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Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on August 22nd 2016, 6:55 pm
The First Pendulum - Log 08:
Scene: Surf and Dive Shop: Mundane Realm: Early Afternoon

Belle is driving her car, with Zander to her left in the front passenger seat and Jack in the back seat behind Belle. The car pulls up just outside the surf and dive shop.

Belle: Well, here we are.

Zander: Thanks for the lift.

Belle: Don't mention it. Have fun!

Zander: Will do!


Zander enters the shop and looks around. The walls and displays are lined with surfboards, wetsuits, BCDs and other goods for aquatic activities. Siren sees Zander and walks up to him.

Siren: Can I help you?

Zander looks at Siren.

Zander: Oh, uh...I was just looking around.

Siren: Okay, well, if you need anything-

Zander: Well I- Oh...sorry, I interrupted.

Siren: No, it's fine! Go ahead.

Zander: Well actually, I was recommended to come to this place by...Tad?

Siren: Oh, you're a friend of Tad's?

Zed: Sort of. It's complicated.

Siren nose-laughs.

Siren: Things are often complicated with that guy.

Zander: It seems so. Oh, I'm Zander, by the way.

Siren: Siren. It's a pleasure to meet you. Any friend of Tad's is welcome here.

Zander: Thanks.

Zander looks around.

Zander: Oh, Tad said I'd be interested in diving.

Siren: Oh, you're better to do that in warmer weather.

Zander: Like, summer, you mean?

Siren: Sure, but the water warms up from about mid-October onwards.

Zander: I did not know that.

Siren lets out another nose-laugh.

Siren: So, did you just move here?

Zander: Oh no no no, I'm...travelling.

Siren: Travelling...?

Zander: In a way, yes.

An expression of surprise spreads across Siren's face.

Siren: No way. Y-You're THAT Zander!

Zander: Oh, blast! My cover is blown!

Siren laughs.

Siren: Yeah, Tad said he met you in the fantasy realm.

Tad yells out from the back room.

Tad: Fantastic realm!

Siren: Whatever!

Tad walks into the room.

Tad: Hey, Siren, you wanna check these regs for me? I think a couple are worn out.

Zander notices Tad.

Zander: Tad! What are you doing here?

Tad: I work here...? Didn't I tell you?

Zander: I don't think so, no.

Tad: Ah, my bad.

Tad looks puzzled.

Tad: Zander, what are you doing here?

Zad: You asked me to come, remember?

Tad: Oh, that's right! I forgot about the course!

Siren: What...uh...what course, Tad?

Tad: I sent Zander here to request a scuba course. It's...kind of urgent.

Siren: Why would a scuba course demand such urgency?

Tad: It's a little complicated.

Siren rolls her eyes.

Siren: It always is...okay, Zander, let's get you prepped.

Zander: No problem.

Siren leads Zander into the back room.

Siren's thoughts: Why am I envisioning a pendulum in a frozen sea...?

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Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 7th 2016, 8:59 pm
The First Pendulum - Log 09:
Scene: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

A male human with blue eyes, fair skin, black, slicked-back hair and a bluish-grey robe stands on a silver pedestal in a round room that seems to be comprised of rainbow energy. A female human with tan skin, brown eyes, long, wavy, fiery-orange hair and a reddish-grey robe enters the room and approaches the male human.

Woman: How goes the observation?

Man: I am tracking the water pendulum, but...something is happening.

Woman: Oh?

Man: It seems to be behaving erratically, as though-

Woman: -in synchronisation with the fire pendulum.

Man: How did you guess?

Woman: I have noticed the same observations with the fire pendulum's behaviour.

Man: Is it too soon for the pendulums to activate?

Woman: I know not. But Viridius and Violetta assure me that the earth and air pendulums remain dormant.

Man: I am beginning to wonder if it was a mistake to leave the water pendulum be for so long, Crimsona.

Crimsona: As am I, Ceruleus. But what is there to do?

Ceruleus: Might I suggest relocating the water pendulum?

Crimsona's eyes widen.

Crimsona: But is that wise? Even if we were to send the water pendulum to a safer location, there is no guarantee that both it and the fire pendulum would return to a state of dormancy. In addition, the water pendulum could end up anywhere.

Ceruleus: I am aware of both points, sister, but-

Crimsona: -you believe it to be the best course of action.

