Callie: Of course! Didn't he tell you?

Ally: No, I didn't get the memo.

Marie: Did you check your sea-mail?

Ally: What's "sea-mail"?

Callie and Marie's eyes widen.

Callie: Are you serious?!

Marie: EVERYONE has sea-mail!

Ally: Not me.

Callie: Well, it's no WONDER you didn't know!

Ally: Then why didn't he just tell me?

Marie: Now come on, Agent 3. Sheldon does EVERYTHING electronically.

Ally scratches her head.

Ally: I guess you have a point...

Callie: So what's so important that you came to Sheldon directly?

Ally: Huh?'ve been having dreams...

Marie: Hm...go on...

We cut to a view of the outside of Booyah Base.

Callie: YOU'RE A PSY-POD?!

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Ally, Seth and Podd stand near Judd.

Seth: You met the Squid Sisters?!

Ally: Apparently...

Podd: That is wonderful, Ally. To have met the most popular musical act in Inkopolis is truly wonderful indeed.

Seth: Yeah! It's AMAZING!

Ally: Yeah...

Ally saddens a little.

Seth: What's wrong?

Ally: What am I gonna do about my powers?

Seth: What do you mean?

Ally: Well...they're going out of control! I'm not used to having Psy-Pod powers that actually WORK...

Podd: Perhaps this is an opportunity.

Ally: To do what?

Podd: Well, you claim to be having prophetic dreams, so why not use that information to alter the outcome of the future?

Ally: Um...

Seth: Yeah! And besides, DJ Octavio is imprisoned in a snowglobe next to Judd's bed!

Seth gestures to Judd's bed and grins.

Seth: See? Uh...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Where did he go...?

Ally: Hm?

Ally looks at the space next to Judd's bed. A dotted white outline of a snowglobe blinks where DJ Octavio was imprisoned, but he is nowhere to be seen. Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: He ESCAPED?!

Podd: I think that is highly improbable, Ally. To think that DJ Octavio could escape the allure of the heavenly melody is quite improbable indeed.

Ally: Then where IS he?!

Scene 4: Cephalon HQ: Unknown Time of Day

DJ Octavio sits inside the cockpit of his broken Octobot King mecha. Octopus Amazons Ichi and Hachi are nearby.

DJ Octavio: Ichi, lemme just thank you again for bustin' me outta that snowglobe!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

DJ Octavio: Seems like it was just two weeks ago...

Hachi: Ni-shūkan mae ni natta! (It WAS two weeks ago!)

DJ Octavio: And now, for the next part of my plan. I've found the location of the kid of my old enemy!

Ichi: Atarime? (Captain Cuttlefish?)

DJ Octavio: Nah, bruh, my OTHER old enemy!

Ichi: Kanburiya? (Shellendorf?)

DJ Octavio: Nah, bruh, my OTHER other old enemy!

Hachi: Jajji-kun? (Judd?)

DJ Octavio: Don't be stoopid, Hachi! I'm talking about Kappa Maki!

Ichi: Kappamaki...? (Cucumber roll...?)

DJ Octavio: You got it! He WAS a librarian or somesuch in a dump called Callie-Marie Country. Stoopid name if ya ask me!

Ichi giggles. Hachi scoffs and mutters under her breath.

Hachi: Baka. (Idiot.)

DJ Octavio: Anyway, I found him in an ancient Octarian temple...or was it a shrine...? Anyway, I turned 'im into an Octotrooper and threw 'im into my army...AFTER using my secret weapon on 'im!

Hachi: Anata wa kare no kodomo o mitsukemashita ka? (So now you have found his child?)

DJ Octavio: You know it! After years of the kid being in secret squidness protection, he made the mistake of moving to Inkopolis, and now I'm gonna turn 'im into an Octarian using my new machine! That'll teach HIM for what 'e did to me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Evening

Ally walks into Ammo Knights. The entire store is empty.

Ally: Huh? Oh, right...I guess Sheldon's not here, then.

Voice: Hello, Ally-Squinn.

Ally turns around. CallieFan8 is standing there.

Ally: Oh, it's you! did you get in here...?

CallieFan8: The door was unlocked.

Ally sighs.

Ally: Yeah, Sheldon always had a tendency to do that, even at night.

CallieFan8 laughs.

CallieFan8: Yep, that sounds like the Shelster!

Ally giggles.

Ally: Yeah...

CallieFan8: But you're not exactly discrete about security, either, are you?

Ally: Um...wait...what?

CallieFan8: didn't mean to speak out of turn...I just...I-

Ally: seem familiar...what's your name? Your REAL name, I mean.

CallieFan8 stands rigid.


Ally: You can tell me.

CallieFan8: It's...Squi-

CallieFan8 hesitates as Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Little bro...?

CallieFan8: I...uh...I have to go. Like, right now.

