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Re: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

on June 5th 2017, 1:35 am
Mask of Akanius Super-Short
Alph and Ocre are training.

Ocre: You've definitely improved, Alph.

Alph stops swinging at Ocre.

Alph: Thanks...(pant)...Ocre...

Ocre: Let's finish up for today.

Alph: Good idea. I could use a rest.

Amy: Who wants tea?

Amy walks up to Ocre and Alph carrying a cardboard tray lined with white paper cups.

Ocre: You read my mind!

Amy: How many times must I tell you, Ocre? I'm an esper, not a telepath!

Ocre: No, it was a metaphor.

Amy: Oh, right. Silly me! Anyway, here's your chilled chilli tea, Ocre.

Amy hands one of the cups to Ocre.

Ocre: Thanks. I could use a cool beverage.

Furbendink: Cool?! That thing is full of chilli!

Furbendink is suddenly standing there.

Amy: Ah, Furbendink! Here's your...uh...cup of sweet whipped cream.

Amy hands a particularly large cup to Furbendink.

Furbendink: YAAAAAAAAY! My favourite!

Furbendink runs away with delight.

Ocre: I don't know how he can drink that by itself.

Amy: And for Alph, one steaming-hot plain black tea.

Amy hands a cup to Alph.

Alph: Thank you, Amy.

Amy smiles sweetly.

Amy: So...are you going to drink it?

Alph: In a minute.

Amy: Oh. I'll come back shortly, then. I'm sure Crynock's eagerly awaiting his melon water.

Alph: No problem.

Amy begins walking away.

Amy's thoughts: I'll quickly give Crynock his drink, then race back to Alph. This time, I WILL see his beautiful face!

One minute later...

Amy approaches Alph and Ocre. Alph is wearing his breather and holding his cup.

Amy: I'm back!

Alph: Oh, hi!

Amy looks at Alph's cup, then at his face.

Amy: You haven't drunk your tea?

Alph: Actually, I have.

Amy: How much?

Alph: All of it.

Amy: WHAT?!

Alph: It was really good. Thanks again!

Amy: You finished an entire large tea in under a minute? How?!

Alph: I was thirsty. Training's intense when Ocre's involved!

Ocre: He's not wrong! Haha!

Amy: But it was scalding hot!

Alph: Yeah? And?

Amy: How can you guzzle hot tea so quickly?

Alph: I must be part-drachomus or something.

Alph and Ocre laugh. Amy spins around, her eyes shadowed as a look of sorrow appears on her face.

Amy's thoughts: No! My plans have been thwarted once again! Mark my words: I WILL see Alph's face, even if I have to pry that mask from it myself!

Amy laughs in a semi-sinister fashion.

Ocre: What do you see in that girl, Alph?

Alph shrugs and makes an "I dunno" sound.
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Re: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

on June 15th 2017, 4:14 am
The Throne Room
Kendall walks up to a door, where Brocc is standing.

Kendall: Oh, is the toilet occupied?

Brocc: Yep! Join the queue, Kenny.

Kendall: Oh...okay.

Kendall stands behind Brocc.

Kendall: You do know that it's mainly family who call me "Kenny", right?

Brocc: Oh yeah, like your sisters, right?

Kendall: Yes, like my dear sister.

Brocc: I know what you mean. My sister Katalina calls me "Brockie", which I think is her way of saying-

A flushing sound is heard.

Brocc: -YAY! The toilet's free!

The door opens, and Mak steps out.

Mak: She's all yours, boys!

Mak walks away.

Brocc: Wait...MAK was the one in there?!

Kendall sniffs the air, then quickly covers his hand with his mouth while he gags.

Kendall: I think I'm going to be sick...

Brocc: What? You've never used a public toilet before?

Kendall: I haven't used one after Mak, if that's what you mean.

Brocc: Well, I have plenty of times, and I assure you that Mak ALWAYS leaves a lemony scent after using the toilet.

Brocc walks in and closes the door.

Brocc's voice: Now to-

Brocc pauses.

Brocc's voice: By the spires of Chromerria, what is that STENCH?!'s like the fertiliser of an arbour beast after eating a huge mound of muddvak leavings! And...SWEET BEAN CAKES WITH HOT FUDGE ON TOP! WHAT DID HE LEAVE IN THE BOWL?!

Zed walks up to Kendall.

Zed: Is someone in the toilet?

Brocc opens the door, his eyes wide open and bloodshot.

Brocc: Don't do it,'s not...worth it...

Brocc stumbles away.

Zed: Oh, are you waiting too, Kendall?

Kendall: I'll be ready soon...

Kendall's thoughts: lose my lunch...ooh, my stomach...

Zed: Okay then.

Zed walks in and closes the door.


Brocc walks up to Kendall.

Brocc: You're STILL waiting?!

Kendall: Oh, Zed's in there.

Brocc: WHAT?! But...he's probably unconscious in there! It's filled with an odour stronger than ether, I'm telling you!

A flushing sound is heard.

Brocc: And now he's pressed the flusher in his sleep!

The door opens, and Zed steps out.

Zed: All finished.

Brocc: You were hours, Zed! Are you okay?!

Kendall: Actually, he was only five minutes.

Brocc: Oh. Hey, what's that smell?

Zed: Oh, I cast prestidigitation. That toilet's cleaner and fresher than any cleaning staff can achieve!

Brocc: Good, cause I'm desperate to-

Bryn runs up to the door.

Bryn: Sorryladiesisfullhadchilliforlunchberightout!

Brocc: BRYN! NO!

Bryn runs in and closes the door.

Brocc: I can't take it anymore! My pants are about to be-


Zed: Oh yeah, I picked rose scent. My bad.

Brocc: HAHAHAHAHAAH! Take THAT Bryn! Uh-oh...
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