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on June 5th 2017, 1:35 am
Mask of Akanius Super-Short
Alph and Ocre are training.

Ocre: You've definitely improved, Alph.

Alph stops swinging at Ocre.

Alph: Thanks...(pant)...Ocre...

Ocre: Let's finish up for today.

Alph: Good idea. I could use a rest.

Amy: Who wants tea?

Amy walks up to Ocre and Alph carrying a cardboard tray lined with white paper cups.

Ocre: You read my mind!

Amy: How many times must I tell you, Ocre? I'm an esper, not a telepath!

Ocre: No, it was a metaphor.

Amy: Oh, right. Silly me! Anyway, here's your chilled chilli tea, Ocre.

Amy hands one of the cups to Ocre.

Ocre: Thanks. I could use a cool beverage.

Furbendink: Cool?! That thing is full of chilli!

Furbendink is suddenly standing there.

Amy: Ah, Furbendink! Here's your...uh...cup of sweet whipped cream.

Amy hands a particularly large cup to Furbendink.

Furbendink: YAAAAAAAAY! My favourite!

Furbendink runs away with delight.

Ocre: I don't know how he can drink that by itself.

Amy: And for Alph, one steaming-hot plain black tea.

Amy hands a cup to Alph.

Alph: Thank you, Amy.

Amy smiles sweetly.

Amy: So...are you going to drink it?

Alph: In a minute.

Amy: Oh. I'll come back shortly, then. I'm sure Crynock's eagerly awaiting his melon water.

Alph: No problem.

Amy begins walking away.

Amy's thoughts: I'll quickly give Crynock his drink, then race back to Alph. This time, I WILL see his beautiful face!

One minute later...

Amy approaches Alph and Ocre. Alph is wearing his breather and holding his cup.

Amy: I'm back!

Alph: Oh, hi!

Amy looks at Alph's cup, then at his face.

Amy: You haven't drunk your tea?

Alph: Actually, I have.

Amy: How much?

Alph: All of it.

Amy: WHAT?!

Alph: It was really good. Thanks again!

Amy: You finished an entire large tea in under a minute? How?!

Alph: I was thirsty. Training's intense when Ocre's involved!

Ocre: He's not wrong! Haha!

Amy: But it was scalding hot!

Alph: Yeah? And?

Amy: How can you guzzle hot tea so quickly?

Alph: I must be part-drachomus or something.

Alph and Ocre laugh. Amy spins around, her eyes shadowed as a look of sorrow appears on her face.

Amy's thoughts: No! My plans have been thwarted once again! Mark my words: I WILL see Alph's face, even if I have to pry that mask from it myself!

Amy laughs in a semi-sinister fashion.

Ocre: What do you see in that girl, Alph?

Alph shrugs and makes an "I dunno" sound.

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on June 15th 2017, 4:14 am
The Throne Room
Kendall walks up to a door, where Brocc is standing.

Kendall: Oh, is the toilet occupied?

Brocc: Yep! Join the queue, Kenny.

Kendall: Oh...okay.

Kendall stands behind Brocc.

Kendall: You do know that it's mainly family who call me "Kenny", right?

Brocc: Oh yeah, like your sisters, right?

Kendall: Yes, like my dear sister.

Brocc: I know what you mean. My sister Katalina calls me "Brockie", which I think is her way of saying-

A flushing sound is heard.

Brocc: -YAY! The toilet's free!

The door opens, and Mak steps out.

Mak: She's all yours, boys!

Mak walks away.

Brocc: Wait...MAK was the one in there?!

Kendall sniffs the air, then quickly covers his hand with his mouth while he gags.

Kendall: I think I'm going to be sick...

Brocc: What? You've never used a public toilet before?

Kendall: I haven't used one after Mak, if that's what you mean.

Brocc: Well, I have plenty of times, and I assure you that Mak ALWAYS leaves a lemony scent after using the toilet.