Ally: What? But-

CallieFan8 runs into the back room.

Ally: Hey, wait up!

We see a flash of green light as Ally reaches the back room. She looks inside, but there is no-one there.

Ally: Where did he go...?

Ally's thoughts: Was that really him? My dear baby brother...? Could it really be Squinkl?

The lights suddenly shut off.

Ally: What the...?

Voice: Anata wa watashitachi to issho ni kurudeshou. (You will come with us.)

Ally's thoughts: That sounded like the Octarian language...

Ally: Who's there?! Show yourse-

The scene cuts to black.

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 6: Shellendorf Library: Night

We see a pair of hands turning the pages of a large tome. The scene cuts to the right ear of an Inkling, which twitches. The scene then shifts to the Inkling's right eye, which frowns.

Inkling: Time to save the day.

Scene 7: Cephalon HQ: Night

Ally awakens inside a cell. She sits up and groans.

Ally: ...the fresh?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: You...

Ally is dragged in front of DJ Octavio by Octopus Amazons Ichi and Hachi.

Hachi: Watashitachi wa anata ga nozomu mono o motte kimashita. (We have brought the one you want.)

DJ Octavio: Excellent work, Ichi and Skratchi!

Hachi: Nani? (What?)

Ally wrestles free from her captors' grips.

Ally: Octavio! Release these people at once!

DJ Octavio's right eye squints.

DJ Octavio: What are you talking about, you pint-sized Maki?

Ally shrugs.

Ally: I dunno...I was just in the moment. Wait...what did you call me?

DJ Octavio: Uh...wait, I know this one...oh! "You pint-sized Maki"!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Then you really DID do something horrible to my father!

DJ Octavio: Yup! Dude didn't last two SECONDS! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally: You monster! You'll PAY for what you did to him!

DJ Octavio: Whatever. Now, I'm gonna demonstrate what I'm gonna do to you with this test subject. Behold!

Octopus Amazon Ichi pulls a red cloth from the top of a glass box. Standing inside is Octobel, who is clapped in chains.

Ally: Octobel!

DJ Octavio: two dudes know each other?

Octobel: Miss Ally! Please stop Tako-sama!

DJ Octavio looks at Octobel.

DJ Octavio: Seriously? You DO know each other?

Ally: I will, Octobel! And I'll get you out of there!

DJ Octavio looks at Ally.

DJ Octavio: Will ONE of you please answer me?!

Octobel: Thank you, Ally. And then we can go for some ice-cream, yes?

Ally nods.

Ally: You got it.

DJ Octavio: STOP IGNORING ME! Nngh...that's IT! Ichi, spin that tune!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

Octopus Amazon Ichi lifts a device with a big red button and presses it.

DJ Octavio: Now you're BOTH gonna fall under my control! HAHAHAHAHA!

I am Octavio
DJ Octavio

Octotune Records

The song from Ally's dream begins to play. Ally and Octobel clutch their ears and groan.


Octobel: So...powerful...

Ally and Octobel suddenly stand rigid.

Ally: What are your orders, Tako-sama?

DJ Octavio: Wow, I can't believe it actually WORKED! pint-sized Maki, you are gonna be the one to punish this traitor!

Ally: Yes, Tako-sama.

DJ Octavio's thoughts: YES! I have Maki's kid under my control!

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 8: Octo Canyon: Night

We see a view of Octo Canyon. Ally, Octobel and DJ Octavio stand near a machine resembling the one from Episode 8 of Squigley no Densetsu.

DJ Octavio: Shove the traitor into the machine!

Ally shoves Octobel into a machine and seals the door shut.

Ally: It is done.

DJ Octavio: Wow, you're WAY more obedient than any of the ACTUAL Octarians who are enslaved to me! I think I'm gonna make you my new double-agent. No, SUPER Double-Agent! No, ULTRA Double-Agent 64, Codename: Dolphin! Yeah, that'll work!

Ally's thoughts: Okay, Ally...just pretend to be his puppet for a little while longer...Marie and the others'll be here soon...I hope...

Ally: Will there be anything else, Tako-sama?

DJ Octavio: Yeah! Push that big red button there! It'll draw energy from the light of the Tidemoon into the machine and transform the traitor into an Octotrooper!

Ally's thoughts: Crap! NOW what do I do...?

Ally: Uh...what does the green button do...?

DJ Octavio: Well, you're my mind-slave, so I guess I can tell you without consequence. The green button releases the traitor and frees everyone in Octo Canyon from my spell.

Ally slams her hand onto the green button. She turns around and grins.

Ally: HA! I KNEW you'd slip up sooner-or-later! You just told me EXACTLY what I needed to know! And guess what? This Hero Headset isn't just for show: it plays the Calamari Inkantation on a constant loop! Your stupid song did NOTHING!

