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Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 14th 2018, 8:25 pm
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Aaand the cameo is over haha, also, ominous!

Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 14th 2018, 11:13 pm
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@GeekyGamerZack I love this new series. Happy

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Fighting evil by moonlight.
Winning love by daylight.
Never running from a real fight.
she is the one named sailor moon!

From the Sailor Moon opening song.

Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 19th 2018, 12:57 am
After binge reading the last four parts I am very satisfied (especially with all the puns) and excited for episode 5! Very Happy

Re: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on April 20th 2018, 6:01 pm
Squintermission: Squilma's Octaiku Class Graduation
AKA "Intermission"

Scene: Ammo Knights: Pre-Dawn

Squilma stands inside Ammo Knights.

Squilma: Wow, that was amazing!
Not only did I rescue the Great Zapfish and pummel the ink out of DJ Octavio, I ALSO managed to help Marie free Callie from his control!

Sheldon: A splendid effort, but your mission is not over yet!

Squilma: What?! But this was supposed to be my last freshing mission for now!

Sheldon: Indeed it was, but...something has arisen involving the Octarians.

Squilma: What?!

Sheldon: It seems that the efforts of Agent 3 were for naught, as a glitch in our high-tech safe place has led to the exposure of-

Squilma: Whoa, whoa, whoa..."safe place"...?

Sheldon: Indeed! The New Squidbeak Splatoon developed a state-of-the-art, self-contained dome away from home for a specific individual, in order to keep him safe from the Octarian threat.

Squilma: Sounds complicated.

Sheldon: Oh, not at all! The entire thing is concealed by a camouflage matrix that disguises it as an empty parking lot. However, I did not add the necessary calculation for the matrix to disguise the dome's occupant as well, which has led to the unfortunate dry-heaving of an Inkopolitan civilian. No-one should have to endure such an awful affliction!

Squilma: Yeah, what's my role in this whole thing?

Sheldon: You must keep the Octarians' target safe at any and all cost, for if he is captured-

Squilma: want me to babysit some person?

Sheldon: In a figurative sense, yes.

Squilma: In case you've forgotten, I'm already babysitting TWO Inklings! Why should I have to watch a third one as well?!

Sheldon: You don't.

Squilma: Oh, that's a relief...having two-and-a-half mouths to feed is enough, tee-wy-vee-em!

Sheldon: The Inkling you need to protect is one of the two you mentioned.

Squilma: mean...?!

Squilma's thoughts: But why do the Octarians want Squika?!
Squilma's Diary:
'Sup, diary? Squilma here with the freshest goss!

So Inklinda was criticising my Turf War technique again today. She was all like, "Oh, like, Squilma, your technique is all, like, all over the place! You're always, like, rolling around and, like, dodging or!" Ugh, I swear that girl thinks everyone should use an Inkbrush. Just because SHE'S a student at Inkblot Art Academy...

Also, it turns out that I need to protect Squigley from the Octarians now. As if I didn't have enough on my plate...oh, I just remembered that blue plate special I had for lunch. The plate was white at first, but Inklein just HAD to show off his new Roller technique...and he STILL sucked! I mean...I get that you're trying to be friendly, but keep the splatting for Turf War, dude!

I just hope I can keep Squiggles safe from the Octarians. I don't know what they want with him, but I intend to find out, so my "octaiku classes" are gonna continue, at least for now.

Agent Squilma, signing off!

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on April 21st 2018, 7:43 pm
Episode 5: Bait & Switch!
AKA "The Body Swap Episode"

Previously on Squigley no Densetsu...:
Squilma: You know, you're kind of a good way. What's your name?

Someone: Oh, I'm-

Someone pauses.

Someone: I don't remember...

Squilma squints her right eye.

Squilma: What kind of name is that?

Squigley: But can equipping some of this "gear" really stop me from-

Squigley changes back to kid form.

Squigley: -flipping between forms?

Squilma: After 50 return transformations, I just don't know...

Inklein: Hey, you're that chick who's always playing that turf thing with Lindie, right?

Squilma: Uh...yeah. I'm Squilma.

Inklein: Wilma?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: Sure...

Squilma is giggling.

Squilma: What? That's absurd! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

Squigley excitedly opens the box.

Squigley: I've been looking forward to receiving my-

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: Wait...this isn't a pair of headphones...

Judd: Meow... (Okay, the verdict is in...)

Lil' Judd: Mew... (And the winners are...)

After a moment of anticipation, Judd holds out his flag, whereas Lil' Judd trips and falls flat on his belly.

Judd: Meow! (The Good Guys!)

Squilma and the other two dark purple-tentacled Inklings are frustrated, whereas Squigley cheers.

Squigley: YES! We won!

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: Squiggles, we were the Bad Guys!