Brocc walks in and closes the door.

Brocc's voice: Now to-

Brocc pauses.

Brocc's voice: By the spires of Chromerria, what is that STENCH?!'s like the fertiliser of an arbour beast after eating a huge mound of muddvak leavings! And...SWEET BEAN CAKES WITH HOT FUDGE ON TOP! WHAT DID HE LEAVE IN THE BOWL?!

Zed walks up to Kendall.

Zed: Is someone in the toilet?

Brocc opens the door, his eyes wide open and bloodshot.

Brocc: Don't do it,'s not...worth it...

Brocc stumbles away.

Zed: Oh, are you waiting too, Kendall?

Kendall: I'll be ready soon...

Kendall's thoughts: lose my lunch...ooh, my stomach...

Zed: Okay then.

Zed walks in and closes the door.


Brocc walks up to Kendall.

Brocc: You're STILL waiting?!

Kendall: Oh, Zed's in there.

Brocc: WHAT?! But...he's probably unconscious in there! It's filled with an odour stronger than ether, I'm telling you!

A flushing sound is heard.

Brocc: And now he's pressed the flusher in his sleep!

The door opens, and Zed steps out.

Zed: All finished.

Brocc: You were hours, Zed! Are you okay?!

Kendall: Actually, he was only five minutes.

Brocc: Oh. Hey, what's that smell?

Zed: Oh, I cast prestidigitation. That toilet's cleaner and fresher than any cleaning staff can achieve!

Brocc: Good, cause I'm desperate to-

Bryn runs up to the door.

Bryn: Sorryladiesisfullhadchilliforlunchberightout!

Brocc: BRYN! NO!

Bryn runs in and closes the door.

Brocc: I can't take it anymore! My pants are about to be-


Zed: Oh yeah, I picked rose scent. My bad.

Brocc: HAHAHAHAHAAH! Take THAT Bryn! Uh-oh...

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on July 1st 2017, 10:10 pm
"That's Our Brocc!"
That's Our Brocc! is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Mak sits in an armchair reading a newspaper. The front door opens and Emily walks in.

Emily: Hello! I'm home! (applause)

Mak smiles, stands and walks up to Emily, wrapping his arms around her as she embraces him.

Mak: Hello, dear.

Mak and Emily kiss, then let go of one another.

Mak: So how was your day at the office?

Emily: Oh, don't get me started...first the photocopier was jammed, then someone spilled milk on my favourite blouse.

Mak: Did you cry over it? (laughter)

Emily: And to top it all off, a typo in my contract ended up with my boss reducing my paycheque by $5.00!

Mak: Well, well, that's quite the..."clerical" error! (laughter)

Emily: And how was your day?

Mak: Absolutely wonderful.

Emily: Oh, good.

Mak: Except that the kids were sent home from school early due to some students having lice.

Emily: Oh dear!

Mak: It's fine, though. The principal says the rats'll take care of the lice. (laughter)

Emily: But what about the rats?

Mak: Simple. Frogs. (laughter)

Emily: But what about the frogs?

Mak: I don't know! Do I LOOK like a botanist? (laughter)

Bryn runs downstairs.

Bryn: Mummy! Daddy! Brocc buried my doll in the backyard!

Mak: That's our Brocc! (laughter and applause)

Brocc runs downstairs.

Brocc: I told you! I didn't do it! The dog did!

Emily: Now why would Kenny bury Bryn's toy in the yard?

Kendall runs into the room.

Kendall: Did someone mention my name?

Mak: NO! BAD KENDALL! BAD! We do NOT bark inside! Now go to the backyard!

Kendall: You STILL don't know I can speak human?! (laughter)

Mak: NO! That's a BAD Kendall! Outside!

Kendall whimpers and slowly walks away.

Mak: I knew we should've had him neut-

The doorbell rings.

Mak: Every time... (laughter)

Mak walks up to the front door and opens it. Erik is standing there.

