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Which amiibo are on Your Wishlist?

on January 22nd 2016, 7:07 am
Which amiibo are the ones you'd most like to collect? My list is going to take quite some time to check off, which is posted below in sections from highest priority to least priority:

Highest Priority
☆Mr. Game & Watch
☆Rosalina & Luma

Neutral Priority
○Tom Nook
○Timmy and Tommy

Least Priority
□Dr. Mario
□Toon Link
□Meta Knight
□Zero Suit Samus
□Duck Hunt Duo
□Gold/Silver Mario
□Luigi (Super Mario Collection)
□Peach (Super Mario Collection)
□Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
□Hammer Slam Bowser

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Re: Which amiibo are on Your Wishlist?

on January 31st 2016, 4:55 am
The only Amiibo I'm really interested in is Toad because of extra gameplay elements to prolong the Captain Toad game. It's the only one that does that sort of thing. The others are mostly training vessels, or unlockables for extra suits. Which I'm not interested in.

Other then that only Dr. Mario, because I love that game and maybe Little Mac. But if they ever bring out and Goomba amiibo, I will be all over that.
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