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GeekyGamerZack's Advent List 2015: My Top 125 Favourite Pokémon

on December 1st 2015, 7:14 pm
Welcome to my very first Advent List, a daily countdown of one of my favourite things. Each day, you will be able to open a "window" on this list and find out a little more about my personal interests. Oh, and no peeking at future dates, lest you open yourself to disappointment! (Though truth be told, future windows may offer hints at which Pokémon to expect in them...) Wink

As many of you are no doubt aware, one of my favourite things is Pokémon, to the point where I can't even name the one which I like most of all. So I thought I'd list my top 125 favourite Pokémon instead, which will be done in themed installments. Get ready to read 'em all!

Day 1 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Grass-type Starters

Bulbasaur has always been my go-to Kanto starter (apart from Charmander, though only because Charizard rocks), and I often choose it rather than the others. For that reason, it takes the spot of my favourite Grass-type starter Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Bayleef, Grotle, Sceptile and Chesnaught

Day 2 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Normal-type Pokémon

Slakoth and Slaking both have a huge drawback: they can only act every other turn, the slackers! But Vigoroth has no such drawback. In fact, it cannot be put to sleep at all, meaning no chance of laziness!

My Other Favourites

Snorlax, Porygon2, Exploud and Lillipup

Day 3 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Grass-type Pokémon

Don't ask me why, but I've always had a fondness for Victreebel. Perhaps it's the colour scheme, or perhaps it's because of its status as quite a strong Grass-type Pokémon. Either way, it deserves its spot as my favourite Grass-type Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Vileplume, Jumpluff, Abomasnow and Whimsicott

Day 4 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Bug-type Pokémon

I don't know how they did it, but Game Freak managed to create the perfect Bug Pokémon (for me at least), and its name is Heracross. The perfect fusion of Bug and Fighting is a force to be reckoned with, possessing a devastating Brick Break that will leave opponents bluer than the beetle itself!

My Other Favourites

Beedrill, Scizor, Yanmega and Galvantula

Day 5 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Baby Pokémon

When I first played White 2, I was excited to find that Elekid could be found in the wild, as it is my absolute favourite Baby Pokémon. It is one of the few infants in the games which can hold its own in battle, as it packs quite a punch...or should that be ThunderPunch?

My Other Favourites

Tyrogue, Mime Jr., Munchlax and Riolu

Day 6 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Fire-type Pokémon

When Pyroar was first revealed I was blown away by how magnificent it looked. The male Pyroar is by far the most striking, with its bright red mane imprinted with the kanji for fire, 火 (Hi, pronounced "hee"), which blatantly displays its status as a Fire-type Pokémon, and is my favourite Fire-type by far.

My Other Favourites

Growlithe, Magcargo, Camerupt and Fletchinder

Day 7 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Water-type Pokémon

If anyone ever saw a Poliwhirl in my party, and they asked the question, "How are you going to evolve it?", my answer would most likely be, "With a Water Stone!" Though I don't mind Politoed, when all is said and done, Poliwrath is my preferred amphibious Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Gyarados, Kingdra, Ludicolo and Seismitoad

Day 8 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Ice-type Pokémon

What is there to say about Mamoswine? Apart from being a huge, hairy elephant with a pig nose in place of a trunk, and apart from it being an absolute beast in battles I've played, perhaps the fact that you can actually ride one in XY helps cement this creature as my favourite Ice-type Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Glalie, Walrein, Beartic and Avalugg

Day 9 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Fire-type Starters

It was a close one, but I've decided that I like Tepig just a wee bit more than I do Cyndaquil. Don't get me wrong, I adore Cyndaquil to bits, and if I could have both it and Tepig as equal favourite Fire-types, I would...but then I'd feel Charizard would be left out. All three are my Fire-type homies, but ultimately, Tepig takes the bacon (pardon the pun).

My Other Favourites

Cyndaquil, Combusken, Charizard and Infernape

Day 10 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Electric-type Pokémon

Ever since I first encountered it in Gen IV, I've found the Shinx line to be amongst my favourite Electric-type Pokémon. Luxray in particular is quite striking, with the potential for a devastating Rain Dance-Thunder combo that will leave opponents completely shocked!

My Other Favourites

Ampharos, Manectric, Magnezone and Heliolisk

Day 11 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Psychic-type Pokémon

Prior to XY, my favourite Psychic-type Pokémon was Alakazam. Now, however, my preferences have changed, with Meowstic taking the top spot. My preferred choice is the female variant, with an arsenal of powerful mind-bending moves at its disposal that are sure to bring any Poison or Fighting Pokémon to its knees (if it even HAS knees)!

My Other Favourites

Alakazam, Gardevoir, Grumpig and Swoobat

Day 12 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Ghost-type Pokémon

Ghost-type Pokémon aren't exactly my favourite, as they can be downright creepy. Seriously, read some of their Pokédex entries... (shivers) In any case, I do like a handful of Ghost-types a little more than most, and the one which tops the lot is the original, the fearsome, the potentially-misunderstood... it's Gengar! Just look at that goofy brings back memories of that one animé ep.

My Other Favourites

Misdreavus, Drifloon, Dusknoir and Pumpkaboo

Day 13 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One was my favourite Pokémon movie growing up, so it stands to reason that I kind of like Lugia. Like, a LOT. The moment I learned that two new Pokémon games were coming out, and that Lugia just so happened to be the face of one of them, I knew that Pokémon Silver Version was perfect for me.