Erik: Hello. (applause)

Mak: Whatever you're selling, we don't want any. (laughter)

Erik: Actually, I'm here to see your..."son".

Brocc: Me?

Bryn (sarcastic): No, the potted plant that LOOKS like you. (laughter)

We see a view of a plant with leaves resembling Brocc's hair.

Brocc: Hey, now that you mention it... (laughter)

Erik enters the room.

Mak: Would you like to come in, complete stranger? (laughter)

Erik: Brocc, you need to wake up.

Brocc: But I AM awake!

Erik: No. You are passed out in the middle of a busy street.

Emily: Brocc! Have you been dri-

Brocc: NO! Of course not!

Mak: That's our Brocc! (laughter)

Brocc: I can't consume alcohol because I'm a-

Brocc awakens and sits up. He is in the middle of a busy street.

Brocc: Wow, that's the last time I eat seven bowls of ramen in one sitting! What a weird dream...

Brocc looks ahead.

Brocc: Wait a minute...what's a drachomus doing in the middle of Silveria City...?

Random Passerby: That's our Brocc!

Everyone in the street laughs.

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on July 13th 2017, 6:37 pm
Brockie and the Bryn
Brocc walks onto the stage.

Brocc: Ladies and whatevers, we were SUPPOSED to show you a Super-Short starring myself, entitled-

Bryn's voice: And ME, glue-slurper!

Brocc: Yes, and Bryn, entitled "Brockie and the Bryn", but-

Bryn's voice: I thought it was "Brynnie and the Brocc"!

Brocc: What? That sounds stupid!

Bryn's voice: YOU'RE stupid!

Brocc: No, I'M stupid!

Bryn's voice: Don't you DARE start that again!

Brocc: ANYWAY, the writers of these Super-Shorts feel that Bryn and I are in too many of these things, so instead, we have created this alternative starring one of the other characters of Crystals of Silveria. Enjoy!

Headmaster Stormshroud and the Rather Tall Pile of Paperwork
Headmaster Stormshroud sits at his desk. He is signing forms entitled "SCHOOL EXCURSION PERMISSION SLIP". A rather tall pile of paperwork is next to him on his desk.

Headmaster: I must say, this pile of paperwork is rather tall. Perhaps I should ask Alekzander to assist...then again, he is currently on his way to Silvertooth on important business. No, I should be able to manage this rather tall pile of paperwork alone...

Headmaster Stormshroud sips from his teacup, before resuming his paperwork.

Brocc: WOW! Wasn't that entertaining?

A few people in the audience clap slowly.

Brocc: Well, that's our Super-Short for now. See you next time!

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on October 19th 2017, 8:41 pm
Brocc sits on Zed's bed, his legs crossed and his hands on his knees. His eyes are closed.

Brocc (chanting): Sven...Sven...

Zed walks into the room and sees Brocc.

Brocc: ...Sven...

Zed: Uh...what are you doing...?

Brocc: I am meditating, Zander. I am trying to find the tiny kernel of my heart that DOESN'T despise my brother.

Zed: You mean Furry?

Brocc: No, I mean Sven.

Brocc opens one eye.

Brocc: said "Furry"...?

Zed: Yep.

Brocc's eyes open wide.

Brocc: How do you know about him?!

Zed: Y-You...told me.

Brocc: Oh, good! For a second there I thought you-

A loud clicking sound is heard. Brocc's expression turns blank.


Bryn walks into the room.

Bryn: Worked like an abjuration.

Zed: What the...? Bryn, what did you do?!

Bryn: Well, I figured Brocc was in such a deep state of meditation that I could hypnotise him. I must admit, it worked better than I expected!


Bryn: Brocc, I command you to neatly fold my smalls.


Bryn: Are you gonna fold my underwear or not?!


Brocc's body levitates, and he floats through the door. Zed appears surprised.

