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Major Announcement Regarding Three New Seasons of Chromaicora Adventures! Empty Major Announcement Regarding Three New Seasons of Chromaicora Adventures!

on October 16th 2015, 7:17 pm
I'm excited to announce that three seasons of Chromaicora Adventures, Mask of Akanius, Shell of Thal and Flight of Indigo, are to officially launch this summer (winter to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere)! There will be sneak previews of the two-part pilots of Shell of Thal and Flight of Indigo sometime in November, before the seasons fully commence in December 2015. Follow the adventures of three heroes named Alph, Shelley and Sky, as they explore their worlds and attempt to figure out their own respective mysteries.

Mask of Akanius is Alph's story. A young man very much like Zed, the Icon of Junihoshi, Alph is joined by four allies: the mighty red drachomus warrior Ocre, the humble cyan drachomus priest Crynock, the kooky purple-haired gnome sorcerer Furbendink and the obsessive syl human esper Amy Mitchell, as they journey throughout the Drachomus Empires in search of pieces of an ancient artefact known as the Crystal Mask of the Red Dragon. The tone and story are set up in much the same way as Crystals of Silveria, with a lighthearted tone and semi-self-contained stories which stretch plot points across multiple episodes. New episodes will be "broadcast" on Mondays.

Shell of Thal is Shelley's story. Shelley Wiley is the adventurous captain of the sea vessel known as the Hat, a sturdy ship which is constantly pursued by the much larger vessel the Hat Eater, captained by the self-proclaimed "Pirate Queen" Michelle. Shelley is joined by her crew: Matey, the ship's helmsperson who doesn't know his own name; Disswey, the ship's navigator who can't tell her portside from her sternum; Connie, the ship's cook with a heart of gold and absolutely no sense of taste; and Sven, the ship's entertainer with absolutely no imagination of which to speak. The tone and story are much more episodic in nature, with each episode telling its own story whilst leaving a few overarching plot points to carry across to future episodes. New episodes will be "broadcast" on Wednesdays.

Flight of Indigo is Sky's story. Evan Sky is a young man who yearns to reach the skies of his world, and decides to become a pilot. After a series of events, he becomes a member of the Indigo Squad, a team of pilots dedicated to protecting the air-space of Sky's homeland. Sky seems to have some hidden talents, however, as unusual events begin to circulate around him. Is he just a mere mahohito, or is there something much more to this young fledgling? The tone and story are cinematic, with one lengthy story arc occasionally broken up by minor events, while only having a few minor plot points spread across multiple episodes. New episodes will be "broadcast" on Fridays.

I hope you're looking forward to these brand-new seasons! Major Announcement Regarding Three New Seasons of Chromaicora Adventures! 631737971

Chromaicora - The new home of Zed and pals!

The pilot of Power Rangers Mushroom Force is currently being "filmed" on location in One-One Plains, but there's still time to claim - or reclaim - a spot in the series.

Anyone who wishes to reprise their roles should let me know as a response to any post I make. Anyone who wants an unclaimed role should do the same. And remember, the more you chat about the show, the more motivated I am to pump out new stories every week!  Wink

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