My Other Favourites

Raikou, Latios, Cobalion and Thundurus

Day 14 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Poison-type Pokémon

There's no doubting how annoying it can be to explore caves in RGBY and GSC. You take a few steps, and...BOOM! A wild ZUBAT appeared! You flee from the encounter, walk a bit further, and...BOOM! A wild ZUBAT appeared! It only took a battle against Elite Four member Koga for me to see the Zubat line in a new light, as Crobat is without a doubt my favourite Poison-type Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Nidoking, Stunky, Toxicroak and Dragalge

Day 15 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Fighting-type Pokémon

Hitmonchan is such an awesome Pokémon. Not only are his defences good, but he has access to all three elemental punches, allowing for some superb type coverage. Pidgeot staring down the Punching Fiend? No problem! Just send an Ice Punch or Thunder Punch its way. Your opponents won't know what hit them!

My Other Favourites

Primeape, Lucario, Sawk and Pangoro

Day 16 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Rock-type Pokémon

Before I got into Pokémon, I was obsessed with prehistoric creatures, especially dinosaurs. That essentially makes my favourite Rock-type Pokémon a no-brainer, as Tyrantrum resembles Tyrannosaurus rex, the literal "King of the Tyrant Reptiles". Plus, it's part Dragon-type, and as many of you are aware, dragons are without a doubt my favourite mythical creatures.

My Other Favourites

Golem, Sudowoodo, Tyranitar and Shieldon

Day 17 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Water-type Starters

Yes, I like Mudkip. Nuff said.

My Other Favourites

Froakie, Wartortle, Dewott and Feraligatr

Day 18 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Ground-type Pokémon

Two for the price of one! Hippowdon was one of the first Pokémon to be given distinct appearances for both female and male forms, but what makes both it and its prevolution Hippopotas unique is that each gender has a unique colour scheme. In any case, Hippowdon is definitely my favourite Ground-type Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Rhydon, Gligar, Donphan and Flygon

Day 19 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Dark-type Pokémon

It looks a bit like a dinosaur, and it's also part-Dragon-type, which makes Deino the perfect choice for my favourite Dark-type Pokémon. Hydreigon is beastly in both design and strength, but Deino has a certain charm that its final evolutionary stage just can't match. I mean look at that face, with its cartoony smile and mop of's the most adorable badbleep I've ever seen!

My Other Favourites

Murkrow, Sneasel, Scrafty and Zoroark

Day 20 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Steel-type Pokémon

I like Aron, but it's kind of tricky to explain why, partially because I don't really know exactly what I like about it. I guess it's a simple case of "I like it because I like it".

My Other Favourites

Steelix, Skarmory, Metang and Honedge

Day 21 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Mythical Pokémon

The Swords of Justice are one of my favourite Legendary trios, a status shared with the Legendary Beasts of Johto. Therefore, it stands to reason that I should also like Keldeo, the newest member of the "Musketeer Trio", and he is easily my favourite Mythical Pokémon of all.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else think the Swords of Justice would be a perfect Legendary trio for a Kalos-based Pokémon game? They are, after all, based upon the Three Musketeers (and d'Artagnan in the case of Keldeo), the main characters of a story by a French author which is set in France.

My Other Favourites

Mew, Celebi, Darkrai and Volcanion

Day 22 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Fairy-type Pokémon

Whenever I think "Fairy-type", my mind jumps to the original from all the way back in Gen I. Who, you might ask? Why, Clefairy, of course! It can use virtually any move with its once-signature attack, Metronome, which is always chosen at random. You could easily get just the move you need to win the battle, or you may end up unlucky. Or, if Metronome becomes Self-Destruct or Explosion, you could win the battle AND end up unlucky at the same time. Like real-world fairies, Clefairy is full of surprises!

My Other Favourites

Wigglytuff, Granbull, Floette and Swirlix

Day 23 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Dragon-type Pokémon

There's no doubt in my mind that Dragonair is my favourite Dragon-type Pokémon. Besides its amazing ability to control the weather, its elegant design is a joy to behold. Many people in Western cultures wouldn't be able to work out how an eel-like creature could be a dragon, though they have this serpentine form in some Asian folklore, which is a treat for this otaku to be sure.

My Other Favourites

Altaria, Salamence, Fraxure and Goomy

Day 24 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Flying-type Pokémon

It was a close call for my favourite Flying-type Pokémon. The male-exclusive Braviary very nearly made the list, but ever since I caught my Noibat Sonic, this Pokémon has managed to become my preferred choice. The only non-Legendary, non-Mythical Pokémon which is primarily Flying-type (along with its evolution Noivern), Noibat is both adorable and cool at the same time. Simply put, an awesome Pokémon.

My Other Favourites

Pidgeotto, Farfetch'd, Noctowl and Braviary

Day 25 - Ready to Open!:
My Favourite Gift Pokémon

In this joyful time of year, Togetic is the very embodiment of joy. Its cheerful nature resonates with my own, and that's why it is my favourite Pokémon which is earned as a gift in the main series games.

My Other Favourites

Jolteon, Espeon, Glaceon and Pansage

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