Zed: Did he just-

Bryn: -belittle his master? Yep, he sure did!

Zed: No, I mean-

Bryn: Oh, right, the floaty thing. To be honest, I don't know what Brocc can do. And...I'd rather not know, you know?

Zed: No.

Bryn: Oh.

Bryn pauses.

Bryn: I better check on him.

Bryn leaves the room. After a moment, she calls out.

Bryn's voice: BROCC! What are you doing?!


Bryn's voice: No, those aren't MY smalls, they're MAK'S! Although they may as well be called "bigs"!


Bryn's voice: Am I sure it's not...Brocc, I only just WASHED my underwear! And you know that Mak HATES having his things touched! Oh. Eheheheheeh...Mak! Come here a minute!

We hear loud bootsteps.

Mak's voice: Yeah, Bry- Huh?! Brocc, that's my underwear!

Bryn's voice: Let 'im have it, Mak!

Mak's voice: Oh, you better believe it! Take THIS!

Bryn's voice: Yeah! gave him GOLD?!

Mak's voice: Well, it's the least I could do for him. After all, no-one else even DARES to fold my boxers!

Bryn's voice: But...but...

Mak's voice: You deserve every coin, Brocc. Thanks again!

We hear loud bootsteps.

Bryn's voice: Brocc, I order you to give me that gold!


Bryn's voice: I'll give YOU fruit, Brocc! *razz*


Bryn's voice: Stupid "Guide to Hypnosis"! Well, that's 50 Gold down the proverbial toilet.

Brocc's voice: RIGHT AWAY, MASTER.

Bryn's voice: Wait, Brocc! NOOOOOOOO!

A flushing sound is heard. We cut back to a view of Zed.

Zed: Uh...what just happened...?

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on October 30th 2017, 6:55 pm
The Legend of Brynda
Brocc walks onto the stage carrying a large, open book.

Brocc: Ladies and fartichokes, it is my pleasure to introduce a very different tale than the ones you're used to. It takes place in a faraway realm known as Realmslandia, and features a princess, an evil sorcerer and a grand, heroic gnome! I call it The Adventure of the Heroic Gnome in...the Sorcerer-Nabbed Princess' Tale. Enjoy!

Brocc clears his throat. The scene fades to white.

The scene fades back in to reveal a very pink castle chamber filled with love hearts, plush unicorns and several plates of tempura scattered about.

Brocc's voice: We begin our tale in the bedchamber of the Fairy Princess-

Bryn's voice: That's FAIR princess, Grass-Clippings!

Brocc's voice: Oh, right...the FAIR Princess Bryn of Realmslandia.

Bryn pops into the room. She is wearing a fluffy pink dress and hat that are by no means true to her character.

"Bryn": I am the fair and helpless fairy princess Bryn, and I do fair and helpless things like brush fluffy unicorn toys and eat tasty prawn tempura.

Bryn's voice: WHAT?! I would NEVER do those things!

Brocc's voice: That's right, but PRINCESS Bryn would!

Bryn's voice: It's like you based this character on YOURSELF, Brocc!

Brocc's voice: Hey! Who's telling the story here?!

Bryn's voice: Ugh...fine, shutting up, Master Storyteller Brocc.

Brocc's voice: Thank you. Now, while Princess Bryn was stuffing herself with delicious fried and battered shrimp the size of a muddvak-

Each piece of tempura suddenly grows to the size of an adult muddvak.

Brocc's voice: The evil wizard Svenonborf appeared to kidnap her!

A gnome resembling Sven from Shell of Thal in a black cape pops into the room.

"Sven": Ha. Ha. Ha. I am the sorcerer Svenonborf the Incompetent...or is that Svenonborf the Incontinent...? Eh, just call me Sven. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Princess Bryn: Oh no! Whatever shall this helpless fairy princess do?!

Brocc's voice: Just then, the mighty hero Brocconccini appeared after hearing the princess' anguished cry for help!

