Pokémon Go Makes Sony a No?


Hey there PlayStation gamers, Bre here with another PS update.  This update is a bit different then my usual updates, it deals with not only Sony but Nintendo too. So the news I have for you today is that the new popular application for your phone known as “Pokémon Go” has now helped Nintendo become more valuable than Sony. While this may not come to a shock to most of you, there are still some people that still hold hope that Sony will stay above Nintendo.

The new app for your phone gets you out and moving by having you search for Pokémon all around your town, then trying to catch them, all while leveling up and choosing your gym. I can say I am fond of Pokémon Go myself, but I also am fond of Sony so this puts me a tight squeeze. Though this may be the straw that brings Nintendo back from the Wii U somewhat flop, but at the same time Sony will is right behind fighting for their title with things such as the PS4K coming out soon. Which will be the winner? I guess we’ll wait and see, as for now Nintendo remains the champion.

Source: Pushsquare.


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on July 20th 2016, 10:21 pmTowafan7
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I just hope Nintendo doesn't look at this trend and bow-out of the video game industry...Neutral
Sorry, but this is just dumb. Pokemon Go isn't even that good of an app so why is it being treated like the second coming?
@Ichigofan I have to agree I love playstation and all, but Nintedo has always been a big one for me and the boyfriend.

@GrumbleVolcano I think it could be a great app, but that they released it too soon with too many bugs that still need worked out.
I would probably have downloaded it if the WiiU was selling better, like 25 million or outpacing XBone at least
Pokemon Go should be called Pokemon oh no. Nintendo is going to make a mountain out of a ant hill regarding the sales of their mobile venture.
on July 27th 2016, 8:18 pmunrealgamergirl
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@ToughGamer I like the game, but I feel it still has a lot of bugs that should of been worked out before releasing it.

@GeekyGamerZach thank you ^-^
Nintendo's stocks crashed this week. Sad
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