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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 18th 2017, 1:05 am
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 11:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Morning

The column of light retreats into the ground, revealing Zander and Farshot, who are standing in the middle of a lush, sunlit forest.

Farshot: -Farshot! Huh?

The symbol beneath Zander and Farshot's feet disappears. Zander's eyes and mark stop glowing.

Farshot: By the spires...where did you bring us, Zander...?

Zander: Zander?

Farshot looks up at Zander.

Farshot: Oh! You're okay!

Zander: Yeah, I think so...

Zander stumbles a little, but easily regains his composure.

Zander: I do have one question, though: who is Zander?

Farshot's eyes widen.

Farshot's thoughts: Oh, crumbs!

Zander and Farshot wander through the woodland.

Farshot: I do NOT believe this! He told me to make sure you DON'T have another false awakening!

Zander: I-

Farshot: I mean, what am I supposed to tell him?! "Look, dude, I KNOW you told me to stop him from having another false awakening, but there was nothing I could do, alright? STOP PICKING ON ME!"

Zander: Uh-

Farshot: And now your memories have been erased for the THIRD TIME IN A MONTH! I mean, technically it's been 32 days, but that's not the point!

Zander: Look, Farshot-

Farshot: You probably don't even remember my-

Farshot pauses.

Farshot: Hold remember my name...?

Zander: Not just your name. I remember YOU.

Farshot's eyes widen.


Zander: Beats me. I only remember the first initial of mine: "Zed".

Farshot: Interesting...well, I have no idea where we are, so let's look for the nearest city and/or township.

Zander: You really think there are people in this forest?

Voice: Halt, trespassers!

Farshot's mouth shrinks.

Farshot: Yes, Zed. I do think that, Zed.

Scene 2: Luminelv Citadel: Morning

Zander and Farshot are escorted by a group of luminelv, people with pointed ears, fair hair and skin and brightly-coloured irises that lack pupils. The lead one, a young woman, speaks.

Luminelv: I apologise for our ambush, travellers.

Farshot: It's quite alright, ma'am.

Luminelv: It is rare for non-luminelv to be able to enter our citadel. This means that you must possess certain traits. Are you Immortals?

Farshot: No.

Luminelv: Then you are both puer de Chromaicora?

Farshot: Nope.

Luminelv: Oh. Then perchance, are you in possession of Silverian Crystals?

Farshot: Silverian what-whats?

Luminelv: But those are the only possible ways for the two of you to-

Farshot: Wait...what was the second one?

Luminelv: That you are both puer de Chromaicora.

Farshot: Which means what, exactly?

Voice: The puer de Chromaicora are rare individuals, and take myriad possible forms.

A luminelv with bright green eyes approaches the group. Though she looks young, she seems to have an aura of age and wisdom. Her attire of white and gold seems to suggest that she is the ruler of this citadel.

Ruler: Welcome, travellers. I am known as Emerald Lunerosée, and I govern these lands.

Farshot: Nice to meet you. I'm...Farshot.

Emerald smiles.

Emerald: Well met, Farshot.

Emerald looks at Zander.

Emerald: I have expected your arrival for some time.

Zander appears surprised.

Zander: Y-You have...?

Emerald: Indeed. Now come. The two of you are our honoured guests. Lapis!

Emerald looks at the luminelv leading the group.

Emerald: See to it that these two are treated with the utmost care.

Lapis: Oui, cher Grandmother.

Emerald's thoughts: It is as the Hippocamp said...the Star Mute One has arrived in Vitra...

Scene 3: Dining Hall: Vitra Citadel: Afternoon

Emerald sits at the far end of a long dining table. Zander and Farshot are seated to her right, while Lapis is seated to her left.

Emerald: Now, you may be wondering why I have summoned you here.

Lapis: Is it regarding Amethyst?

Emerald: Sadly not, mon cher. I have received little communiqué from your sister in some time. A contact of mine assures me that her journey is progressing well, however. The Ceruleanbound has joined her party of travellers. I believe her name is...Bryn?