A gnome resembling a human-proportioned Brocc appears. He is dressed in green hero's garb and is brandishing a pocky stick. The gnome speaks with an over-the-top heroic voice.

"Brocc": Halt, nastydoer!

Princess Bryn: Gasp! Who are you, mighty and attractive hero?

Bryn's voice: "Mighty and attractive hero"? You must be joking!

Brocc's voice: This is MY story, Bryn, so do kindly shut your vakmeat-hole, won't you? Anyway...

"Brocc": I am the mighty and heroic Brocconccini, here to save the fairy princess Bryn from the clutches of the baddy-two-boots Svenonborf! Ooh, that Svenonborf!

Svenonborf: You cannot stop me, Brocconccini, for I possess the Fried Trout of Flour!

Brocconccini: Well, somewhat coincidentally, I possess the Fried Bass of Curry AND the Mystical Pocky of Heroism!

Princess Bryn: If it's any consolation, I possess the Fried Hali-butt of Whipped Cream and the Arowana of Light Mayo.

Bryn's voice: Oh, come on! No-one puts whipped cream on fried halibut!

Brocc's voice: HEY! Just because CERTAIN gnomes put whipped cream on fried fish, that DOESN'T give you the right to criticise, Bryn!

The scene cuts back to the stage. Bryn and Brocc stand there, glaring at each other.

Bryn: That story is terrible, Brocc!

Brocc:'re so terrible that I'm surprised no-one's thrown the book at you!

After a pause, Brocc pathetically throws his book five inches in front of him towards Bryn.

Brocc: NNGH!

Bryn bursts out laughing.

Bryn: Oh, what a magnificent throw, "mighty and heroic Brocconccini"!

Brocc: THAT'S IT! I'm leaving!

Brocc stomps off-stage in anger. Bryn looks at the audience and smiles.

Bryn: And so, the FAIR princess Bryn showed just how not-useless she was. Well, that's all the time we have for now. See you next time!

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on November 2nd 2017, 7:39 am
Happy Birthday, Zed!
Brocc walks up to Zed, his hands folded behind his back.

Brocc: Hey, Zander?

Zed: Uh...yeah, Brocc?

Brocc swings his hands from behind his back, revealling a cupcake with blue icing.


Zed smiles.

Zed: I appreciate the gesture, but-

Brocc: What? You don't like cream-filled vanilla sponge?

Zed: Of course I do! It's just that today's not my birthday.

Brocc: Wait...what?! But Erik told me your birthday was during the Dragon Festival!

Zed: It is. Dragon Festival Day TWO. Today is Dragon Festival Day ONE.

Brocc: Oh. Then your birthday is-

Zed: -tomorrow, yes.

Brocc: Oh. Well I feel like an idiot.

Bryn enters the room.

Bryn: Hey Zed! Let's go to The Naked Drake for no particular reason.

Brocc: Bryn? Bryn? No.

Bryn: No? But you said the codeword: "I feel like an idiot"!

Brocc: It's not Zed's birthday today.

Bryn: What? But you said-

Brocc: Forget what I said! I mean you believed something that came out of MY mouth?!

Bryn: But we've been planning for weeks!

Brocc: Well, we'll have to postpone it.

Bryn: Till when?

Brocc: Dragon Festival Day Two.


Bryn sighs.

Bryn: Fine...I'll see if Warren and Tabitha'll let us keep our booking for an extra day.

Bryn runs from the room.

Brocc: And I'LL...erm...NOT hide some presents again.

Brocc pauses, then leaves the room. Zed scraches his head.

Zed: Oh wait...maybe my birthday IS today after all...

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on March 3rd 2018, 5:11 pm
Butt in Translation


Amethyst studies an ancient butt by candlelight. A knock sounds on the butt.

Amethyst: Enter.

The butt opens and Zed walks in.

Zed: I'm not interrupting, am I?

