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What are Your Holiday Traditions? Empty What are Your Holiday Traditions?

on December 13th 2015, 4:30 pm
So what are your traditions for the holiday season? Do you do anything unique and different, or do you follow a much more traditional approach? Smile


My best pal @BurstDashV8 and I spoil each other every year, and we each follow our own family's traditions when we give gifts. Dash's family asks each person what they'd like for Christmas before buying their gifts, meaning I already know what he's giving me.

Meanwhile, my family's tradition is to get ideas of what the recipient wants, but to keep the gifts themselves a complete surprise, meaning Dash has no idea what I've bought for him. This gives each of us a taste of the other family's way of giving gifts, which I feel strengthens our friendship. Happy

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What are Your Holiday Traditions? Empty Re: What are Your Holiday Traditions?

on December 27th 2015, 5:16 pm
Bit late with Christmas being over, but we don't really have a tradition. It normally was two days of watching Christmas movies, eating a lot, getting presents and playing games with the family. Since my parents divorce, it still is the same but with extra presents. Every year since the divorce, I try to give my little sister an extra present that wasn't on her list. Just an extra surprise.
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