Ceruleus: I simply feel that keeping all the pendulums within such close proximity to one another is unwise. It may be better to relocate them to nearby worlds within the outer ring.

Crimsona: You may be right about that, Ceruleus, but until every pendulum activates-

Ceruleus: -they must be left alone.

Ceruleus sighs.

Ceruleus: But let us hope that no other entity locates them before they have a chance to activate...

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on September 8th 2016, 3:16 am
The First Pendulum - Log 10:
Scene: Cove: Mundane Realm: Morning

Zander and Tad sit on the back of a boat in the cove. Zander is wearing a black wetsuit with cyan trim, whereas Tad is wearing his green-trimmed wetsuit from a previous webisode. Zander is also wearing a pair of yellow fins and a pair of blue-trimmed gloves, whereas Tad is putting on a pair of green fins, though he is not wearing gloves. Both Zander and Tad wear BCDs equipped with all the bells and whistles, including a tank of pressurised air. Zander is holding a yellow full-face mask equipped with a communication device, while Tad has a green version of the same mask and device.

Tad: ...and...there! My fins are equipped!

Siren calls out from the front of the boat.

Siren: Equipped? I think you're spending too much time in the fantasy realm, Tad.

Tad: Fantastic realm!

Siren: Whatever! I just wish I was diving today instead of you!

Tad: dive almost every day! And I don't get to as often as you do, Siren!

Siren: Well, whose fault is that, Mr. Surfer Dude?

Tad: Besides, Zander and I are in this together!

Siren: Well, I guess you have a point!

Tad turns to face Zander.

Tad: Okay, Zander, are you ready to do this?

Zander: Absolutely!

Tad: Then let's go!


Zander and Tad submerge into the water. They both have their masks equipped.

Tad: So, any idea where this pendulum could be?

Zander: Not a clue.

Tad: Well, keep a look out for it.

Zander: No problem. Whoa...

Tad: What is it?

Zander: This is weird. It's like I'm floating along!

Tad: Didn't you already do an open water dive, though?

Zander: Well, yes...

Tad: Then you should know what it feels like underwater.

Zander: This is different. It's like...I'm being pulled along by...something.

Tad: Actually, now that you mention it-

Just then, a trio of glowing orbs appears in front of Zander and Tad. The middle one is larger than the others, and cyan in colour; the one on the left is azure, and the one on the right is aqua.

Tad: Whoa...what could THAT be...?

Zander: If I didn't know any better, I'd say that that was the-

An orb of white light emerges from the centre orb and floats to the left one, with the centre orb having shrunk and the left one now bigger than the others.

Zander: What the...?!

The orbs disappear. Almost immediately, the water becomes noticeably cooler.

Tad: Was that the pendulum?!

Zander: It didn't look like one!

A beeping noise appears out of nowhere.

Tad: Whoa! Is that the lights trying to speak with us?!

Zander: No, it's your communicator.

Tad: Huh...? Oh, right.

Tad presses a button on his communication device.

Tad: You've reached Casa de Pizza, the freshest pizzas in town. Pick up or delivery?

Siren: Everything okay down there?

Tad: Uh...sure, why do you ask?

Siren: Because you haven't released the marker yet!

Tad: Oh, nuts! Sorry, Siren, we just got a little distracted by...something.

Siren: Oh, for the love of-

Siren sighs.

Siren: I knew I should have been the one to take Zander for his first full dive...

Tad: No no, it's fine! Look, here comes the marker now!

Tad opens a pouch on his BCD, releasing a blue object that floats to the surface.


We cut to a view of the surface. The object splashes up, and a flag unfurls.

Siren: Okay, I see it.


We cut back to Zander and Tad underwater.

Siren: Just pay more attention next time.

Tad: Will do. Thanks.

Siren: Have fun, Zander!

Zander: Thank you!

Tad: Okay, we need to try and find those lights. Surely they're an indication of the pendulum's location.

Siren: Pendulum? What pendulum?

Tad: Siren?! Wh-Why didn't you turn off communications?!

Siren: Me? You're the one in control of the comms, Tad!

Tad: What are you talking-

Tad closes his eyes.

Tad: Right...I should've realised.

Siren: Honestly, Tad, sometimes I wonder if your I.Q. really is as high as you say it is...

Tad: Hey, there are many ways to measure intelligence, Siren. Some are much more subtle than others.

