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Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on January 21st 2017, 6:06 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 09:
Scene: Platinia City: Evening

Amethyst and Alek sit at a table outside a café.

Amethyst's thoughts: It is time to see if my hypothesis is correct...

Alek: I must admit, the hot chocolate at this café is most superb.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Alek: Well, this must be quite important.

Amethyst: Oh?

Alek: You only say "um" whenever you have a very important question to ask.

Amethyst's thoughts: Okay, Amethyst, just hand the Cerulean Crystal to Alekzander as discretely as not let anyone else see it...

Amethyst looks around.

Amethyst: Um...I am going to hand you a treasured object. Please keep it a secret from all.

Alek: Very well.

Amethyst: Hold out your hand under the table, sil vous plait.

We cut to a view under the table. Alek moves his fist under the table, his gauntlet making a soft sound of crunching leather as he unclenches his fist. We cut back to Amethyst and Alek. Amethyst moves her fist under the table, then pulls out her now open hand.

Amethyst: Now, we must examine the object and see if it glows.

Alek: Object?

Amethyst: The object I gave you.

Alek pulls his hand from under the table.

Alek: Apologies, my friend, but...I received no such item.

Amethyst: Pardon...?

Amethyst and Alek look under the table. A male halfling with auburn hair examines the Cerulean Crystal, a soft glow of blue light in its centre.

Amethyst: Remarkable...

The halfling speaks with a slightly-Cockney English accent.

Halfling: Isn't it? I'm sure we can fetch a reasonable profit for it!

Alek: Profit?! Why, you...!

The halfling looks at Amethyst and Alek.

Halfling: Wait...Bryn? Gazzo? You've changed an awful lo-

The halfling's eyes widen.


Alek: Give that back!

Halfling: Never!

The halfling runs from under the table and tears off down a street.

Alek: Help! Thief! Somebody stop that Greatkin!

Amethyst: Alekzander, I-

Alek: Never fear, Amethyst! I will summon my familiar to chase after him!

Amethyst: But Alekza-

Alek: Ao! I need you!

Alek's blue nanodragon familiar appears on his right shoulder.

Ao: How may I assist?

Alek: Look for a male Greatkin carrying a blue, cube-shaped crystal.

Ao: At once, Alekzander.

Ao takes off on his leathery, bat-like wings.

Alek: I certainly hope he finds that thief...

Amethyst's thoughts: Could that Greatkin really be the Ceruleanbound...?

The halfling runs through a narrow alleyway. He turns left into a small building. A female halfling with dark shoulder-length hair walks up to him.

Male Halfling: Bryn, I need you to hide this!

Female Halfling: What?!

Male Halfling: There's a dragon after me! You need to hide this RIGHT NOW!

Bryn takes the crystal by its string and looks at it. A pulse of blue light emerges from its centre.

Bryn: Well...what do you expect me to do with it?!

Halfling: For the third time, HIDE IT!

Bryn: Where?!

Halfling: Anywhere! Hide it on your person for all I care!

Bryn: Rowen, you're making zero sense!

The male halfling begins to panic.

Rowen: This is getting too stressful! I'm so thirsty! I...I gotta drink something!

Rowen grabs a bottle containing a blue-coloured liquid.

Rowen: Bottoms-up!

Bryn: Rowie, no! That's-

Rowen guzzles the potion in three seconds.

Rowen: That's what?

Bryn: That's one of Gazzo's trick potions! Who knows what it'll do to you?!

Rowen: Uh-oh. Well, it can't be as bad as the time he gave me the-

Rowen's speech is suddenly cut off, even as his lips continue to move. His eyes widen, and he begins to panic. Suddenly, he faints.

Bryn: Oh, well THIS is flipping fantastic, isn't it?!

Bryn fluffs a pillow and gently places it under Rowen's head.

Bryn: Sorry, Rowen. I guess I need to get this to the Thieves' Guild, then.

Bryn slips the crystal around her neck and slips it under her armour. The entire room glows with bright blue light for a moment, before it retreats into the crystal.

Bryn: Now, that IS impressive!

Bryn bends down and kisses her brother on the forehead.

Bryn: I'll keep in touch.

Bryn pulls her hood over her head and races out of the building.

Bryn runs through the city streets.

