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In celebration of the 2015 Nintendo World Championships WiiWareWave is going to hold its own elimination style tournament using similar rules to the 2015 Nintendo World Championships though Naturally games like Splatoon can't be utilized with groups vying for the championship title due to lack of video and screenshots sharing functions online, but MK8 and Smash can. Along with any other games that have Miiverse screenshot sharing features!

Registration ends on Friday at Midnight PST and that's when Saturday's challenges will be announced. Each day new challenges will be issued to 2-12 players that remain in the tournament and the worst player will be eliminated each round until we are down to two contestants! Then a best of five tournament-style series of challenges will be issued to the two finalists!

The top player will win two free North American retail DS titles! And several others will win a ton of WiiWareWave Coins to spend in our loyalty shop! We look forward to your participation! To enter the tournament let us know in the comments below!

Current Participants:

@GamerZack87 *Game Master/Eliminator*
@Rukiafan *Game Master/Eliminator*

@bro2dragons *Official/Participant*
@Amufungal *Official/Participant*
@KingreX32 *Official/Participant*
@Akatsuki *Official/Participant*

@Digidestined *Participant*
@StarOceanCrazy *Participant*
@Otaku *Participant*
@Pokefreak *Participant*
@Aqua Cherry Blossom *Participant*
@Ragnarok *Participant*
@ToughGamer *Participant*
@FM_Alchemist *Participant*
@Kushina *Participant*
@Epona *Participant*
@Trinity33 *Participant*
@Marioman18 *Participant*
@Aussiegamer *Participant*

Round 1 Match 1 begin's today and is a speed run of World 1-1 in New Super Luigi U! The participants will be:

@Otaku *Winner*

@Amufungal *Advanced*
@StarOceanCrazy *Advanced*

@Digidestined *Underground*

You must start a new file for this run. Take a screenshot via the Wii U browser when you grab the flagpole as proof. The player with the worst time goes to the current round's underground stage. More details will be announced about the underground at a later date!

Round 1 Match 2 will be a MK8 three way online GP match between:


The races will be the entirety of the Animal Crossing Cup and the person with the worst score heads to the underground for the round! I will personally upload the Youtube videos of the matches and post them in this article after the races have ended!

The match begins at 6:00PM PST on Sunday 06/21/2015. Good luck and have fun!

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WiiWareWave Tournament 2015: Preliminaries Registration! - Page 2 Rukiafan7
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GamerZack87 wrote:@Rukiafan I noticed that I'm listed as a "Game Master/Eliminator". What exactly does that entail?
As game master you can come up for some of the ideas about the challenges in the tournament. Also as an Eliminator you are immune to being eliminated from the tournament and are going to compete once in every round as an obstacle for other players to overcome, except during the championship "unless there is only one participant left in the championship round" in which case you'll be their final opponent. Wink
He bowed out for today the match-up is head's up you vs. me. Wink
It's about time I'll open a friends room. Wink
So...what happened to the tournament? Is it still going?
Yes, but we should wait until activity picks back up...Neutral
on June 26th 2015, 7:52 pmGeekyGamerZack
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I have some challenge ideas brewing up inside my imagination factory... WiiWareWave Tournament 2015: Preliminaries Registration! - Page 2 631737971
cant wait to hear about em
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