Siren: Right...which is why you lose every trivia night we attend.

Tad: I told you already, the quizmaster has it in for me! She hates me!

Siren: What?! Belle doesn't hate you!

Tad: Wait...BELLE'S the quizmaster?!

Siren: Obviously!

Tad: But...she doesn't wear makeup!

Siren: Not usually, no, but she does when she isn't at home or studying.

Tad: Huh...I was wondering what she meant when she said, "I'll make the next trivia night easier for you, Tad"...

A slapping sound is heard.

Tad: What was that?!

Siren: Only the sound of my palm making contact with my face.

Tad: Oh, good. I thought something was wrong for a moment.


We cut to a view of the boat.

Siren (softly): Clearly there is if you don't recognise people when they use makeup.

Tad: What?!

Siren: I said, "Clearly there's food such as bread and pies we ought to bake up".

Tad: Good idea, although neither of us knows HOW to bake bread and pies.

Siren: Well, we could take a cooking class at the university.


We cut back to a close-up view of Tad underwater.

Tad: True, true...or we could keep letting Belle and Jack cook for all of us.

Siren: Now THERE'S that I.Q. rating of yours!

Tad: Yeah, 'cause why cook when someone else can do the work for us? Though we DO usually get stuck with the dishes...maybe there's a way out of that as well...

Siren: Okay, okay, think of a plan later, Captain Whiz-Guy. Right now, you and Zander need to find this "pendulum" of yours. Wait...Zander's been awfully quiet...

Tad: Hey, yeah...Zander? Come in! Zander...?

Tad spins around and looks at Zander.

Tad: Oh, Zander! You had me worried, dude!

Zander: Uh...

Tad: What? What is it?

Zander: We...have an eensy problem.

Tad: What do you mean?

Zander: Well...we've sort of ended up who-knows-where.

Tad: What? How can you tell?

Zander: My first clue is the enormous skull below us.

Tad: Enormous...skull?

Tad looks down. An enormous reptilian skull sits on the seafloor.

Tad: WHOA! How did that get there?!

Zander: And that's not the weirdest part.

Tad: Wait...then what-

Zander: Follow me to the surface.

Zander and Tad slowly inflate their BCDs and head for the ocean's surface. After reaching the surface, both divers open the air valves on their masks, allowing them to conserve tank air. Tad's eyes widen as he gazes upon a nearby rocky beach with a panorama of a bright blue mountain range in the distance.

Tad: What the...where are we?!

Zander: I don't know, but something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore...

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on September 11th 2016, 11:31 pm
The First Pendulum - Log 11:
Scene: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zander and Tad explore the mysterious ocean in which they've arrived.

Zander: This is too weird...

Tad: You're telling me!

Zander: I're absolutely certain that we didn't sightshift into the fantastic realm?

Tad: I'm positive. If we did, we'd be in the middle of Umbel Plaza right now, and...well...

Zander: Then there must be another world...

Tad: Whoa, hold up there, Zander! THREE realms?! I'm positive that there are only two!

Zander: Hm...

Tad: What is it?

Zander: Well, you know how I told you that there was a mark on my hand that glowed with a bluish light?

Tad: Yeah?

Zander: Well...that very same mark is glowing again...through my glove!

Tad looks at Zander's hand, and is immediately startled.

Tad: WHOA!

Zander: I know, right?

Tad: I know that mark!

Zander: Wait...what?!

Tad: I glimpsed it in a tome I was studying in the fantastic realm. Apparently it's some kind of map.

Zander: So I have a map on my hand?

Tad: Maybe...still, it's worth investigating.

Zander: I guess so...

Zander and Tad pause.

Zander: Do you hear that?

Tad: Yeah...sounds like...singing?

Zander sees a large, shadowy shape moving towards them.

Zander: Could it be a whale?

Tad: I don't know, maybe?

As the creature approaches, Zander and Tad's eyes widen: it appears to resemble a large seahorse, with cyan scales covered in azure and aqua splotches; the most unusual feature is a mane of dark cyan kelp along its head and neck.

Zander: Is that a-

Tad: Seahorse? I would say so.

Zander: But it's the size of an ACTUAL horse!

Tad: It seems friendly.

Zander: I agree.

A calm, masculine voice echoes in Zander and Tad's minds.

Creature: Follow...