DJ Octavio: Wow, I guess your bruh got all the brains, huh? HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: I TRICKED you into pressing the green button, you dweeb!

Ally: What?!

DJ Octavio: The green button is the one that turns on the machine! Green equals "GO", get it?

Ally: Well...what does the RED button do?

DJ Octavio: There IS no red button! That's an I Heart Tako-sama bumper sticker!

Ally looks at the big, round sticker.

Ally: I've been played.

DJ Octavio: And now, feast your eyes upon what you created by your OWN HAND!

The hatch opens. An Octotrooper exits the machine. It looks at Ally.

Octotrooper: (Mama?)

DJ Octavio: HAHAHAHAHA! Dude's got a sense of humour, just like a gumball! Hm...I think I'm gonna call you "Octotrooper Gamma."

Octotrooper: (Hm...yeah, that works.)

DJ Octavio: Okay, Gamma, eliminate this one!

Octotrooper: (With pleasure!)

The Octotrooper fires a glob of purplish-pink ink at Ally. Suddenly, an Inkling Boy with fuchsia hair, a red-and-yellow-striped jumper and stylish frames lands between Ally and Gamma. He knocks the ink glob back in Gamma's face, knocking her off her Octocar.

Ally: Huh?!

Inkling: Hurry. Let's go.

Ally: Uh...right.

The Inkling throws a vial to the ground, releasing a cloud of Toxic Mist.

DJ Octavio: ...the fresh just happened...?

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 9: Shellendorf Library: Night

The Inkling leads Ally into the main hall of the library.

Ally: Thank you for saving me.

Inkling: You are most welcome, Ally-Squinn.

Ally: So...who are you? What's going on?

The Inkling sighs.

Inkling: Your father swore me to secrecy unless it was absolutely necessary.

Ally: Y-You knew my father...?

Inkling: Yes. The Maki clan is part of an ancient order of lorekeepers called the Chronicuttle.

Ally: How come I've never heard of it...?

Inkling: The Chronicuttle is sworn to absolute secrecy. No-one from outside our ranks may learn of our existence. I guess you could say we're the "secret protectors" of our kind.

Ally: Like the New Squidbeak Splatoon, you mean?

Inkling: More or less. In addition to protecting the common folk, we are also responsible for compiling lore in the form of scrolls, powerful artefacts which-

The Inkling pauses.

Inkling: My name is Inkleigh, and I was apprentice to your father.

Ally: You were?

Inkleigh: Yes. I was with him during that fateful day when he was captured by the Octarians. He urged me to protect you, acting as your secret guardian, would seem that you already have a protector.

Ally's eyes narrow.

Ally: CallieFan8...

Inkleigh: Your father was regarded as the greatest Chronicuttle of all, but he also knew that such a thing brought great risk not just to himself, but to the people he loved.

Ally saddens a little.

Inkleigh: Not to worry, though: you are in the safest of hands, and you're quite capable yourself. Now, I better get moving.

Ally: Off to protect the innocent?

Inkleigh: No. Turf War is starting in a few hours. I need to equip myself properly.

Ally: Oh...sounds like fun.

Inkleigh: Take care, Ally-Squinn Maki.

Ally smiles.

Ally: And you.

Inkleigh leaves the room. Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess there's more to me than I thought.

CallieFan8's voice: You're not wrong.

Ally: Oh!

Ally turns around.

Ally: CallieFan8! Um...hi.

CallieFan8: Hi. don't need to call me CallieFan8 anymore.

Ally: How come?

CallieFan8: Because...I'm going to reveal my identity to you now. Please don't be alarmed.

Ally: Why would I be alarmed?

CallieFan8: Just trust me on this.

Ally: Um...okay.

CallieFan8 raises his hands to his hood and begins to slowly lower it. We cut to a view of Ally.

Ally's thoughts: I guess now I'll know if this really IS Squinkl or if it's-

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: are you, exactly?

CallieFan8's voice: Just call me...

We cut to a view of "CallieFan8".

"CallieFan8": ...Squigley.

To be Continued...
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 07: have gotten kind of weird now,'s a photo of Inklinda's friend Squilma, who just got back from a two-year tenure at Camp Triggerfish:

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This series needs more giant killer robots. Megatron Excited/Sho

More than meets the eye!
"Autobots roll out" Optimus Prime |D

I'm enjoying my new job in Tokyo! Megatron Happy

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Episode 8: Future Proof-Ink!
AKA "The Timey-Wimey Episode"

Previously on Ally-Squinn no Shinwa...:
We see Ally, Seth, Inklinda, Inklein and Squilma standing in a round gazebo. Cap'n Cuttlefish is standing there.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Inklings, the threat from Salmondorf continues to grow.

Inklein: Really? I think salmon dorf is a TASTY meal...mmm...grilled salmon on a bed of rice...

Inklein drools.

