Top Secret Information Regarding FreezeMe Is Revealed!


FreezeMe is an upcoming 3D platformer that will be hitting the Wii U eShop next week so we decided to contact the developer of the game, Rainy Night Creations to find out more about their upcoming title! Here's the interview in its entirety:

Interview wrote:Hello! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions!


Hello WiiWareWave! Thanks for the interview!

What games inspired you to develop FreezeMe?


Mainly Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie.
But there are a lot of my favorite childhood games there, like Zelda OOT, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, etc…

Some people say it looks more to Galaxy than 64, there is certainly a faux gravity mechanic in some places inspired by the aforementioned title, but when you play the game you will see the differences.

How does the freezing mechanic work in FreezeMe?


The main character has a special camera, you can aim at anything that moves within a range and Freeze it for a short period of time.

The way of Freezing the objects depends on the controller you are using you can tap on the Wii U Gamepad, Aim with the Wii Remote or use the right bumper on the Wii U Pro Controller.

The freezing is needed to overcome some obstacles or resolves some puzzles. But you can also use it to make platforming easier if some cases.

How much content in-terms of stages/worlds and collectibles does FreezeMe possess?


There are 4 main worlds + 6 challenge levels + the HUB.

You have to collect 40 Golden Cubes and 80 Green Coins.

There are also 14 Salamanders that are not required to finish the game but will unlock some cool stuff after completion.

How long did it take your team to develop FreezeMe?


I´m a solo developer, this took a bit more than 3 years of my life.

What made you decide to develop a 3D platformer?


There are a many games that left me a mark when I was teenager, but mainly two, Metal Gear Solid 1 PSX and Super Mario 64.

I always wanted to develop something similar to those games, and well this time I went for Mario.

What is your favorite aspect of FreezeMe?


The size of the worlds. That was the thing that impressed me the most when I got to play Mario 64 for the first time, the feeling of roaming around in a big and colorful world.

When can we expect the game to be released in AUS/NZ, EU, and JP?


For AUS/NZ, EU as soon as I get the ratings from PEGI, USK and ACB. That´s beyond me at this stage and I don´t have any specific dates. Hope it happens soon.

For JP is a little bit trickier, we are not allowed to publish for Wii U JP unless you are a established company there, and I am not, so I would have to go through a publisher. Let´s see how it goes.

Thanks for answering our questions! Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to interview you again in the future!


Thank you for making this happen and take care!

Take care!

What did you think of our interview with Rainy Night Creations? Will you be downloading FreezeMe for the Wii U when it hits the eShop next week? Be sure to let us know in our comments section below!


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The price sounds about right for the content. Great interview! Smile
Both of your developer's interviews on the front page are amazing! Megatron would approve! Megatron Happy
Interesting interview, I think that I'll pick up the game next week!
Keep posting articles like these and WiiWareWave is sure to become a splendid Nintendo community!
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