Bryn: Almost there...almost there...almost-

Bryn pauses.

Bryn: Why are my feet not touching the ground...?

Ao's voice: That would be because you are in the air.

Bryn: Huh?!

Bryn looks up at Ao, who is carrying her by her arms.

Bryn: Oh well, it was only a matter of time before I-

Bryn looks down and begins to panic.

Bryn: Wait a minute! I'm afraid of heights! LET ME DOWN!

Ao: Very well.

Ao lets go of Bryn.


Alek catches Bryn.

Bryn: Oh, my hero!

Alek carefully helps Bryn to the ground.

Alek: Apologies for the rough landing.

Bryn: Oh, it's quite alright.

Alek looks at Ao.

Alek: Ao, I told you to locate a MALE Greatkin, and unless it's possible for a male humanoid to somehow change into a female one...

Ao: I can confirm that this Greatkin possesses the same genetic material as the thief.

Alek: So they are related...?

Ao: Indeed. Most likely siblings. And she currently owns the Cerulean Crystal.

Alek: So SHE'S the true thief!

Ao: Incorrect. She is-

Alek: -coming with me at once to the authorities!

Amethyst: No, Alekzander, do you not see?

Alek: See what?

Amethyst: Ma'am, please reveal the Cerulean Crystal.

Bryn: Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! I'm not gonna take the fall for what Rowie did!

Amethyst: Not to worry. If my hunch is correct, you are not to be imprisoned.

Bryn: Really? You're not pulling my leg?

Amethyst: You have my word.

Bryn: Well...okay then...

Bryn reaches into her armour and pulls out the crystal. A blue light glows in its centre.

Amethyst: As I thought...

Alek: What is it, Amethyst?

Amethyst: This Greatkin has been chosen by the Cerulean Crystal. It glowed when she received it.

Alek: But...she did not receive it from you! It was stolen!

Amethyst: To be fair, it was taken with absolutely no resistance from its distributor.

Alek: If that's true, then...why isn't the male Greatkin the Ceruleanbound?

Amethyst: I know not, Alekzander. Perhaps the familial bond shared between this person and her brother allowed there to be some flexibility with the crystal's choice.

Alek: But for the Cerulean Crystal to be in the clutches of a thief...?

Bryn: Whoa now! Back up! Just...what exactly is going on here?!

Amethyst smiles at Bryn.

Amethyst: What is your name?

Bryn: Uh...Bryn.

Amethyst: Then let me start at the beginning, Bryn...

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on January 26th 2017, 2:26 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 10:
Scene: Silvertooth Town: Early Afternoon

Amethyst and Kendall walk through the town square.

Amethyst: I am pleased to visit your hometown, Kendall.

Kendall: It's wonderful to be able to visit home before I return to Stormshroud Academy with my master!

Amethyst thinks back to her most recent discussion with her mysterious contact.

Amethyst stands within her mindscape.

Contact: So, five crystals have found owners, then?

Amethyst: Indeed, even if the identity of the Ceruleanbound proved to be most unexpected.

Contact: Now, I must tell you a quote from the legend of old:

The sixth, of the most vibrant hue of green,
In touch with nature and connected with the wolf,
And bearing potential unbound by a mere crystal.

Contact: The person who will eventually own this crystal resides in the town of Silvertooth.

Amethyst: That is the hometown of my friend's apprentice, Kendall.

Contact: Indeed, for his family has a long history in that place, going back many generations. Werewolf persecution in what is now Ornoposia was ended there, thanks to the aid of-

The contact suddenly stops talking.

Amethyst: Monsieur? Are you there?

Contact: Perhaps that is a tale for another time.

Amethyst: Then to be the owner of the Green Crystal?

Contact: I cannot say. All I can tell you is that the future Greenbound is indeed within the town of Silvertooth. I am sure you will locate him.

Amethyst: My thanks, monsieur.

Amethyst looks at Kendall.

Amethyst: So you have ancestry in this place?

Kendall: Indeed, all the way back to the legendary werewolf champion, Argentus Silvertooth. He's now a Celestial Being, wouldn't you know?

Amethyst: My word, that IS fascinating!

Amethyst's thoughts: "Potential unbound by a mere crystal"...then Kendall must be the-

Voice: Excuse me! I was wondering if you can help me find someone.