The creature begins to swim away. Zander and Tad begin to follow it. They look at each other.

Tad: This is amazing! An unidentified animal!

Zander: It's amazing! It's-

Zander looks ahead.

Zander: -gone.

Tad: Gone? How could it be-

Tad looks ahead. The creature has disappeared.

Tad: Oh.

Zander: Was it real, or just an illusion?

Tad: Not sure. It seemed real, though.

A beeping sound is heard.

Tad: It came back!

Zander: I...think that was your communicator again.

Tad: Oh bad.

Tad presses a button on his communicator.

Tad: Welcome to Casa de-

Siren: Tad! Oh, thank goodness! I was worried sick!

Tad: You were?

Siren: You suddenly stopped talking, and...well...

Tad: Yeah...

Siren: First Zander, then you...oh! Did you find Zander?

Zander: Yellow.

Siren: Oh, what a relief! Are you okay?!

Zander: Fine. We-

Siren: Wait! Don't tell me! Let's

Tad: Here we go again...

Siren: You were on a dragon made of metal, and then you found a seahorse covered in kelp.

Tad:'re half-right.

Erik's voice appears over the network.

Erik: I assure you that, in a sense, Siren is completely correct.

Tad: What the...Erik? How are you communicating with us?! Is he in the boat with you, Siren?!

Siren: Uh...

We cut to a view of Siren in the boat.

Siren: That's a negative, I'm afraid.

We cut back to a close-up of Zander and Tad.

Tad: Then-

Erik: Turn around, Tadpole.

Zander and Tad spin around and see Erik in mostly-cyan dive gear similar to their own.

Tad: You were here this whole time?!

Erik: Not exactly.

Zander hears Erik's voice in his mind.

Erik's voice: You suffer from seasickness?

Zander: Well, no.

Erik: I'm sorry?

Zander: If I got seasick, I probably wouldn't be able to dive, right?

Erik's thoughts: How can he have memories of events he has yet to places he has yet to visit?

Erik: Hm...possibly. In any case, it is my duty to inform you both that-

Tad: Wait! Before you say anything, I need to ask you something.

Erik: Of course, Tadpole.

Tad: Okay, have you ever heard of an enormous blue seahorse with seaweed hair?

Erik: Why do you ask?

Tad: Zander and I...well...we both saw one. Just moments ago, in fact.

Erik: sounds like a creature from Greek lore known as the hippocamp.

Zander: I've heard of those. They're a chimera that's part-horse and part-fish.

Erik: I'm impressed. You are quite knowledgeable, Zander.

Zander: Thanks.

Siren: Uh...fellas?

Tad: Yeah?

Siren: Could we have this conversation back on the boat, please?

Tad: What?! But...we haven't finished our dive yet!

We cut back to Siren.

Siren: You've been underwater for an hour-and-a-half!

Tad: We have?!

Siren: Yes, which I think is plenty of time for Zander's first full dive.

We cut back to Zander, Tad and Erik.

Tad: But what about the pendulum?!

Erik: Alas, it has changed position again.

Tad: Oh, great...

Erik: Its new position is ice.

Zander: So we need to explore Antarctica or something, then?

Erik: Do not worry, Zander. When the pendulum is ready to be found, it will find its way.

Zander: Fair enough.

Tad: Well then...I guess we should head back to the boat?

Erik: Agreed.

The trio swims towards the boat.

Tad: So...any particular reason you're diving without a buddy, Erik?

Erik: Ah...

Tad: Not setting a good example for Zander, are you?

The trio - plus Siren - is in the boat.

Zander: Well, that was fun.

Tad: Yeah, but we didn't find the pendulum.

Siren: Oh yeah, you wanted to tell us something, right, Dr. Hollows?

Erik: Ah, yes. Zander, Tad, you both accidentally drifted into another world.

Tad: Then there IS a third dimension...

Erik: Actually, I meant you travelled to a world other than this one, far from both the mundane realm and the fantasy realm.

Siren: Fantastic realm!

Tad: You finally got it right, Siren!

Siren: Hey, yeah! "Fantastic"!

Zander: So which world did we visit?

Erik: It is a land where dragons of gleaming scales take on a humanoid form and coexist in relative peace.

Tad: For real? Whoa...

Siren: I don't could you possibly know all this, Dr. Hollows?