Inklinda: Like, ew or whatever...and you're thinking of "salmon don".

Cap'n Cuttlefish: If those Salmonids manage t' get a foothold in our lands, then it will spell dark times for Inkrule. Dark, slimy times...

Squilma: We're ready to help however we can, King Craigbeard.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOOHOO! Then let's save our people, New Squidbeak Champions! With the power of the Tri-Slosher on our side, there's no WAY we can lose!

Ally, Seth and Squilma walk through a field of thick grass.

Ally: Are we SURE this is the correct way...?

Seth: Of course! The monster in these parts is supposed to be AMAZING!

Squilma: That's what you said back in Cerulean-

We hear a loud bellow.

Ally: We're close...

The three approach a large lake. Seth throws a pebble into the murky water.

Ally: Are you crazy?!

Seth: Hey, what's the worst that could happen?!

Suddenly, the Great Zapfish emerges from the lake, and the group is surrounded by a bunch of regular Zapfish. They all crackle with electricity.

Squilma: YOU IDIOT!

Seth grins.

Seth: Heheh...oops.

Squilma: NOW what do we do?!

Ally raises an object resembling a lime green Poké Ball.

Ally: We round up every one of them.

The five Inklings stand in the middle of the city streets, each dressed in a colour-coded Hero Suit.

Ally: Okay, that's the last of 'em.

Seth: Wait...what's THAT?!

Everyone looks up. Their eyes widen.

Inklinda: Like, what the fresh is THAT thing?!

The scene cuts to a view of the city skyline. An Octostomp stretches up, before bellowing loudly.

Inklein: It's a puppy!

Squilma: How are we gonna STOP that thing?!

Ally pumps her fist and nods.

Ally: Turf Warriors, summon the Mechazaps!

And now...
Part 1:
Scene 1: Shellendorf Library: Night

Ally stares at Squigley. She examines him.

Ally: ...huh.

Squigley: Wh-What is it?

Ally: I didn't expect you to be

Squigley: Uh...thanks?

Ally: I'm confused. You behave as though we know one another.

Squigley: We do...well, kinda.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: You're making zero sense.

Squigley: It's a long story, but basically, I gained the ability to travel through time.

Ally: you're from the future? Are you my son or something?

Squigley: No, I-

Ally: My nephew?

Squigley: No, I'm-

Ally: Oh! Are you related to Callie and Marie?!

Squigley: I'm not related to ANYONE, okay?

Ally: Wait...seriously?

Squigley sighs.

Squigley: It's kind of a long story.

Ally: It'd HAVE to be for this whle thing to make any sense.

Squigley: Some of the details are gonna have to wait for the sequel.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Does there even NEED to be a sequel, though?

Squigley: Well, yeah. The original series still has a few lingering plot points that need to be tied up.

Ally: Right...fourth-wall demolitions aside, why exactly are you here?

Squigley: You need a human.

Ally's eyes narrow.

Ally: Humans are a myth.

Squigley: In this world, yes.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Hold're saying that there are other WORLDS?!

Squigley: Well...yeah. Anyway, the point is that I need your help.

Ally: Why?

Squigley: Because this ritual needs three exceptionally-talented Psyphalopods.

Ally: Are you kidding? I'm not talented!

Squigley raises an eyebrow.

Squigley: Are you SURE about that?

Ally: What do you mean?

We cut to a view of Ally. A number of books float in the air behind her, each suspended by an aura of lime green energy. A librarian walks past.

Librarian: Ssh!

Ally: Sorry.

Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley and Ally walk through Inkopolis Square.

Ally: Wow, this place is kinda nice...I'm surprised I haven't been here before.

Squigley: Inkopolis Square, the freshest new hangout for squids and octos.

Ally: Wait...octos?

Squigley: Yeah! Don't tell anyone, but soon, this place is gonna be teeming with Octolings.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: WHAT?!

Squigley: Oh, don't worry! They're all Octolings who have been freed by the heavenly melody, the Calamari Inkantation.

Ally saddens a little.

Ally: Just like Octobel...

Squigley smiles.

Squigley: Not to worry, Ally. You'll get her back.

Ally looks at Squigley.

Ally: A little factoid from the not-too-distant future?

Squigley shrugs.

Squigley: No, just a feeling.

Ally nods.

Ally: I hope so...

Squika suddenly lands on Ally's head.

Ally: SQUIKA SQUEVENS! What do you think you're doing?!

Squika: What? It was just a little Super Ju-

Squika pauses and looks down at Ally.

Squika: What did you call me...?

Ally: Uh...Udon! I meant "Squika Udon"!

Squika stares at Ally for a moment. He then seems to smile.

Squika: Oh, alright then. Up, up and AWAAAAAY!

Squika super jumps off of Ally, leaving her drenched in purple ink.

Ally: I wish he wouldn't do that...

