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Nintendo System Update wants (WiiU, 3DS, NX)

on January 28th 2016, 7:52 pm
So I was thinking of what each current (and future Nintendo consoles) should have, I'll make some logical and others just what I want.
3DS: ok so I'll start off logically, All 3DS retail Titles on eShop (Tales of Abyss, Tekken 3D, DoaD, ect. Next Miiverse communities for most 3DS titles not supported yet (Sonic Generations, Virtues last reward, SMT series, and the ones mentioned earlier) Next is a bit harder but should be done still, TG16, SNES, GBA, DS, N64 (New 3DS exclusive) and WiiU Crossbuy. Last is a bit out there but Accomplishments that tie with youre Mii Plaza outfits and Speech bubbles, thes could be unlocked through in game accomplishments and carry over to WiiU through NNID.

Next is WiiU Wants: Again I think they should add TG16, GB/C VC and crossbuy, I also think the 3DS Themes and Badge Arcade stuff should carry over to your WiiU menu. The last thing I want is GCN on VC

Now for NX: mainly the big thing that should happen, but since we know little about the system its hard to tell if itll happen or not and that thing is: "future relient games" What I mean by that is games like Nintendo Badge Arcade, Street Pass Plaza, Hyrule Warriors, and even SSB should just get NX related updates instead of new entries, because lets face it, if they make a NEW SSB someones getting cut, but this way no ones cut and the NX version could read your save data of 3DS and WiiU versions and put the 3DS stages, modes, and trophies all in one as well as update with NX exclusive stuff. Same with Hyrule Warriors getting DLC based on the current Zelda

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Re: Nintendo System Update wants (WiiU, 3DS, NX)

on January 28th 2016, 9:32 pm
Wow, you've really been thinking about all of this, haven't you @Minato?! Surprised

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Re: Nintendo System Update wants (WiiU, 3DS, NX)

on January 28th 2016, 10:30 pm
@Zack yeah, especially since their are TONS of Mii Costumes from Nintendo, Capcom, SEGA, NamcoBandai, and Square Enix that I'd love. That and I really dont wanna replay/rebuy an NX Smash so why not give owners of both 3DS/WiiUa free NX copy and transfer the data over? Digital will transfer flawlessly, the physical WiiU will just read the Data stored on the WiiU, and the 3DS physical will work like the system transfer from DSi to 3DS

I feel unaccomplished
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Re: Nintendo System Update wants (WiiU, 3DS, NX)

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