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Nintendo Direct: 2/26/16 Pokémon Direct Overview!

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Subtle Details Emerge!


Today we learned some new information regarding Pokémon Sun & Moon as well as the Kanto region games that are hitting the 3DS eShop tomorrow! Here's the overview of the direct:

Overview wrote:

Pokémon Sun & Moon:

Pokémon Sun & Moon will be the first official Pokémon game to be released in China, and the Chinese language will be available in the game!

Pokémon Sun & Moon will be compatible with the New 3DS, original 3DS, and 2DS systems!

Upgraded visuals for Pokémon Sun & Moon when using the New 3DS have been rumored due to some of the wording of the European and Japanese versions of today's Pokémon Direct!

Pokémon Sun & Moon will be launching in Holiday 2016 globally!

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow will be compatible with Pokémon Bank!

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow still possess the Missingno glitch!

What do you think of the news? At first glance the Pokémon Direct didn't seem to reveal as much as it actually did, but despite the lack of gameplay footage and screenshots, we found out loads of new Pokémon information! As always be sure to leave us your thoughts in our comment section below!


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on February 28th 2016, 2:46 amGeekyGamerZack
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In the eShop, Pokémon Yellow Version is listed as a Game Boy Color game because, well, it is one. I had such fond memories of playing Yellow, since it was my very first main series game, but I'm not going to buy it until I'm certain I am unable to get the Transparent Yellow 2DS. Pikachu
Pokemon Yellow is a Gameboy Color game dude.
3DS sales should pick up again for the holidays.
@MechaFreiza wrote:Pokemon Yellow is a Gameboy Color game dude.
@MechaFreiza I know. Neutral
@GeekyGamerZack wrote:In the eShop, Pokémon Yellow Version is listed as a Game Boy Color game because, well, it is one.
I was mentioning it to @Ichigofan because...
Ichigofan wrote:I Am Error!
Generation VII here I come!
@GeekyGamerZack I'm sorry, I fixed the error. Embarassed
@Ichigofan No worries, dude. The Japanese version only had colour on Super Game Boy anyway.
@GeekyGamerZack did you notice the new feature on our forum? When you edit a post any quotes of the original message turn into "I Am Error!" lol!
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