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Seth's Pad: Evening

Seth is busy playing a game.

Seth: YES! I can't believe that worked! Seth-Inkley, you are AMAZING!

Ally's voice: Seth?

Seth is startled.

Seth: WAAH!

Seth sees Ally and Squigley standing there.

Oh, you scared me, Ally...

Ally: Sorry about that. Anyway, this is Squigley, aka CallieFan8.

Squigley raises his hand.

Squigley: Hi.

Seth: Hey there. Uh...Ally?

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: Why is my online buddy standing there?

Ally: Well...thing is-

Squigley: I've come from the future to perform a ritual that will summon a human.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Seriously?!

Squigley: Uh...yeah.

Seth: But why? How? Aren't humans a myth?

Squigley: In this world, yes. However, there is another one in which humans are thriving.

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Uh...okay?

Ally: Squigley was the one who saved you after I accidentally flung you over the balcony.

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Wait...what?!

Ally looks at Squigley.

Ally: You remember, right?

Squigley: Uh...

Ally: It was about eight months ago? You were there, I'm sure of it!

Squigley ponders Ally's words.

Squigley: That must not have happened least from MY perspective.

Ally: Um...what?

Squigley: I need to check something. Please stand perfectly still.

Ally: Uh...okay?

Squigley places his hands on Ally's temples and closes his eyes. His eyes suddenly open and flash purple.

Ally: What are you-

Squigley: I'll be right back.

Squigley raises his hood over his head and places his left hand over his right.

Ally: W-Wait! Squig-

Squigley suddenly flashes with green energy for a moment.

Squigley: I'm back!

Seth: never left, dude.

Squigley: I just had to travel back eight months to save you.

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Wait...for real?

Squigley nods.

Ally: Oh, so THAT'S how you knew to save Seth after I accidentally used my powers on him...

Seth: Wait...WHAT happened?!

Squigley: Ally is a powerful Psy-Pod, and I need her help to-

Seth: Yeah, yeah, summon a human from another dimension...but what can SHE do?

Squigley: You'd be surprised. Which brings me to my next point: why is Squika still unaware that he's your long-lost little brother?

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: How did you-

Squigley: I was the one who consulted with Judd about having your DNA analysed.

Seth: But how did you know about-

Squigley: It's...probably better to not think about the implications. Anyway-

Seth: said "Judd", but my analysis was done by someone named "Doctor Puss"...

Ally: Ha! I get it!

Seth: Get what?

Ally: Doctor PUSS? As in "cat"? And there's only one cat, right?

Squigley: Actually, there are two.

Ally: Wait...what?

Squigley: Yeah, there's now a younger copy of Judd living in Inkopolis. He's so cute!

Seth: So now you're messing with the space-time continuum by having the same person frrom two different timestreams existing within the same torus?

Squigley: Actually, Lil' Judd is a clone...uh...I think.

Ally: Okay, so Judd analysed Seth's ink and discovered that he and Squika are related. What does that mean?

Seth: Oh no...

A look of horror appears on Seth's face.


Ally: Actually, I think SQUIKA'S the one who was adopted...

Seth: Oh. But my parents wouldn't just give him up. I mean...they're very loving, and they're more than capable of providing for more than one child...

Ally: Yeah, so why was Squika raised by a different family...?

Scene 4: Squika's House: Evening

Squika slides into a dank-looking cave.

Squika: I'm home!

Squika slides into a small cavern. We see the back of an armchair.

Squika: I had a truly splendid day! So what is for dinner, Parent?

The armchair spins around, revealing a Twintacle Octotrooper.

Parent: (Oh, I have something SPECIAL in mind for YOU, my dear child...heheheh...)

Squika suddenly inks himself.

Squika: Oopsie!

The Twintacle Octotrooper seems to groan.

Parent: (Fourteen years I've had to put up with his antics...oh, Boss Octo, what do you have planned for him...?)

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 5: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Squigley stand in the middle of the living area.

Squigley: Okay, we're just about set to perform this ritual.

Ally: And it HAS to be done atop Mount Nantai?

Squigley: Yeah...well, kinda.

Ally: Even though it's in Octarian territory?

Squigley: Yep.

Ally: Well...I guess it's fine.

Seth: Okay, I'm compelled to ask something important about-

Squigley: Oh, the reason we need a human is to-

Seth: No, it's not that.

Squigley: Okay then?

Seth: Why is it so important that Squika knows we're related?

Squigley: That's actually part of the reason for the ritual.

Ally: Okay, I think the writer is just finding random ways to link together both plots of this season.

Squigley: Look, I know the writer's mind better than anyone else in here, and while it's true that he thinks of SOME plot details in a spur-of-the-moment fashion, the entire series itself is pretty much planned out.

Ally: Fair enough, just thought I'd throw in my two Cash. Now, let's get this show on the road!

