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ok time to review another game and this time its none other than mario party 8. now i just wanna warn you that this is just what i think of the game so dont get mad or anything. to begin with i expected mario party 8 to be awesome and amazing before it came out. once it got out it was a big disappointment and here is the reason why. enjoy

1. start up
well the start up is ok. its not that big diffrence from the other mario party other than you can hear each characters voice if you click on it.

2. gameplay
here is where the disappointment begins. first there are only 6 stages. second the items are a joke. it does not help you alot unlike the other mp games and 3rd the mini games are not that funny. why is there only 6 levels? mp 7 did that stupidity too but mp7 added something that cover it all. like i said the items are a joke. they dont help you enough and why does it look like candy? its ridiculous. the reason why they dont help is because some items you have to do a certain thing. its common that you have to hit a dice to see what you get but in this game you have to throw a dart and it result that you wont get anything. as for the mini games they are not many and most of them are ridiculous. there is one mini game where you have to move your remote up and down. it looks like you are w..king god dammit. but damn i havent even start talking about the game mode. in the game we all know that random things happens but in this its too random. most of the times nothing happens. omg why did they do that. mp8 is a mess. if it wasent for their eagerness of trying out the remote movement then it would be ok. in this game all you do is using the remote and it i cant stop it from saying but IT REALLY SUCKS

3. music
well the music is ok but i still prefare the other mp games music. this game does not have any unique music. not really

4. graphic
thats everything they been doing on the game. its like they spent so much time on graphic and wii remote that they forgot about the actual gameplay

5. fun factor
its not that funny. i had more fun playing the other mp games. and i know i mentioned it alot in this review but you wont notice it if you havent played the other mp games and try this. its a huge disappointment

final score: i give this game a 3/10 its not worth it. if you collect the mario party games then get it and leave it in your room. dont touch it. otherwise dont bother getting it. now this is just a rumor i heard so far but it was alot of talk that mp8 was such a huge floop that they might decide to stop making more mp games ever. so far it just a rumor and i dont know if it was true or not. i mean they did have to do it so badly. take a look on mario party ds. it uses stylus alot but even they manage it to make it good. so why couldnt mp 8 do the same. why did they make it look like you are masturbating at some mini game and losing interest. i cant take it anymore. this game offically sucks. avoid it

3- Bad This game is either a broken mess or has factors that ruin the gameplay to the point that it's almost Un-playable.

here is some screenshots

this is a silks of sweden review i hope you like it and like i said dont get angry or so. this is just my opinion. stay tuned for more  Mad


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Not worth a single penny.......................
i wouldnt even touch it
Worst game in the serie
totally bro totally
I buried mine in my yard alongside my dogs crap lol.
thats good and make sure it stays there
I threw mine into my trash compacter Laughing
on October 13th 2011, 2:58 pmAndy
^ XD
all of you makes me proud
on October 14th 2011, 7:14 pmSKTTR
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What's so bad about Mario Party 8?

I mean, it has the best boards ever, by far. The first board is the usual MP-board: MP1-7 are full of them and it turned boring, but there you have it, fans of the older Mario parties. Then you get the straight line board (beach) which just fun and easy to play and is for everyone grandma and your little 5 year old.
The other favourites are the funny train that always changes, and of course the awesome Monopoly-like hotel board.

But I don't like Mario Party 8 the most only because of the fact that it has the best boards.

For me it has the best balance of minigames too: Half of them with classic controls, the other half with motion controls or pointer controls. It's showcasing the Wii's motion-based party factor without sacrificing classic controls completely (like most Wii games do), and that's a big plus in my book! It's got something from everything for everyone.

So 8 is the best Mario Party not only in board design but also in minigame design. Not to mention the graphics are the best of all Mario Party games as well.

Play this with the right spirit - with four fun people.

On a side note, I believe the game was released at the wrong time: When it came out in early 2007 everyone had just one or two Wiimotes at most! But this game is meant to be played with four people, no less. So rate it accordingly please.

I give this game a well-deserved 8/10.

7/10 for 3 players.
6/10 for 2 players.
5/10 for 1 player.
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