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All services will be affected.

Breaking News: Nintendo Network maintenance is happening next Monday. Eshop_10

Nintendo of America's website has confirmed that there will be ongoing maintenance on all of Nintendo's digital shops and Miiverse. Also the online servers of every Wii, Wii U, and 3DS game and app will be offline during the maintenance.

The maintenance will occur during these hours:

– 1 PM PT – 5 PM PT
– 4 PM ET – 8 PM ET
– 9 PM in the UK – 1 AM in the UK (Tuesday)
– 10 PM in Europe – 2 AM in Europe (Tuesday)

We would love to see your thoughts in our comment section below.

Source: Nintendo.

I'm in love with love! ♥️
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Hopefully this means a Direct along with Club Nintendos replacment
All online services will be down during that time?! Surprised
RWBY Yellow = Yang
Aqua Cherry Blossom
If true this could be the beginning of something big lol. Smile
It would make sense, EVERYtime a ajar nintendo game releases they do a big update, besides Splatoon. So doing one before Triforce heroes make sense
My english bad, what ajar mean?
It's time for excited face! Bored/What the...?
... Sorry, let me try that again... Breaking News: Nintendo Network maintenance is happening next Monday. 1625187496
...It's time for excited face! Happy

@Clαππαd wrote:The maintenance will occur during these hours
- 6 AM in Brisbane - 10 AM in Brisbane (Tuesday)
- 4 AM in Perth - 8 AM in Perth (Tuesday)
- 9 AM in Auckland - 1 PM in Auckland (Tuesday)

Just thought I'd add some maintenance times for my corner of the globe. Smile

@ShanaNoShakugan wrote:My english bad, what ajar mean?
@ShanaNoShakugan The word ajar means "a little bit open", as in "the door was ajar". I think @passioNATE intended to write "EVERYtime a major nintendo game releases", but the word major was auto-corrected to "ajar" for some reason. scratch
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