A look at DLC: Mewtwo (Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS)

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Fan service at its finest

DISCLAIMER: I have not played Melee for a while, nor do I have it at the moment, so I may make mistakes relating Smash Bros. Wii U Mewtwo and Melee Mewtwo. Please Understand.

People who have registered both Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U before the end of March (should) have received their free codes to download Mewtwo by now, but for the ones who are waiting for it to be able to purchase, how does Mewtwo play?

First thing that immediately came to mind after playing as Mewtwo for a few matches was that Mewtwo’s inclusion is clearly fan service for the people who loved him in Melee, because his move set is almost exactly the same as in Melee. The special moves are entirely the same, and every other move is the exact same as well, with the exception of slightly different animations and the fact that teleport has Mewtwo slide a bit after reappearing.

“Ok, but what if I’ve never played Melee?” Well, he’s similar to Lucario but with a few different moves. His down special is not a counter but a disable, which stuns your enemy from close range. The problem I always had with disable was you have to be very close to get it to work, and the enemy has to be facing you. I find disable fairly useless. Mewtwo’s forward special is like disable; it puts an enemy in a spin, giving you a chance to pull off a smash attack. It’s great for combos but unfortunately it’s short-ranged as well, but at least they don’t have to be facing you. The worst part about these two short-ranged moves is if you miss you’re left wide open, so use them carefully.

Mewtwo’s standard special is basically Lucario’s, an orb you can charge and fire at your opponents from a distance. His up special is somewhat like Zelda’s, you warp from one place to another, and you can choose which direction you go with the control stick, but be quick because the move is way quicker than Zelda’s. However you can’t actually damage anyone with Mewtwo’s up special.

What are the differences? I personally feel that Mewtwo is more powerful in Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U than in Melee, but only slightly. Maybe that’s because of the difference in speed and physics, but I still feel he was made slightly stronger.

There’s not too much else to say about Mewtwo, but if you played as him in Melee and liked him, get this DLC the moment you can.

Price: $3.99 for 3DS or Wii U version, $4.99 for both (or free if you registered both versions before April 2015)

Recommended if: You liked Mewtwo in Melee, want a new character to play as, or want to see what the hype is about him

Not recommended if: You don’t care at all for Mewtwo or are tight on eShop funds
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Excellent feature @Gamergy! Thanks! Wink
Mewtwo is a good addition to the game, but I feel that the price is too high for just one character.
Mewtwo is worth every penny!
on April 27th 2015, 8:40 pmKokorOtaku
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I also feel SSB DLC is too high, especially compared to MK8's... At the direct I thought ALL the mii costumes would be .75 (1.15 for both), but instead it cost 9.95(both versions) for all of them...
The Mii costumes are ridiculously priced. This is an example of DLC being used incorrectly. Neutral
I got Mewtwo but I'm not paying ten bucks for a buncha Mii Fighter outfits.
@Gamergy You forgot to mention:

Recommended if: You've been a massive Pokémaniac since the wee days of the franchise

I still remember the days when Mewtwo was the ultimate prize in the game... Rolling Eyes #AhNostalgia
I do not like this trend. Mario Kart 8 did dlc perfectly, but Super Smash Bros. and Xenoblade Chronicles X haven't. Sad
I think the DLC is priced right only according to the effort it takes to make it. With the Mii costumes animations have to be setup which takes up some time.

As for Mewtwo, the same point is made, except Mewtwo would take far longer to make, you have to setup all his moves and balance him among the other characters, and program his AI. The Mii outfits don't have those problems, which is why they should be (and are) cheaper.

While from a consumer standpoint this is badly priced, from a developers perspective they felt they needed that price to make up for the development time. I feel they should've offered ALL of the Mii costumes for a big discount. Maybe $4.99 for all of them, and a little less for Mewtwo (by about $1)

Should Mii costumes and Mewtwo have been cheaper? I think so, but not by much. Mario Kart 8 DLC's biggest effort was in the tracks, the costumes and the karts are, essentially, skins for Mario Kart 8 like the Mii costumes. The tracks must have been a lot more effort. Fighting games, however, require much more work.

The reason you get a ton of characters in Smash Bros for $60 and one character in Smash Bros for $5 is because Mewtwo is completely optional and won't sell as much as the hard copy of Smash Bros. will, leading to a higher price percentage to make up for it.

I'm just trying to say how the development process works, and why the DLC is so expensive. I would love for it to be cheaper too, but it's not, and hopefully I explained why. Smile
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