Farshot: Bryn, huh? She sounds like a very nice person. I sure wish I could meet her!

Emerald: You may yet get your wish, Farshot. My contact informs me that you are to become the Greenbound.

Farshot: What's that? Is it important? Do I get to eat a lot of ramen?!

Emerald: Patience, Farshot. You will find out in due time.

Farshot: I hope the ramen in this place has correctly-coloured naruto in it. That orange and yellow stuff last week was a joke! And it tasted like yakitori!

Emerald: any case, you both must venture to a town called Silvertooth.

Farshot: Is it far?

Emerald: Quite. You will need to venture there by airship.

Farshot: So this place has airships?

Lapis: Of course! It is my favourite means of transportation.

Emerald: You will leave for Silvertooth two days from now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your stay within Vitra.

Zander: We will. Thank you very much!

Emerald smiles.

Emerald: You are most welcome.

Emerald's thoughts: His seems to be fluid...could he be...?

Zed and pals are getting a new home. More deets soon!

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Re: Origin of Zed: The Silver Dragon Blade - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 20th 2017, 6:16 pm
The Silver Dragon Blade - Webisode 12:
Scene 1: Vitra Citadel: Morning

Zander awakens in a large bedroom of white and gold with cyan trim.

Zander's thoughts: Whoa, what a weird dream...a huge seahorse was leading me to-

Farshot's voice: Mornin', Zed!

Farshot is suddenly standing next to Zander's bed.

Zander: WAAAH! Dang it, Farshot! Why do you keep doing that?!

Farshot: Because it's what forest gnomes do!

Farshot's eyes widen.

Farshot: remember me doing that?

Zander: Of course.

Farshot mutters under his breath.

Farshot: Then there may be hope yet...

Zander: Sorry?

Farshot: It's alright, Zed. You don't need to apologise!

Zander: I-

Farshot: Now let's make our way to the dining hall! I hear Luminelven cuisine is superb.

Zander: But we had Luminelven food yesterday, Farshot.

Farshot: Actually, that was Ryokorese food. I really enjoyed that "Ninoichish curry". So scrumptious!

Zander: Wait...why did they serve Ryokorese food instead of Luminelven?

Farshot: Beats me. I think one of them mentioned something about it being very similar to YOUR favourite cuisine, Zed.

Zander: But how would they know what food I like? Furthermore, why do I deserve such special treatment?

Farshot: Honestly, I can't say.

Zander: I thought as much...

Farshot: But it happens to be similar to MY favourite cuisine as well!

Zander: Seriously?

Farshot: Yeah! We're like two peas in a pod, you and I.

Zander: Well I think you're more like broccoli, personally.

A bead of sweat appears on Farshot's brow.

Farshot: H-How so, Zander...?

Zander: Well, your hair's green, just look like you could be broccoli.

Zander's eyes widen.

Zander: Th-That's not offensive to chromanoms, is it? I'm sorry, Farshot!

Farshot: No, no. I actually think very highly of you giving me that description.

Zander: Awesome. Now let's get some breakfast!

Farshot: Zed, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship...

Scene 2: Vitra Skyport: Morning

Zander and Farshot wander through a skyport. Zander marvels at his surroundings. A male human with slightly-pointed ears tips his hat off to Zander.

Man: Bonjour! (Hello!)

Zander: Oui, Monsieur! Bonjour! (Yes, sir! Hello!)

Farshot: Wow, you learned that language quickly, Zed!

Zander looks at Farshot.

Zander: What, Luminelv? Maybe a little...

Farshot: Are you kidding?! You mastered the basics in a day!

Zander: Well, I guess so...

Farshot's thoughts: Could Zander's special ability be...?

Zander: That breakfast was delicious, though.

Farshot: I'll say. It was nice of the head chef to use some of the leftover curry as my crépe filling! Yum!

Zander: And I had strawberries with whipped cream and honey...mmm...

Zander becomes puzzled.

Zander: I still don't get how honey exists in this place if there are no insects.

Farshot: Honey is made by insects?

Zander: Yes, bees!

