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CASTING CALL: Power Rangers Mushroom Force [Re:Shoomba] - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty CASTING CALL: Power Rangers Mushroom Force [Re:Shoomba] - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

on June 23rd 2017, 6:54 am
Hi all, and welcome to the casting call for a reboot of Power Rangers Mushroom Force! This series is written by me in the style of the popular Chromaicora Adventures, which are also on this site.

The premise is simple: Mario has disappeared, and Luigi has gone to look for him, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom without its protectors. Seizing his chance, Bowser attempts to steal the top-secret Gadd Force technology, but in doing so he manages to activate it, causing members of WiiWareWave to be pulled into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they become something similar to Power Rangers.

Here's the best part: each of the Rangers is credited as being a member of WiiWareWave. That's right, there could be a Ranger role with your name on it! Actually, that statement is both literal and figurative, as the original cast members get first dibs on their parts. After a while, if some parts are unclaimed by their original members, or said members decline the offer, then they will be open for recasting.

In addition to the main twelve Rangers, there are eight additional Ranger roles in the pipeline, which are to be introduced later. Some parts require a hero or heroine of a particular gender, while others are open to either guys or girls; these roles will be marked as such, along with the powers and Mecha of the characters.

Here are the parts which are currently locked to first dibs:

Green Ranger: @BurstDashV8 (CONFIRMED)
Pink Ranger: @"Kushina"
*Aqua Ranger: @Aqua Cherry Blossom
Yellow Ranger: @Reanfan (CONFIRMED)
Purple Ranger: @Ragnarok
Orange Ranger: @"ReverseInverse"
Red Ranger: @"Marioman18"
Blue Ranger #2: KingreX32
**Black Ranger: @Minato
***White Ranger: @"Clannad"
Magenta Ranger: @bro2dragons
Blue Ranger #1/Azure Ranger: @GeekyGamerZack (CONFIRMED)

*The Aqua Ranger now has Mini Mushroom power, and can shrink at will, allowing for access to small spaces and running across water briefly

**The Black Ranger now has Metal Block power, and can turn into metal, allowing for walking underwater and extra resilience

***The White Ranger now has a Poochy Mecha

And these are the parts that are currently available:

Brown Bowser Ranger/Bronze Ranger (written as male)
Grey Bowser Ranger/Silver Ranger (written as female)
Amber Bowser Ranger/Gold Ranger

Stay tuned for more info! CASTING CALL: Power Rangers Mushroom Force [Re:Shoomba] - A Series by GeekyGamerZack 631737971

Chromaicora - The new home of Zed and pals!

The pilot of Power Rangers Mushroom Force is currently being "filmed" on location in One-One Plains, but there's still time to claim - or reclaim - a spot in the series.

Anyone who wishes to reprise their roles should let me know as a response to any post I make. Anyone who wants an unclaimed role should do the same. And remember, the more you chat about the show, the more motivated I am to pump out new stories every week!  Wink

CLICK HERE to sign up for a role, chat about your favourite episodes and characters, or simply find out more about the series.

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