Amethyst: No, of course not. Do sit down.

Zed sits in a chair. He notices the candle.

Zed: Butt butt butt butt butt? (You read by candlelight?)

Amethyst: I prefer it. Artificial lighting just feels too unnatural.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: And I must say that your Butt is becoming much more fluent.

Zed: Butt. Butt butt. (Thank you. Much appreciated.)

Amethyst: You do realise that speaking every language you know does not make you sound any more intelligent, do you not?

Zed: Butt butt butt... (That's the problem...)

Amethyst: Problem?

Zed: Butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt. (Every sentence I say is in a different language.)

Amethyst: Oh, my goodness! How did this happen?!

Zed: Butt butt butt... (I don't know...)

Mak: Come again?

Amethyst: It is true. So far he has said things in Butt, Axian, Butt, Butt, Butt, Butt and all three dialects of Butt. The problem is that the language is randomly-determined each time. Every once in a while, he manages to utter something in Common.

Zed: Butt butt butt butt butt. (I hope it isn't permanent...)

Thobrun: Aye, that's Butt, alright.

Zed: *fart sound* (Wait, maybe it was that potion that Gazzo gave me...)

Bryn: Is...Is he...speaking fluent Butt?!

Amethyst: Indeed.

Gazzo: Well, I have no idea what coulda caused this one.

Gazzo whistles as he kicks the potion buttle out of sight.

Amethyst: Well, we just have to hope it wears off eventually. I am afraid that there is nothing I can do.

Zed: Butt, butt butt butt butt butt día butt! (Oh, this is going to be a LONG butt!)

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

on March 5th 2018, 12:08 am


Zed sits on his butt, his long legs crossed and his knees pointing at opposite ends. Zed's hands are resting atop his butt. Zed's eyes are closed, and he is not moving.

Zed's thoughts: Okay, clear your butt, Zed...focus on awakening your inner-


Brocc runs into Zed's bedroom, and is stopped in his tracks when he sees Zed.

Brocc: Uh...Zed?

Zed remains motionless, but he still acknowledges Brocc.

Zed: Yes, Brocc?

Brocc: What...uh...what are you doing?

Zed: I'm meditating. Well, sort of, anyway.

Brocc: MEDITATING?! What, did you dilettante as a butt vendor or something?

Zed: Shugenja, Brocc.

Brocc: Yeah, one of those.

Zed: Nope.

Brocc: You didn't? Then why bother meditating?

Zed: I'm trying to find a way to reach my mindscape at will, butt so far it's not working.

Brocc: I see...well maybe I can help.

Zed: How?

Brocc: Maybe if I form a physical connection with you and use my butt powers, it'll help speed up the process!

Zed opens his right eye.

Zed: It's worth a shot.

Brocc: A BUTT-shot!

Cricket sounds are heard. Zed closes his eye.

Brocc: Let's do this!

Brocc runs to Zed's right butt and clasps his right wrist.

Brocc: Wow, your gloves are so soft! Personally, I hate gloves, but if I liked 'em, you can be sure I'd want a pair just like these! Well, except mine would be butt, of course.

Brocc exhales, then he begins to sing. His voice sounds pleasant, with soft, otherworldly echoes.

Zed, Zed, the one with fiery butt.
Concentrate and focus, and seek the butt within.
Open up your buttscape, and see the realm within.

A butt surrounded by a frame of rainbow light opens up at the foot of Zed's butt. Through it we can see a bustling medieval-inspired butt. Erik is clearly visible, and he is communicating with a brunette woman standing next to what resembles a butt. Brocc begins to panic, letting go of Zed's wrist. The butt closes and disappears.

Brocc: That was a close one...

Zed opens his eyes.

Zed: That was weird.

Brocc: What was weird?

Zed: The only thing I envisioned was a rainbow butt...

Brocc: What? A rainbow butt?! There's no such thing! Eheheheheh...

