Mother A New Beginning!

E3: Earthbound Beginnings Is Now Live On The Wii U eShop! 630x17

Nintendo announced Earthbound Beginnings for the Wii U VC service during today's Nintendo World Championships pre-show! The game is an English port of the Japanese Famicom title Mother 1/Earthbound Zero! We'll let you know the pricing after the World Championships end!

Update: The game is now available in North America, but will not release in Europe and Australia until tomorrow morning.

Another Update: The game costs a cool $6.99 on the US eShop!

Are you excited that Earthbound Zero is finally officially releasing outside of Japan? Let us know in our comments below!

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E3: Earthbound Beginnings Is Now Live On The Wii U eShop! Rukiafan7
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on June 14th 2015, 4:36 pmSKTTR
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Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! I went to the eShop to get it, but it's not there!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!
Please no US only thing, pls pls pls!!!!!
@SKTTR I'm updating the article! The game releases tomorrow morning in Europe and Australia. It's already available in NA. Wink
@SKTTR article updated. Wink
This is such wonderful news! I love you
on June 14th 2015, 8:00 pmGeekyGamerZack
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Why is this not called EarthBound Zero? Bored/What the...?
GamerZack87 wrote:Why is this not called EarthBound Zero? Bored/What the...?
I have no clue. scratch
@Rukiafan I thought the name would have been EarthBound Zero in English, and Mother 3 would have been called EarthBound 2: Lost in New Pork. Razz
No 3DS eShop release?
on June 15th 2015, 9:54 ambro2dragons
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And we're already hard at work on a review! Smile

@passioNATE Wii U only at the moment, which is a little surprising, but it's probably too early to rule out a 3DS release.
Awesome! Very Happy
on June 15th 2015, 8:01 pmGekkouga-Senpai
The graphics are kinda dull, but its still fun! Very Happy
I don't know which one to pick first: EarthBound or this.
Earthbound is the better game, but the stories are connected so you might want to get Beginnings first.
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