Amethyst and Kendall look down at a male gnome with tall, spiky green hair.

Amethyst: Oh, greetings.

Gnome: Hi! I'm kind of new in town, and...well...I was hoping to find a friend of mine here.

Kendall: What is your friend's name?

Gnome: Not a clue.

Kendall: Then I am afraid I cannot help you locate them.

Gnome: That's fine. Oh, I'm Brocc, by the way.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Brocc. My name is Amethyst, and this is Kendall.

Brocc looks at Kendall.

Brocc: Wow, you remind me of my brother Wolf!

Kendall: You have a brother named Wolf?

Brocc: Yeah! He spends all his time playing Mida...ahaha...uh...never mind...

Kendall: Oooookay then...

Brocc: But he doesn't LOOK like a wolf, whereas you DO look like a wolf.

Kendall: That's because I am part-werewolf.

Brocc: No idea.

Kendall: Pardon?

Brocc: I said, "no idea".

Kendall: I don't follow.

Brocc: Well, I don't know where Wolf is.

Kendall: A werewolf is a human who is able to transform into a wolf.

Brocc: What?

Kendall: You wanted to know what a werewolf is, so I explained it to you.

Brocc: No I didn't.

Kendall: I'm sorry?

Brocc: I was telling you I don't know where my brother Wolf is.

Kendall: I'm...confused.

Brocc: Don't worry, Kendall, you're not alone there!

Amethyst: Brocc?

Brocc: Yes, Amethyst?

Amethyst: You said your brother's name is Wolf, correct?

Brocc: Indeed I did, milady!

Amethyst: And you might say you...have a connection with him, yes?

Brocc: You bet I do! I get on well with ALL my brothers! Wolfy...Furry...Norby...well, except Sven. I HATE that guy!

Amethyst: And you are also a forest gnome, implying that you are "in touch" with nature...

Brocc: That's right!

Amethyst looks into her pocket. The Green Crystal sits inside, its light resonating.

Amethyst's thoughts: That's...most peculiar indeed. The other crystals did not resonate when near their owners...? Then who is the true owner, Kendall or Brocc...? I suppose it must be...

Amethyst: Kendall.

Kendall: Yes?

Amethyst: How would you like to go on an adventure?

Kendall: Oh, I am afraid I have too many responsibilities to travel with you at this stage. Between completing my apprenticeship, gaining an introductory rank in the Elemental Guild...

Amethyst: Understood.

Amethyst's thoughts: Then there is only one logical choice for this crystal to make...

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on February 13th 2017, 6:13 am
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 11:
Scene: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst approaches Alek, who stands at the base of the stairs in the main hall.

Alek: Ah, Amethyst. I gather you know what has happened?

Amethyst: Indeed. The former janitor managed to escape his enclosure in the monster vault and wreak havoc on the school.

Alek: That's right. In fact, it was his third rampage through the academy.

Amethyst: Would it not be wise to relocate him?

Alek: Amethyst, this academy is within the heart of Silveria City's Mage's District. If that dragon can escape an enclosure forged from pure adamant, then imagine us attempting to transport him through a bustling metropolis. Many lives could be endangered.

Amethyst: I suppose you are right...still, what about the students at this academy?

Alek: They are better prepared to defend against a dragon. It is much safer to keep him-

Amethyst: I meant during his rampage.

Alek: Oh. Well...

Amethyst: Yes...?

Alek sighs.

Alek: Four students-

Amethyst becomes surprised.

Amethyst: By the stars!

Alek: -were single-handedly saved by one of their peers.

Amethyst: the stars!

Alek: She is a gifted young sorceress from the nearby town of Silvertooth.

Amethyst's thoughts: A sorceress of such selflessness and power...perhaps she is the best choice as the Azurebound...?

Amethyst: I would very much like to meet this sorceress, sil vous plait.

Alek: About that...while she does indeed idolise you, I fear that she would rather not call attention to the fact that she saved her fellow students. I know that you are eager to find each and every Crystalbound, but...

Amethyst's thoughts: Selfless AND humble...I MUST meet her!

Amethyst: Well then, perhaps I could instead meet the students she saved.

Alek: Of course. I shall see to the arrangements personally.

Amethyst: Many thanks, cher Alekzander.

