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Gen I Pokémon Parties

on September 30th 2017, 1:01 am
I thought I'd start a thread for posting Pokémon parties in Red, Green Blue and Yellow. Which ones do you have in your party? Be sure to share them right here!

Charmander Pokémon Red (JACK)

ZARD (Charizard), NIDO-KUN (Nidoking), RUFF (Gloom), YADO (Slowpoke), GORI (Machamp), GARU (Kangaskhan) and THUNDAR (Zapdos)

Squirtle Pokémon Blue (JOHN)

ZENI (Blastoise), NIDO-SAN (Nidoqueen), ROKO (Vulpix), NYAR (Meowth), TAMA (Exeggutor), GOSU (Gengar) and FREEZOR (Articuno)

Pikachu Pokémon Yellow (ASH)

PIKA (Pikachu), SAUR (Bulbasaur), POLI (Poliwhirl), SNOR (Snorlax), NESS (Lapras), VENO (Venomoth) and TINI (Dragonair)

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