Failed Kickstarter not stopping its release

FreezeME, a game that looks a bit like Super Mario Galaxy, coming to Wii U Flying

Even after a failed Kickstarter, the game FreezeME is still scheduled to release for the Wii U.

FreezeME is a 3D platformer, with the ability to freeze enemies by snapping a picture with your camera

Nintendo Life has reported how it looks a bit like Super Mario galaxy, including a few elements that are similar. However the levels are not copied at all; they look pretty original.

Despite all of this the developers have said that their inspiration is not from Super Mario Galaxy, but from other games.

Quote from the developer via an interview with Nintendo Nugget

There is a bit all of my childhood in there, mainly Super Mario 64, but there is a bit of Zelda OOT, Spyro, Banjo, Final Fantasy and even Metal Gear.

So it turns out Super Mario Galaxy did not serve inspiration, although you can judge by this trailer for FreezeME

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Thanks for posting this news article @Gamergy. Wink
This game looks like it could be so fun! I love you
Day one download for sure! Very Happy
Wow this looks great!
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