Squigley: Uh...we can't do that yet.

Ally: What? Why not?

Squigley: This ritual needs THREE Psy-Pods, remember?

Ally: Oh, right...but where are we gonna find another Psy-Pod in such short notice?

Scene 6: Ate & Switch: Morning

The scene wipes to a view of Inklein sitting at a table. He is picking his nose.

Inklein: Hm...I'm still not sure if Inklings HAVE noses, but that won't stop me trying to find treasure!

Inklinda's voice: Like, what are you doing?

Inklein stops picking his nose and looks at Inklinda.

Inklein: Oh, hey there, Lindie! I was just digging for treasure.

Inklinda: Um...ew or whatever. Anyway, I was wondering if-

Squilma's voice: Inklinda Squatson? Is that you?

Inklinda looks at Squilma. Her left eye squints.

Inklinda: Like, what are YOU supposed to be?

Squilma: Duh! It's me, your best friend!

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: I hate to break it to you, Whoever-you-are, but-

Inklein: Silly Woomy! I'M Lindie's best friend! Silly Woomy!

Squilma looks at Inklein. Her left eye squints.

Squilma: You ditched me...for HIM?!

Inklinda: Look, I don't even know who you ARE, so, like, please kindly weigh your anchor and shove off or whatever.

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: You'll regret those words, Inklinda Manatee Squatson!

Squilma stomps away. Inklinda scratches her head.

Inklinda: Like, how did she know my middle name...?

Inklein smiles.

Inklein: I don't know, but I think I'm in looooove...

Inklinda looks at Inklein and rolls her eyes.

Scene 7: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Squigley pace around the living area.

Ally: Hm...what about Podd?

Seth: Sorry, she's not a Psy-Pod.

Ally sighs.

Ally: Well, I'm out of ideas.

Seth: What? But you only thought of ONE Inkling!

Ally: Yeah, but-

Seth: Wait...aren't you from a long LINE of Psy-Pods?

Ally: Well, yeah, but they're all in Calamari County right now...

Squigley: Plus, we need to do the ritual TODAY.

Ally: Seriously?

Squigley: Well...yeah, if we want to save Squika!

Seth: My bro? Wh-What's gonna happen to him?!

We cut to a view of Squigley's face. His eyes narrow.

Squigley: Something VERY not-good...

Scene 8: Squika's House: Morning

We see the Twintacle Octotrooper using a phone.

Parent: (What? Right now? Okay, I'll tell him...heheheh...)

The Twintacle Octotrooper throws the phone into a pool of purplish-pink ink.

Parent: (Oh, Squika! Parent has a little surprise for you!)

Squika super jumps into the cavern despite the somewhat-low ceiling.

Squika: Ohboyohboyohboy! What is it?!

Parent: (We're going for a little trip to Mount Nantai.)

Squika: Ooh, are we going on an adventure?

Parent: (I guarantee that it will "change" your life...heheheh...)

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Mount Nantai: Afternoon

We see Ally, Seth and Squigley walking to the summit of Mount Nantai.

Ally: Wow...I'd admire this scenery if we weren't in such a hurry.

Seth: No stopping! We need to save my brother!

Squigley: Actually, Seth, there's something I need to tell you about-

Seth: No doubt about it: he's a Squevens through-and-through!

Squigley: That's what I'm trying to-

Seth: The youngest child of Evan and Evie Squevens NEEDS to be reunited with his birth parents!

Squigley: Seth, listen to me: Squika is NOT-

Seth: So less chitchat and more step...stap! Yeah!

Ally: Okay, who put YOU in charge?

Seth: Ally, Come on! Squika's family, and If there's one thing we Squevenses care about, it's-

Squigley: The Squevenses aren't your parents.

Seth: I know, but-

Seth stops walking. He slowly turns to look at Squigley.

Seth: What...?

Squigley: Your parents are NOT Evan and Evie Squevens.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Then...I'M the one who was adopted?!

Squigley sighs.

Squigley: Let's keep walking. I'll explain on the way.

We see a large green circle in the middle of Mount Nantai's summit. Squika is sitting in the middle of it.

Squika: Ooh, when will I get my surprise?

The scene stretches to a view of a large machine resembling an enormous Octo Shot, which is aimed right at Squika. The Twintacle Octotrooper, as well as DJ Octavio, the Octopus Amazons and Octotrooper Gamma, are nearby.

Parent: (Just a little longer, my offspring...heheheh...)

Squika: How long must I wait?!

Parent: (When you see the Tidemoon in the sky-)

Squika: "Tidemoon"...? What's that?

Parent: (Uh...I said "full moon". Yeah, the second one.)

Squika: Oh, alright then...

Squika starts humming #$@%* Dudes be #$@%* Sleepin.

DJ Octavio: Hey, I LOVE that song!

DJ Octavio bops his head. Octopus Amazon Hachi shakes her head.