Erik: I am afraid that is all I can tell you for now.

Tad: And there's Erik's signature catchphrase...

Erik: Oh, but do not tell anyone else of your venture. If they were to find out-

Tad: Say no more! Your secret's safe with us.

Erik: Thank you.

Erik's thoughts: I suspect that Zander will soon undergo another false awakening. It is as though he is subconsciously preventing himself from achieving his true potential, but...

Erik looks at Zander.

Erik's thoughts: ...his next false awakening could leave him stranded far from this place. Perhaps it is time for the pendulums to find new homes...otherwise the water pendulum could put Zander in danger from...the Noc-

Tad: Uh, Erik?

Erik: Yes?

Tad: You're spacing out a little.

Erik: My apologies. Now, there is something you must do, Tadpole...

Tad: Sure.

Erik: Take Zander back to Umbel. I suspect the water pendulum will manifest itself again soon, and he will be needed there when it does...

Zed and pals are getting a new home. More deets soon!

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Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 12th 2016, 10:16 pm
The First Pendulum - Log 12:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Erik enters the room of rainbow energy. He approaches the pedestal, where Crimsona and Ceruleus stand with two other individuals: a male syl human with long blonde hair, light brown skin, green eyes and a greyish-lime robe; and a female syl human with short brunette hair, pinkish skin, hazel eyes and a greyish-purple robe. The four robed individuals turn to face Erik.

Male Syl: Ah, Herikios.

Female Syl: You have finally arrived.

Erik: Forgive my tardiness, Viridius and Violetta, but I bring news.

Ceruleus: We have already detected the activation of the water pendulum.

Erik: I witnessed the pendulum's activation myself, and my ally has informed me that the fire pendulum, located in Frontier, has also begun to activate.

Ceruleus: Then we must take action at once. Crimsona?

Crimsona: Indeed, brother. We must begin the procedure of extracting, and then relocating, the pendulums. If we do not-

Violetta: I fear it may be too late, cousin. There are reports of the menace becoming unsettled within their world, and they may soon attempt to target the pendulums.

Viridius: Then we must act now.

Ceruleus: Herikios, make sure that your protégé remains safe until the pendulums have been relocated.

Erik: It would be my honour.

Erik bows, then turns around and leaves the chamber. The four robed individuals face each other.

Ceruleus: Let us hope we are not too late...

Scene 2: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We fade into a view of a mysterious chamber. A number of tubes containing shadowy, masked figures is inside. We pan to a view of one such chamber; we see a close-up of the figure's eyes, which appear to be closed. Almost immediately, both eyes open, the irises glowing with silvery light. The figure speaks with a digitally-distorted voice.

Figure: Wakey-wakey. It's time to continue searching for them.

A pixellated shimmer appears in both irises.

Scene 3: Aquo City: Fantastic Realm: Late Afternoon

Zander and Tad arrive in the city of Aquo, the apparent "source of the water element" in the fantastic realm.

Tad: Well, here we are.

We hear a loud voice in the distance that resembles that of Brocc, Furbendink, Sven and Norbert.

Voice: You call this udon? The tempura is overcooked, the broth tastes like tapwater and I don't think naruto is supposed to be orange and yellow in colour! It's WHITE with a PINK swirl! Honestly...

Tad: Sounds like someone who knows their cuisine.

Zander: Indeed. So how long do we need to stay here?

Tad: Not sure. Erik said that we need to wait for the pendulum to "reach the water position", which could take hours.

Zander: Oh. So...should we head to the tavern? I hear they're having a "stew festival", whatever that is.

Tad: Sure.

Scene 4: Tavern: Aquo City: Fantastic Realm: Late Afternoon

The scene wipes to that of a medieval-inspired tavern. Zander and Tad sit at a table, a big bowl of stew in front of each of them. Zander scoops a chunk of meat from the bowl and eats it. An expression of joy appears on his face.

Zander: This is the best thing I've ever tasted!

Tad: I knew you'd like it, Zander!

Zander: So what is it?

Tad: Drake and seven-vegetable stew. It's the chef's specialty.

Zander: Drake? As in duck?

Tad: Well, actually...

Zander: Oh...OH! You mean-

Tad: Yeah...drake meat comes from reptilian beasts called, well, drakes.

Zander: Huh. Well, I like it anyway.

Tad: I know what you mean. I was also put-off when I first tried it, but-

Tad's eyes widen.