Farshot: Really?

Zander: Yeah!

Farshot: So you remember insects,

Zander: Well, maybe this part of the world just doesn't have many bugs.

Farshot: Or MAYBE...we're in a different world in a different universe!

Zander: Could be.

Farshot's eyes widen.

Farshot: Okay, just how much do you remember of the past month?

Zander: Well, arriving in Vitra, for one.

Farshot: And...?

Zander: Not much else.

Farshot: Well, you DO remember your sword, right?

Zander: Yeah, I-

Zander's eyes widen.

Zander: Oh no!

Farshot: What?

Zander: I left my sword back in Vitra Citadel!

Farshot: Is that all? We can get it sent to Silvertooth!

Zander: We can?

Farshot: Sure! I'll just-

Farshot's eyes widen.

Farshot's thoughts: Oh no...

The mark begins to glow on the back of Zander's right hand with cyan light.

Zander: I...I feel...

Farshot: Zander, no! We have to go to Silvertooth, remember?

Zander: Silvertooth...yeah...

The mark stops glowing.

Farshot: Phew. For a moment there I thought you were gonna have another false a-

The mark, as well as Zander's eyes, glow incredibly brightly with cyan light. Strangely, no-one except Farshot takes notice.

Farshot: Oh dear...I guess I have to follow hi-

Suddenly, the three orbs appear in front of Zander. A white orb of light emerges from the cyan orb in the centre and moves into the azure orb, causing the cyan one to shrink and the azure one to grow.

Farshot: Oh, this can't be good...

A cage of ice suddenly emerges around Farshot.

Farshot: Wait a minute! Zander!

The mark appears beneath Zander's feet with cyan light.

Farshot: No!

Farshot wrestles with the cage, trying to break free.


A column of cyan-tinged light erupts from the ground around Zander.

Farshot: -hind. Great...just great...

The column retreats into the ground, and the mark disappears. Zander is nowhere to be seen.

Farshot: Okay, let's think of the positives. That transport column was the same colour as the one we used to get here. That means he's still within this universe. Therefore, it's a simple matter of tracking down his whereabouts. So as soon as I get out of this cage, I can find him.

Farshot's thoughts: But where should I start looking...? Oh...! I know just the place to go!

Scene 3: Township: Late Night

Zander wanders into the outskirts of a township.

Zander's thoughts: It's nighttime...but was it just morning a moment ago...?

Zander walks past a house with a wooden sign in front of it that reads "FOR SALE".

Zander's thoughts: And as for my memories...why don't I remember them...?

Zander wanders through the market square. He sees a building called The Naked Drake, and approaches it. Music and laughter can be heard as he approaches.

Zander's thoughts: A tavern...? I don't think that's the place for me...

Zander sees someone standing nearby.

Zander's thoughts: He seems...familiar...

Zander approaches the individual, but he turns around and walks down a street. A friendly voice echoes in Zander's mind.

Voice: Follow...

Zander's thoughts: That voice...I know seems familiar...

Zander walks towards the street.

Zander approaches a little shop called Taylor's Treasures.

Zander's thoughts: This shop looks open...but at this time of night...?

Zander walks up to the door. After a moment of hesitation, he knocks.

Zander's thoughts:'s probably closed. I guess I'll go back to that tavern and-

The door opens. A plump, middle-aged woman with greying curly hair, glasses and a bonnet opens the door.

Woman: Yes? May I help you, young man?

Zander: I certainly hope so.

Woman: Oh, you poor dear! You're shaking ever so much! Of course I'll help you! What's your name, lad?

Zander: I...I don't know, but...

Woman: Take your time, lad.

Zander: I...think it starts with a "Zed"...

To be Continued in The Star Mute One...

Zed and pals are getting a new home. More deets soon!

Anyone remember Power Rangers Mushroom Force? I'm starting the reboot very soon, so anyone who wishes to reprise their roles should let me know as a response to any post I make. Anyone who wants an unclaimed role should do the same. "Mushroom Force, Let's-a GO!" victory

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