Hachi: Baka... (Idiot...)

We cut back to Ally, Seth and Squigley. Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Uh...could you run that by me one more time?

Ally sighs.

Squigley: Sure. You and Squika were born to two members of the Chronicuttle, an ancient order of chroniclers and guardians.

Seth: Right...?

Squigley: When you were still infants, your birth parent was captured by the Octarians, along with Squika.

Seth: Okay...?

Squigley: A Chronicuttle named Copper managed to save you and take you to a safe haven, where you were put into the care of the Squevenses.

Seth: Whoa...

Squigley: Unfortunately, that made Copper a target, and the Octarians spared no expense to bring him to justice. But that's another story. The importannt thing is that you and your twin are saved.

Seth: So Squika and I really ARE bruhs?

Squigley nods.

Squigley: Yes. Anyway, once we reach the summit, we can summon a human from the other reality and put a stop to Octavio's plans.

Ally: And you're SURE that nothing will be able to interrupt us?

Squigley: I guarantee that the ritual will proceed smoothly and without complications.

Ally, Seth and Squigley reach the summit...and freeze the moment they see the Octarians and Squika.

Seth: Uh...I don't want to be that guy, but any chance of a refund?

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see a view of a Joy-Con Grip with two Joy-Con inside it, one Neon Green and the other Neon Pink. A pair of hands picks up the Joy-Con and presses the Home button on the Neon Pink Joy-Con, the button flashing blue around the outside as he does so.

Scene 11: Mount Nantai Summit: Evening

Ally, Seth and Squigley continue to stare at the scene.

Ally: Octavio...?

Seth: Squika...?

Squigley: Octobel...?

Ally: We have to stop them!

Seth: Agreed!

Squigley: No, wait! We need to-

Ally throws a stone at DJ Octavio's head as Seth runs toward Squika.

Ally: Hey, dumdum!

DJ Octavio: OW!

DJ Octavio looks at Ally.

DJ Octavio: Hey, what's the big idea, dude?!

Ally: What do you think you're doing?!

DJ Octavio: I asked you first!

Ally: No, you said "What's the big idea", whereas I said-

DJ Octavio: Wait...have we met?

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: It's just that you're talking as though we're good friends or somethin'.

Ally: Fr-

Ally flips out.

Ally: You think we're FRIENDS?! After what you did TO MY FATHER?!

Gamma: (And your brother. Don't forget ypur brother.)

Ally: Thank you, Oc-

Ally flips out even harder.


Ally aims her Splat Charger at DJ Octavio.

Ally: Prepare to-

The Charger is suddenly surrounded by an aura of crackling purplish-pink energy and yanks from Ally's grip.

Ally: What?!

The Charger suddenly pops in a splash of purplish-pink ink.

Ally: WHAT?!

Ichi: Teehee! (Teehee!)

DJ Octavio: Hey, now I remember're that punk that broke all five of my favourite toys! Hachi, stop her!

Hachi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

Hachi aims her Octo Shot at Ally.

Ally: No...stop!

Seth is standing near Squika.

Seth: What do you mean you don't want to be saved?!

Squika: I am here on an excursion with my parent!

Seth: Squika, our parent was splatted or something by DJ Octavio!

Squika: Then how was it able to bring me here to Mount Nantai?

Seth: That's not a parent! It's an Octotrooper!

Squika: That's preposterous! Tell him, Parent!

The Twintacle Octotrooper seems to growl.

Parent: (For such an intelligent squid, you can be SO freaking naive, ya idiot!)

Squika: Parent...?

Parent: (I'm NOT your parent! I was appointed the task of grooming you to be a secret agent of DJ Octavio! And after 14 years of trying, I STILL can't get it right!'s like you have a built-in Calamari Inkantation or something!)

Squika: I do?

Squigley: Squika, you were born with TWO music strands in your DNA, both of which act as a barrier against Octavio's mind-controllling music.

DJ Octavio: Impossible! NOTHING can withstand the awesomeness of I am Octavio!

Seth: So THAT'S why I don't have a music strand...

Squigley: Yep, and the fact that you don't have one at all also somewhat-coincidentally makes you immune to Octavio's song.

DJ Octavio: Are you even listening to me?! I sa NOTHING can withstand the-

Squigley: Okay, I've been waiting months to say this...DJ Octavio? SHUT THE FRESH UP!!

DJ Octavio's eyes widen.

DJ Octavio: Like...what?

Squigley: I am so freshing SICK of you being the freshing centre of your freshing universe! Here's a freshing pro tip: There are OTHER people who are just as freshing important as you, so just...shut. The. Fresh. UP!

Squigley's tentacles start to ripple with green energy as his eyes begin to glow purple.

Ally: Wh-What's going on?!

Ally's hair begins to ripple with lime green energy as her eyes begin to glow maroon.