Alek introduces the first student to Amethyst, a young woman with long, jet-black hair and noticeably-purple lipstick.

Alek: Amethyst, this is Tara. Her specialty is bardic magic, turning poetry and song into spellcraft.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Tara. You may call me Amethyst.

Tara: Delighted to meet you, ma'am.

Tara curtsies, her frilly plum-coloured dress rustling at the base as she does so.

Amethyst: I was wondering if you could tell me of the student who saved you.

Tara: Well, I don't know much about Miss Silvertooth, but I admired the way she handled that dragon.

Amethyst: Fascinating. Please, continue your story.

Tara: The dragon - I think he used to be a janitor? - was charging towards me, teeth bared, the smell of phosphorescence in the air, as though electricity was crackling around us...

Alek gestures to two scruffy-looking male students, both with scowls on their faces; the one on the right seems slightly more heavily-built than the other one, who appears wiry and less well-toned.

Alek: This is Nedford and Kelbort, two of my more...unique...students.

Amethyst: Oh. It is a pleasure, Nedford and Kelbort.

The heavy-set one speaks first.

Heavy: Actually, call me "Ned" and him "Kel".

Amethyst: As you wish.

Kel: We get wishes?! Are elves like genies, then?!

Ned: No, you're thinking of giants, Kel. They're all elemennal an' stuff.

Alek facepalms and shakes his head.

Alek: Honestly, I don't even...

Amethyst: Please tell me of your encounter with the dragon.

Ned: Oh, well I wasn't scared one smidgeon-y bit!

Kel: What? You messed your pants, Ned!

Ned (whispering loudly): Yeah, but we can't tell the elf! Dat'd be unpolite!

Kel (yelling slowly): Oh, right, Ned! Yes, the dragon did not make us mess our pants!

Kel winks twice.

Kel (whispering): Did it work, Ned?

Amethyst: And what of the student who saved you?

Ned (whispering): Yep, I think it did.

Alek: Ned? Kel? Please answer Miss Lunerosée's question.

Ned: Oh, you mean the ice girl? She looks like a total dog, if you ask me.

Kel: Yeah! Huge ears, even HUGER nose...basically not the prettiest human in the academy. Woof woof!

Alek: Going a little off-topic, are we not?

Ned: Anyway, we totally had the dragon on the ropes! Didn't need no help at all!

Kel: Yeah! Although the way she froze the dragon's legs so he couldn't move was cool...

Alek gestures to a young woman with long, straight golden-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Alek: And this is Laura Goldenclaugh, one of the most powerful hedge mages in this academy.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Laura.

Laura: I am delighted to meet you as well, Miss Moondew.

Laura bows.

Laura: It truly is an honour.

Amethyst: My thanks. Now, please, tell me of the one who saved you.

Laura: Oh, she is the kindest, humblest, most intelligent person I know. She is always mindful of others, and she couldn't hurt even a cakefly. Even the dragon was merely immobilised, as she did not wish him harm. She seemed sympathetic towards him, in fact.

Amethyst's thoughts: Now I am truly convinced that I must meet this girl!

Amethyst: How well do you know this girl?

Laura: She is my dear sister. Her name is Mara.

Amethyst turns to face Alek.

Amethyst: I would very much like to meet Mara.

Alek: As I said before, Amethyst-

Amethyst: Alekzander, please! This is most important!

Alek: Well, I suppose I will see what I can do...

Amethyst: My thanks to you.

Amethyst smiles sweetly.

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on February 27th 2017, 6:39 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 12:
Scene 1: The Name Pending Tavern: Early Morning

The party, minus Amethyst, is sitting at a table, enjoying a big breakfast.

Emily: This food is most exquisite!

Brocc scoffs food at a surprising speed.

Brocc (mouth full): You said it, Emily!

A male Bryn suddenly yells out.

Bryn: How can you sit there stuffing yourselves?!

Brocc swallows loudly.

Brocc: What do you mean? You love food!

Bryn: Usually, yes, but...

Everyone stares at Bryn.

Bryn: ...have you all forgotten what day it is?

Thobrun: 'Course not, Bryn. It's Aka-day.

Brocc: Yeah! It's the start of a brand-new week, so lighten up!

Mak frumps.

Mak: I hate Aka-days...