Squigley: Wait...we were? But...I'm not bad...oh, then that means...WE LOST?!

Squilma: Wow, nearly two minutes in and still no sign of Inklinda...could this be our lucky day?

Inklinda's voice: You wish!

Squilma grabs Squigley's hand and begins pulling him away. Squika watches them and rubs both tentacles together.

Squika: appears that Squilma wishes to start a team with her new last, I can hatch my splendiferous master plan...

We cut to a view of Squika. He is leaping out of the pumpkin-orange ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La! Lalala! Lalala! La! La! ORANGE! ORANGE! Usually-I' ORAAAAAAAAAANGE!

Squika stretches his tentacle to pick up his cup, but knocks it over instead, causing his drink to spill. Squigley suddenly stands up.

Squigley: My shorts!

A random Inkling walks past. He snickers as he sees Squigley's shorts.

Inkling: Nice one, kid!

The Inkling begins walking away. Squilma stands up and glares at the Inkling.

Squilma: Oh, grow up, Squam!

Squika begins leaping out of the ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La lalala lalala la la! I am PURPLE! I am PURPLE! PURPLLLLLLLLLLE!


We cut to a view of Squigley, Squilma, Squika and Squam, who are frustrated. Squigley throws out his arms.

Squigley: Do the Good Guys ALWAYS win?!

Squam: Only when the Bad Guys lose...duh...

Squilma flips out.

Squilma: Shut up, Squam!





Squigley: Hold on...Lil' Judd usually announces the Bad Guys as having won, right?

Squilma: Yeah? So?

Squigley: And we won...which SHOULD make us the Bad Guys, right?

Squilma:'re if Judd is the only judge present, then the Good Guys must win by default...and the opposite must be true for Lil' Judd...

Squam: What?! HAKES! I CALL HAKES!

Squilma: Enough with the puns, Squam!

Squigley: Then...the Bad Guys sometimes win...meaning Squam was right!

Squam holds his fists to his hips and pulls a superhero pose.

Squam: All in a day's work for...SQUAM MAN!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Anything to say, Squam?

Squam nods.

Squam: Yeah, I just want to say that I-

Squam suddenly coughs and hacks.

Squam: I think I swallowed a bug!

The cast and crew laugh.

Squam: Can we do that take again?

Director: No, I think we got enough footage here.

Squam: Really? Wow...I'm still getting paid the full amount right?

Director: Uh...sure...

Squam: Sweet!

Squika: What are you doing?

Squigley: Just thinking...

Squika follows Squigley's field of vision, and realises he's staring at Marina.

Squika: About Marina?

Squika's thoughts: Weird...I didn't think Squigley was the type of Inkling who oogles over people of the opposite gender...

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: You can tell me anything.

Squigley: Well...I know about the Octarians.

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Except that!

Squigley: Then they DO exist?!

Squilma: Sure, if you believe Inklinda's crazy rumours!

Squigley: I need to know now, Squilma. Are the Octarians really a threat?

Squilma: How should I know? Ask a secret agent!

A shadowy silhouette resembling Inklinda spies on Squigley using binoculars.

"Inklinda": Target, like, acquired or whatever...

Squigley: You look familiar...are you sure you're not Inklinda?

The Inklinda lookalike sighs.

"Inklinda": No I'm not!

Squigley: Then...who are you?

"Inklinda": Agent 3.

Squigley: "Agent 3"...?

The Inklinda lookalike nods.

Agent 3: That's all you need to know for now.

Squilma: Fair enough. So...can you find him?

Officer: Sure! I just need to finish setting up my action figures...

The officer arranges a collection of Squidkid and Kidsquid action figures on the counter.

Squilma: wouldn't happen to know Inklein, would you...?

Officer: Know him? He's my twin cousin!

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma's thoughts: I knew there was an aura of stupidity surrounding this guy...

The scene cuts to the rooftop of the nearby building. Agent 3 watches Squigley through her binoculars.

Agent 3: I think the safest place for Squigley is, like, with his friends or whatever.

Agent 3's thoughts: Ugh...even mocking her fills me with a repulsive feeling...

Squigley's face slowly transitions to a still frame of him sitting in midair, presumably laughing at the invisible television. The shadowy figure watches the screen.

Figure: Wow, he's PERFECT! I totally gotta get him for my secret project!

The figure scratches two large turntables with what look like large, shadowed-out sprigs of wasabi.

Figure: Go and find out what you can, but be subtle. We don't want no loser Squidkids finding out about our master plan!

The scene cuts to a view of three creatures resembling red, octopus-like tentacles, each with googly yellow eyes and thick purplish-pink lips.

Creatures: (Hai, Tako-sama!)
Part 1:
Scene 1: Manta Maria: Afternoon

Fins & Fiddles
Bottom Feeders

Splatune Records

We see a view of the deck of the Manta Maria. Copious amounts of neon green and neon pink ink are scattered across the deck.

