Level-5 CEO wants to bring Layton 7 to Wii U Empty Level-5 CEO wants to bring Layton 7 to Wii U

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A vampire card game?

Level-5 CEO wants to bring Layton 7 to Wii U Layton-7-2015-04-07

Layton 7 was first shown off in 2013 with little information on it, but just resurfaced as a card game... where you try to find the vampire in a crowd of people.

This certainly sounds bizarre. It was originally announced for iOS, Android, and 3DS; but the 3DS version is suspected of begin canned, as there was no info on the 3DS version in their unveil.

However Level-5's CEO said he would like to bring Layton 7 to Wii U. If this will actually happen is up in the air at this point, so it's a puzzle if we will see the Professor's vampire-finding card game on Nintendo's home console.

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on April 7th 2015, 4:29 pmTowafan7
Where's the image? scratch
on April 7th 2015, 4:32 pmGamergy
Weird, I posted it and it appeared when I was reviewing the article but it's not now
on April 7th 2015, 7:49 pmSplatuna
No, a card game? REALLY? Sigh so much for the great Professor Layton series. Sad
Sushi Maestro
on April 7th 2015, 9:32 pmSushi Maestro
I just want a traditional Professor Layton game is that so much to ask for? Sad
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