Squigley: The ritual's started.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Seriously? But you said we needed three Psy-Pods for it to work!

Seth: Yeah! So where's the third?

Squigley: Best not to think about it right now. Anyway-

The air is suddenly filled with glowing green and lime green particles.

DJ Octavio: Hey, cool laser show!

DJ Octavio begins to dance as the other Octarians makee a hasty retreat. Seth pulls Squika away from the pad.

DJ Octavio: Hey, where are you goin'? The party's just gettin' started!

The particles suddenly merge together into a column of green light that stretches from the pad into the sky.

Squika: By the Twelve Stars...

Seth looks at Squika.

Seth: What...?

Squigley focuses on the column.

Squigley: Any moment now...

DJ Octavio dances toward Squigley.

DJ Octavio: This whole scene is trippin'! WOO!

Ally gasps.

Ally: Squigley, watch out!

Squigley: Huh?

DJ Octavio knocks into Squigley, who stumbles into the column of light.

Ally: Squigley!

The column disappears. Squigley and Ally's tentacles stop glowing.

Squika: Well, THAT was interesting...

Ally runs up to Squigley and hugs him.

Ally: Are you okay?!

Squigley: Yeah, I'm fine...

Seth looks around.

Seth: Wait...where's the human?

Squika: You were trying to summon a human?

Seth: Yeah, but I think a CERTAIN octopus messed up the ritual!

DJ Octavio holds a tentacle behind his head.

DJ Octavio: Oh...I'm sorry, dudes. I'll try to be a bit more considerate of you next time you...hey, wait...why am I apologising?

DJ Octavio leaps onto the machine.

DJ Octavio: So long, suckers! HAHAHAHAHA! Get it? 'Cause we, humour is wasted on the losers who don't get it...

DJ Octavio rides the machine down the mountain like a motorcycle...until it slips and tumbles down.


Seth: Well, I hope that's the last we see of HIM!

Ally: Unlikely, but hopefully he's out of the picture for a LOOOOOOONG time...

Seth: So what now?

Squika: Well, we could get to know one another? You know, as bestest bruhs?

Seth: I guess we could, but I need to sort some things out first. I need to find out more about my past from the Squevenses...I mean Mom and Dad.

Squika: Then do so!

Seth: Yeah, but they're on a cruise across the seas. I won't be back for some time.

Squika: Oh...well, how about when you get back?

Seth smiles.

Seth: I'd like that.

Ally: As for me, I'm gonna keep up my patrols around Inkopolis as Agent 3. Someone needs to protect the people.

Squika: But what if Octavio rears his bulbous head again?

Ally: The New Squidbeak Splatoon just recruited a new agent. I'm sure she'll do fine.

Seth: Do we know her?

Ally: Probably not, but apparently she and Inklinda were besties at one point.

Squika: What?! Who'd want to be friends with HER?!

Ally: I know, right?

Squigley: This is weird...

Ally and Seth look at Squigley.

Ally: What is?

Squigley: Apparently, the ritual half-worked.

Seth: Wow, that's AMAZING!

Ally: Wait...what?

Squigley: Someone from the other reality was pulled from their world into ours, just not here on Mount Nantai.

Seth: Seriously?

Ally: A human?

Squigley: Well...

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: No, it's...another Inkling...

Scene 12: Inkopolis Square: Evening

The scene fades to a view of the Inkopolis Square skyline. It slowly pans down to the ground outside Headspace. We see Squigley lying unconscious on the ground wearing nothing but a pair of cargo shorts. A Jellyfish spots him and approaches, before stretching out a tentacle to poke his face.

We cut to a view of the drain outside Ammo Knights. A neon pink squid form Inkling leaps from the drain and retakes kid form, revealing her to be Squilma.

Squilma: Wow...I can't believe I've been recruited into the New Squidbeak-

Squigley's voice: Wh-What ARE you?! Stay away!

Squilma looks in Squigley's direction.

Squilma: Looks like someone already needs my help.

Squilma runs toward Headspace.

The story continues in
Octanner no Monogatari

Squigley no Densetsu

...which you should have already read

...or whatever
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 08:
Okay, my work is gonna eat up a lot of my time, so this is the last entry for a while. So it turns out that, while trying to summon a human to stop DJ Octavio, Squigley ended up summoning himself. Weird, I know.

Apparently, the beacon locked onto a human, but when DJ Octavio caused Squigley to unintentionally intercept the ritual, that human was transformed into another Squigley. Or...the original Squigley, I guess? I try not to think about it. Anyway, here's a photo of the two of us:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack - Page 1 1c0df610

Cap'n Cuttlefish appointed Squilma - our new Agent 4 - as Squigley's guardian, but I was appointed as his personal protector by the Chronicuttle...yeah, this is getting mind-boggling. Stay fresh!


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