Squigley, who has neon green ink, splats an Inkling with neon pink ink with his Splattershot.

Squigley: YES! Having my natural ink colour during Turf War fills me with a strong feeling of confidence and non-noobishness!

Inklinda's voice: Well, you're not gonna beat ME, Squigley! HAHAHAHAHA!

Squigley sees Inklinda run toward him.

Squigley: ...the fresh?!

Inklinda waves her Inkbrush at Squigley, splatting him. His ghost floats back to the start pad.

Inklinda: It's, like, SO much easier splatting him when Squilma's absent or whatever...

Squigley's ghost floats back into the spawn pad. As Squigley respawns, Inklein suddenly splats him.

Inklein: Wow, spawn camping is FUN!

Squigley's ghost floats up slightly, then floats back into the pad. Inklein once again splats Squigley as he is respawning.

Inklein: Boy, Inklinda shoulda ordered me to do this weeks ago!

Squigley's ghost floats up slightly, then floats back into the pad for a third time. Inklein once again splats the respawning Squigley.

Inklein: I...should probably stop and give him a chance.

Inklein steps back as Squigley's ghost re-enters the pad. Squigley respawns, but his shoes, clothing, mask and Splattershot are missing.

Inklein: Uh...why are you naked...?

Squigley: Pardon?

A lime green-tinged squid ghost enters the pad, which respawns into Squika. Squika suddenly inks.

Squika: Squigley! Y-You're...

Squigley looks at Squika.

Squigley: I'm what?

A third ghost floats into the pad, and respawns into a female Inkling with a single, long, wavy tentacle near the left side of her face, as well as a pair of wrap-around headphones. She dry-heaves as she sees Squigley.

Inkling: Squigley, dude, you NEED to put some gear on or something!

Squigley: Even SQUIENNA thinks I'm-

Squigley growls.


Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley, Squika and Inklein proceed to the Galleria.

Squigley: I don't get could my gear be splatted? Shouldn't it have respawned along with me?

Squika: Usually, yes, but it appears that it is unwise to splat an opponent mid-respawn.

Inklein: Yeah...sorry, Wiggles.

Squigley: It's fine.

Inklein: Anyway, since this is all my fault, I'll buy your new gear.

Squienna walks up to the group. Her tentacles are now cyan.

Squienna: No, it's Inklinda's fault. She forced you to do it. SHE'S the one who should buy Squigley's new gear.

Inklinda's voice: THERE YOU ARE OR WHATEVER!

Squienna's eyes bulge.

Squienna: Uh-oh.

Squika: What did you do, Squienna...?

Squienna: I...may have trimmed her Inkbrush a little.

Inklein: You did what...?

Squienna: Gotta go!

Squienna dashes away. Inklinda runs after her.

Inklinda: Hey, like, come back here!

Squigley:'s nice of you to buy my replacement gear, Inklein.

Squika: Inklein Schminklein!

Inklein looks at Squika.

Inklein: Hey, what's wrong with me doing something nice?

Squika: No...I mean...that IS your name, yes?

Inklein stares blankly at Squika for a few seconds.

Inklein: It is...?

Squika: Of course! You recently received a scholarship at Shellendorf University, did you not? Your name was on the list of new students posted in the entrance hall.

Inklein slowly makes a big smile.

Inklein: Oh yeah...NOW I remember...

Squika: So where is our first destination, Squigley?

Squigley: Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.

Squika: Splendid! Off we go, then!

The trio proceeds to Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. Inklein spots a device on the ground and picks it up.

Inklein: Ominous...I wonder if this'll swap someone's body with someone else's in the next part...? Oh well.

Inklein slips the device into his pocket and follows Squigley and Squika.

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Headspace: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein stand inside Headspace. Squigley is wearing an orange t-shirt and orange shoes marked with blue splat marks. Flow appears happy.

Flow: Your Painter's Mask was..."splatted"? That is the most fantastic news I've heard all week!


Squigley: What? THAT'S good news?!

Inklein: Actually, I think Aunt Flow is just making a fresh joke...uh...I think.

Flow shakes her head.

Flow: Quite the contrary, my dear.

Inklein: Wait...which country do you mean...?

Craymond: YOU AM DUMDUM!

Inklein: Aw, who's a cute little shrimp? he a shrimp or a prawn? I always get those two things mixed-up...

Flow: I have been waiting weeks for your return so that I can give you this. Here you are, my dear.

Flow hands a box to Squigley. One of her frills brushes Squigley's wrist.

Squigley's thoughts: And she wonders why I haven't come back here...eeeeeeew...

Squigley: Uh...thank you.

Squigley opens the box.

Squigley: Wait...these are my headphones...?

Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein leave Headspace. Squigley is now wearing his headphones.

Squigley: These are awesome!

Squika: I am happy for you, Squigley.

Inklein: Doody.

Squika looks at Inklein.

Squika: Do you mean "ditto"?

Inklein laughs.

Inklein: Why would I mean a pink blob with a face? Silly Squika!

Squika's thoughts: One wonders exactly HOW he got into Shellendorf University...

Squigley: Okay, I have my new gear, so let's Turf War!

Squigley takes a single step. Inklein points at Squigley.


Squigley stops walking. He slowly turns to look at Inklein.

Squigley: What are you, Phoenix Wright or something?

Inklein: Aren't you forgetting something?

Squigley thinks for a moment. His eyes widen.

Squigley: I need a weapon!

Inklein: Wait...what? I was gonna say you should get a Shwaffle from The Crust Bucket...

Squika: Inklein is most correct. You will need a suitable weapon to replace your Splattershot.

Squigley: Oh, good point. Okay, to Ammo Knights!

Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein stand inside Ammo Knights. Sheldon rubs his hands together.

Sheldon: A new Splattershot? I have JUST the product to meet your needs, Squigley!

Squigley: Couldn't I just have the same model as my old one?

Sheldon: Nonsense! Wait here a sec...

Sheldon walks up to a shelf and picks up a Splattershot. It looks the same as Squigley's old one, but it is marked with a brand name logo. Sheldon shows it to Squigley.

Sheldon: This Splattershot is manufactured by Tentatek, a company known for creating quality equipment for Turf War-loving Inklings such as yourself.

Inklein: Ooh, shiny...

Sheldon: This particular unit is built with a non-reflective matte finish, and blah blah blah...

Two hours later...

Sheldon: ...blah blah blah a winner is you!

We cut to a view of Squigley, Squika and Inklein. Squigley stares in Sheldon's direction, but his expression is a little blank. Squika lies looking at the ceiling. Inklein is also lying down, though he is asleep, snoring loudly.

Inklein: Zzz...ngyes...zzz...ngyes...zzz-

Inklinda suddenly bursts into Ammo Knights. Inklein leaps into the air, before falling onto his bottom.

Inklein: STAAAAAAAY FRESH! Huh...?

Inklinda: Have any of you seen an Inkling with stupid-looking cyan tentacles, a stupid-looking outfit and a stupid-looking-

A bolt of electricity suddenly emerges from Inklein's pocket, zapping Inklinda.

Sheldon: What...?

The bolt heads straight for Inklein, but somehow arcs around him, zapping Squika. Inklinda and Squika both writhe and squirm.

Squigley: Wh-What's going on?!

Inklein: Yeah! PARTY TIME!

Inklein begins to dance. Suddenly, a large splat of orange ink emerges from Inklinda, while a large splat of purple ink emerges from Squika. The view is splattered by orange and purple ink.

Inklein's voice: Wait...does anyone else see two colours with names that can't be rhymed all over the place?

Inklinda's voice: Ah, THERE'S the genius-level intellect I thought you lacked, my blue-tentacled friend!

Inklein's voice: Oh...thanks, Inklinda!

Squika's voice: For what?

Sheldon's voice: I believe that Inklinda complimented Inklein, Squika.

Inklinda's voice: No she didn't. I did!

Squigley: Wait...something's wrong...

Inklinda's voice: Oh, wish-wash, Squigley! What could possibly be wrong on such a fine day?

Squika's voice: Yeah, like, freshen out or whatever, Squiggles.

Squigley's voice: Okay, now I'm REALLY confused...

Inklein's voice: Oh, the camera lens has ink all over it. Lemme just clean it up...

We see a view of a cloth wiping away the ink. Squigley, Inklein and Sheldon stand near what looks to be two unfamiliar Inklings: an orange Inkling in squid form, and a male Inkling with brown skin, purple spiky tentacles, a leather jacket, tinted sunglasses and black and white sneakers.

Inklein: There we go...and-

Inklein looks at the orange Inkling.

Inklein: Lindie? that you...?

The orange squid form Inkling shakes its head...body...thing. It speaks with Inklinda's voice.

Squid: Of course not, silly billy!

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: My name's not "Silly Billy". It's "Inklein Schminklein"...

The male kid form Inkling raises his hand. He speaks with Squika's voice.

Kid: I'm, like, Inklinda or whatever.

The orange Inkling looks at the male one.

Squid: Wait...why am I standing over there...?

The male Inkling looks at the orange one.

Kid: And why am I, like, over there and junk...?

Both Inklings' eyes widen.


To be Continued...

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Oh my, Inklein got a scholariship? What is this world coming to? xD hahaha and Im glad Squam got his full payment for eating that bug, or whatever :p
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