Emily: And the Astral Festival was a mere week ago, with the next one not due for another three weeks.

Brocc: So what's so special about today?

Bryn: I can't believe you've all forgotten!

Mak: Forgotten what?

Bryn: Today marks one year since "prissy little Marissa" ditched us, taking the Azure Crystal with her!

Mak: wonder I woke up grumpy this morning.

Brocc: What? You wake up grumpy EVERY morning!

Mak: Oh yeah...heheh!

Bryn: Why are you laughing?! Without the Azure Crystal, we're incomplete!

Brocc: So? I'm sure things will turn around sooner or later, Bryn?

Bryn: So what? You think the solution's just gonna magically appear in our minds from practically nowhere at all?!

Amethyst races from the den upstairs and sits at the table.

Amethyst: I know how we can retrieve the Azure Crystal!

Brocc looks at Bryn, a smug look on his face.

Brocc: Yep!

Scene 2: Silvertooth Woods: Early Afternoon

The party approaches a cave entrance in the middle of a thick forest of tall pine-like trees.

Amethyst: This is the place.

Mak: Are you sure?

Amethyst: My contact has yet to steer me wrong.

Bryn: But you don't even know the guy's name!

Amethyst: Nonetheless, we must venture inside.

Bryn: Fine, but I still don't trust your imaginary friend...

The party finds a small chamber, its walls lined with white rock; on the far wall is a large symbol identical to the mark of the multiverse on Zed's hand in Crystals of Silveria. In the centre of the room is a pedestal of white rock, with the Azure Crystal nestled in an alcove on the pedestal's top.

Emily: The Azure Crystal...?

Amethyst: I was informed by my contact that the Azure Crystal we gave Mara was a duplicate, no doubt switched in order to prevent the Crystalbound from uniting.

Thobrun: But what manner of scum would perform such an atrocious act?!

Amethyst: Alas, I am uncertain. But my contact informs me of a powerful spellcaster in the nearby town of Silvertooth, one of a rare breed who uses magic naturally, and in an unusual manner.

Mak: Sounds like he could be a useful addition to the party.

Amethyst: My contact informs me that he has "fiery-red hair", which matches the description of the Azurebound in the poem.

Brocc's thoughts: "Fiery-red hair" couldn't be...?!

Brocc: Well, let's get to Silvertooth and find this kid!

Emily: Now Brocc, surely a spellcaster of such talent could not be a mere youth.

Brocc: MAN! I meant "man"! Eheheheheh...

Bryn: Oooookay then...

Amethyst: In any case, we must return to The Name Pending for now. Tomorrow, I will journey to Silvertooth alone in order to locate the gentleman.

Brocc: What?! Can't I go with you?!

Mak: No way! You left your cat at The Name Pending, and there's no way WE'RE catsitting for you!

Brocc: I LEFT TABBY BEHIND?! Oh no! How could I forget about her?! I hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence...

Amethyst: Not to worry, I will locate the gentleman and bring him back with me.

Scene 3: The Naked Drake Tavern: Early Afternoon

Amethyst enters The Naked Drake. Warren looks at her and greets her with a smile.

Warren: Welcome to The Naked Drake tavern, soon to be converted into a Bake n' Drake burger, I only just realised the similarity of those any case, is there anything I can get for you, ma'am?

Amethyst: Oh, I would love a Luminelven rosé, if one is available.

Warren: Ah, someone has fine taste, I see...I will fix that up right away!

Amethyst: Many thanks. Oh, and I am expecting company, so do show my guest to my table when he arrives.

Warren: Of course.

Amethyst: Many thanks.

Amethyst smiles sweetly.

Amethyst sits at her table studying her spellbook. She picks up her glass and takes a sip of wine, before gently placing the glass back onto the table. Suddenly, she looks up and sees a surprisingly-tall, red-haired young man in a simple outfit consisting mostly of brown and white.

Amethyst's thoughts: Could he be the spellcaster that my contact mentioned...?

The young man spots Amethyst and approaches her. Amethyst hears her contact's voice in her mind.

Contact: him reach his full potential...

Amethyst takes a deep breath through her nose and exhales through her mouth. As the young man walks up to her, she stands and looks into his eyes, though he seems to have trouble making full eye contact. Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

The adventure continues in Crystals of Silveria Remastered...

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