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Neowalker - A Magic: The Gathering Adventure

on April 6th 2015, 5:12 am
That was the moment my spark ignited.
The next thing I knew, I was in an unfamiliar place, with no idea how I got there.
After some exploring, I learned the name of where I'd ended up.
I was standing right there, in the one place I least expected to be.
The wandering plane...Shandalar!

Welcome to Neowalker (tentative title), a story based on my favourite card game, Magic: The Gathering. I've often wondered what it'd be like to actually be a planeswalker, a powerful mage with the ability to travel between every plane of existence. This tale is my chance to express that dream. The story starts on the wandering plane of Shandalar (well, Earth, but it only appears briefly in the prologue), but many of the planes and characters in this ongoing tale will be original concepts. And, as a bonus, you will be treated to unique Magic cards made by me, some of which will include custom artwork!

Well, that's all for now, but look out for the prologue very soon!


Behold! The Squidkid Saga (aka my Splatoon series fanfics):
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*Ally-Squinn no Shinwa
*Octanner no Monogatari - NOW LIVE!
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(My deepest apologies to you jk) Razz


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Re: Neowalker - A Magic: The Gathering Adventure

on April 6th 2015, 6:59 am

After a dangerous encounter with some mysterious individuals, my spark ignites, thrusting me through planar boundaries and into the heart of a desert on the plane of Shandalar. Although this place is deserted, I am followed by a mysterious individual who claims he can help me.


Zack, the Ink-Treader – I’m a new planeswalker who has a lot to learn...not just about where I am, but WHO I am. Why “Ink-Treader”, you might ask? Well, that’s explained later on, in the first episode.

Mysterious Stranger – This robed individual claims he can help me, but should I trust him? Or does he genuinely have my best interests at heart?

“ mean Shandalar is real?!”

Scene 1: Convention Hall: Earth: Early Afternoon

Looking back on it now, it’s amazing how mundane my life was. Still, it had its charms, but this is a new beginning for me, a fresh start. Now, I feel like I can do anyth-

Wait, maybe I should back up a little...

It all began here, at a gaming convention in my home city on Earth. Yep, you heard that right, I had to specify the world I was in! Just bear with me though, okay? Anyway...

Me: I tap two Islands and a Plains...summon a Wind Drake.

Oh yeah, this part of the story has a lot of Magic: The Gathering-related jargon, so if you feel intimidated, skip ahead to just before scene two; don’t worry, this is the only part with game-related speak. Of course, if you want to witness a jerk’s downfall, then read on...

Player #1: Oh, come on! Who puts Wind Drake into their Commander deck?

This guy is the aforementioned jerk. He was an A-grade butt the whole time.

Player #1: I mean, seriously, are you a casual player or something?

Me: Well-

Player #2: Come on, Tony, give the kid a break. This is his first time running his own Commander deck, after all.

This player was super-friendly. I wonder if she and “Tony” were a couple...

Tony: But he’s running a horrible deck! All I want to do is crush his stupid Commander.

The Commander he mentioned me using? Dragonlord Ojutai. Still one of my favourite cards to use in any format.

Player #2: Tony...

Tony: Nngh...fine! I’ll let HIM crush the noob instead.

Player #3: I have no desire to “crush” Zack. I want to see how he plays his deck.

He was running a Selesnya deck. I guess it’s a reflection of her personality or something.

Player #3: Besides, he IS still learning the intricacies of Commander.

Tony: Whatever...since when did you go all goody two-shoes, Adam?

Adam: Just because I’m playing Selesnya, you assume that I’m a “goody two-shoes”?

Tony: Well, yeah.

Adam: I’d simply rather not ruin a beginner’s first proper Commander game. We should encourage him.

Player #4: Well spoken.

Now this player seemed very wise, and I realised later that she was. She was running Ojutai as her Commander as well! The one from Fate Reforged, but still...great minds think alike!

Player #4: Now, let us play!


Eventually, it was just myself and Tony left. Wait’ll you see what happens next!

Tony: And I Bolt all your other creatures. Ha! What are you gonna do about THAT, noob?

Me: Ojutai doesn’t die from that Lightning Bolt.

Tony: What do you mean?

Me: Well, he has hexproof as long as he’s untapped, and as you can see...

Tony: Oh crap. Well, I still have a wall of fatties which are about to wipe out your life total, since you only have one measly blocker! What are you gonna do about THAT, huh?

Me: Untap...upkeep...draw a card...tap a Plains and an Island, equipping my Darksteel Plate to Ojutai. Then I tap two Plains, two Islands and an Azorius Guildgate for white...

Tony: Oh, this oughta be good!

Me: End Hostilities, destroying all creatures and all permanents attached to them.

Tony: Ha! You took out your own Commander, and you don’t have enough untapped lands to recast him! Next turn, you’re goin’ DOOOOOOOWN!

Adam: But Ojutai is indestructible due to him wearing the Darksteel Plate.

Player #2: (snickers)

Tony: Keli, did...did you just snicker at me?!

Keli: Maaaaaaaybe.

Tony: OOGH! That is IT! You’re goin’ down, pal!

Me: And because my Arcbound Ravager goes to the graveyard, I can put all seven of its +1/+1 counters onto Ojutai, making him a 12/11 flier.

Tony: Wait...what?

Me: Swing for 12, bringing you down to 7 life.

Tony: That all you got? Fine, my tur-

Me: I’m not done yet. Ojutai lets me check the top three cards of my library, choose one to put in my hand, then put the other two on the bottom. I choose...this one.

Tony: Okay, now then, my tur-

Me: Still not done yet.

Tony: But...but you only have three untapped lands and a single card in your hand! What could you possibly do to stop me overwhelming you with the humongous creatures I’m going to cast soon?!

Me: Tap two Islands and a Plains, cast Savor the Moment, allowing me to take an extra turn, skipping my untap step.

Tony: Oh no...

Me: Now, with Ojutai freshly-untapped, I re-enter combat, swinging with Ojutai and bringing you down!

Tony: I...I a noob.

Adam: Well done, Zack! You did it! You won your very first Commander game!

Tony: Well, that’s the last time I play in a five-person Commander pod at a convention.

He was dumped by Keli soon after.

Me: I...I...

Player #4: Most impressive indeed.

Me: I...?

As you can see, I was gobsmacked.

Scene 2: Outside Convention Hall: Earth: Late Afternoon

Look at my face! I still couldn’t grasp the fact that I won a game!

My thoughts: (What just happened?)

And realisation in 3...2...1...

Me: I won a game of Commander!

There we go!

Zack’s body begins to glow, his hands energised with a mysterious light. He throws his hands in the air and cries out loudly, before vanishing, leaving behind a weird symbol of swirling mist.

Scene 3: Unknown Location: Early Evening

Zack appears in the middle of a vast desert. A tiny tinge of pink hangs on the horizon, indicating it will soon be sunset. He looks around, confused about his current predicament.

Me: What’s going on? Wh-Where am I?!

To be Continued...

Behold! The Squidkid Saga (aka my Splatoon series fanfics):
*Squigley no Densetsu
*Ally-Squinn no Shinwa
*Octanner no Monogatari - NOW LIVE!
*Squidkid Shorts
(My deepest apologies to you jk) Razz


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