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Themes Making A Splash For U?!

The folks over at NEOGAF have reportedly leakead some info regarding the next Wii U OS update and if the rumor is to be believed it will go live next Monday! The rumored update is said to remove the now discontinued TVii app from the Wii U and add the much anticipated Wii U Theme Shop for custom Wii U menu's!

Update: Sadly our source page has just been deleted over at NEOGAF.

Do you think that this rumor is true? Let us know your thoughts in our comments below!

A Special Thanks Goes to @Otaku for the News Tip!


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Awesome! I hope this rumor is true because Wii U themes would be awesomeness! Very Happy
@Rukiafan thanks for giving me credit for this news story! Very Happy
Too bad the thread was closed like a minute after this article was posted. Surprised
I expected something to happen when TVii disappeared, but didn't know what. This is welcome though I'm hoping for a Wind Waker, Wonderful 101, or Bayonetta 2 theme
I also wonder when we'll get 3DS version 10.0? It's been since Oct. that we got a new numbered update for it, while 8.0 to 9.0 happened with in a couple months
This would be a great update!
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