Tad:'re not disgusted by this meal, Zander?!

Zander: No. Why would I be?

Tad: Well, it's lizard meat served with carrots, potatoes, peas-

Zander: They put PEAS in this stuff?! Yeugh!

Tad: Oh boy...

At that moment, Zander suddenly ripples through the barrier.

Tad: What the...? Why did he suddenly sightshift away? The peas aren't THAT terrible!

Tad stands up and ripples through the barrier into his apartment.

Tad: Zander, I-

Tad looks around. Zander is nowhere to be seen.

Tad: Where did he go...?

Scene 5: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zander is standing in a tube of rippling metallic-cyan energy; he is back in his mundane realm outfit. A number of homonid humans dressed in suits surrounds the tube, each of them pointing a device that slightly resembles Alph's spitter from Mask of Akanius at him.

Zander: What the...?!

Man #1: Extraction of sightshifter successful.

Man #2: I can't believe this machine actually worked! So who do we have here?

Woman #1: Uh...noone, sir.

Man #2: Noone?

Woman #1: Apparently.

Woman #2: But we've clearly captured a sightshifter.

Woman #1: Yes, but he's not showing up in any government records. Birth certificate, blood type, reference number...they're all absent, as though-

Man #2: -he's been wiped from this world. But how-

Man #1: Uh...sir? You'd better take a look at this.

The agents look at Zander, whose eyes glow with metallic cyan light.

Woman #1: Is he supposed to be able to do that...?

Man #2: Negative. That is NOT an attempted sightshift!

Woman #1: Then-

A pulse of cyan energy bursts from Zander's body, dispelling the barrier and setting off the sprinkler system.

Man #2: Quick! Use your sleep pistols!

Woman #1: But the gas will have no effect while the sprinklers are going!

Man #2: But he's gonna get away!

The mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Zander's hand with red light. The same mark then appears underneath Zander, also glowing with red light.

Woman #1: Wh-What are you?!

Zander: I...I don't kn-

A column of red light erupts from the ground around Zander. After a brief moment, the column retreats into the ground, and the mark disappears. The agents all appear puzzled.

Man #1: Why are we all here?

Woman #2: Weren't we about to try and extract a sightshifter to study...?

Man #1: Oh why are the sprinklers going?

Woman #1: Oh, great! The sprinklers have ruined the machine! It'll take months to construct a new one!

Man #2: Then get to it, agent!

Woman #1: Yes, sir!

Man #2's thoughts: Every time we try to capture a sightshifter...

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Erik enters the rainbow energy room, where Ceruleus is waiting for him.

Erik: You wished to see me?

Ceruleus: The plan to relocate the pendulums was met with complications.

Erik: Complications?

Ceruleus: It seems that an outside force unknowingly intervened and attempted to capture your protégé. He underwent a false awakening, and...

Erik: And...?

Ceruleus: He was sent to somewhere within Universe 1 of the Outer Ring.

Erik: But that is the location of-

Erik pauses.

Erik: Where is he?

Ceruleus: We are attempting to locate him, but in the meantime-

Erik: -I must be patient.

Scene 7: Mysterious Coastline: Early Afternoon

Zander walks along the coastline he and Tad visited earlier. His hair and clothes are still damp, and he appears confused.

Zander's thoughts: This place seems familiar, but...

Voice: You appear distressed, stranger.

Zander looks ahead at a humanoid dragon with metallic-aqua scales and cyan-coloured leather armour.

Zander: WHOA!

Dragon: I would be happy to assist you, if you like.

Zander: you...

Dragon: Can you tell me your name?

Zander: Uh...I think it starts with a "Zed"...

To be Continued in The Silver Dragon Blade...
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Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 16th 2016, 11:54 am
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Interview Time! What's Zed's favourite beverage? Wink


Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

on September 16th 2016, 2:28 pm
@Ichigofan Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Um...iced tea...without ice...? Yeah, that's right! Wink

Zed and pals are getting a new home. More deets soon!

Anyone remember Power Rangers Mushroom Force? I'm starting the reboot very soon, so anyone who wishes to reprise their roles should let me know as a response to any post I make. Anyone who wants an unclaimed role should do the same. "Mushroom Force, Let's-a GO!" victory

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Re: The First Pendulum (Zed's Origin Story) - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

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