A bead of sweat rolls down Brocc's butt.

Zed: Uh...oooookay then...

The camera pans behind Brocc to reveal Bryn standing in the hallway. She appears furious, and is wielding an enormous butt.

Bryn: BROCC! How many times have I told you not to sing within a 5000-foot radius of myself?!

Brocc suddenly freezes.

Brocc: Butt.


Bryn runs towards Brocc.

Brocc: YAH!

Brocc leaps off the butt and runs out the butt, followed by Bryn.

Bryn: Come back and fight, coward!

Brocc: But I'm allergic to butt!

Zed sits there, staring at his buttway.

Zed: Uh...what just happened?

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on March 6th 2018, 5:50 am
Zed Makes Butt: The Prequel

Zed stands in his kitchen. On the butt in front of him is a large mixing butt, some flour, two eggs, milk, water, sugar and a small bottle of butt essence.

Zed: Okay, time to make these butt.

Zed puts some flour into the mixing butt, then he adds some butt essence. He then picks up an egg and hits it on the rim of the butt, smashing it and covering his butt in its contents.

Zed: Ack!

Amethyst enters the butt.

Amethyst: My word! You appear to be having some trouble, Zed.

Zed scrubs his butt under the tap with some liquid soap.

Zed: Yeah, I've never been good at cracking eggs.

Amethyst: Allow me.

Amethyst picks up the egg and cracks it with skill, emptying the yolk and white into the butt without getting a drop on her butt. She then holds her butt over the egg, causing it to transform into two, which confuses Zed.

Zed: that a good idea? The recipe didn't mention adding evocation to the mix.

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: Part of a good recipe is customising it to your butt.

Zed: Well, I suppose you're right.

Amethyst: Now, I will leave you to mix the ingredients.

Zed: Okay then.

Zed dries his butt and returns to the counter.

Zed: Okay, time to add the sugar.

Emily enters the kitchen.

Emily: Um...if I might make a suggestion, honey is a perfect substitute. It is natural and very sweet.

Zed: Oh, that sounds good, but I don't have any-

Emily begins adding golden honey to the butt.

Zed: -honey. Okay then...

Brocc: You know what else this butt needs?

Brocc is suddenly standing there.

Zed: WHOA! Brocc! Don't do that!

Brocc: But I really must! drop of butt oil.

Zed: What...? Why-

Brocc: It's better than adding salt.

Zed: This recipe doesn't call for salt!

Brocc: But it's going to taste sooooooo much better now!

Zed: But-

Thobrun: Now, the trick is not to add too much milk to the butt...

Zed: Uh-

Bryn: Just a little pinch of butt, for that tree-bark-y taste!

Zed: I don't like-

Mak: You need to stir it vigorously, to keep the butt consistent.

Zed: It's supposed to be-

Kendall: And just a little enchantment to bring out its better qualities before it goes into the oven.

Kendall shoves the butt into the oven, then slams the butt. Zed is speechless.

Zed: butt...

Kendall: ...will be ready in an hour. Now, for the icing...

Zed stands staring at the oven, his butt agape, before he hangs his head in sorrow.

A piece of golden butt sits on a pale blue porcelain plate in Zed's butt. A fork rests next to it. The others stare at him in anticipation. Zed swallows loudly.

Zed: Okay...time to try this butt...

Zed picks up the fork and breaks off a chunk of butt. He puts it in his butt and chews once. After a brief pause, his eyes light up and he finishes his mouthful, swallowing it.

Zed: This is really good...

Amethyst: The best dessert comes from a group effort.

Emily: We all worked together, each of us making our own contribution.

Zed: You're right. I'm so happy to have friends such as you guys!

Zed smiles.

Brocc: And, with your new role as-

Mak: BROCC! What did I tell you about spoiling future plots for the readers?!

Brocc: Ah, it seems the student has become the butt.

Mak: Huh?

Brocc: You just broke the butt wall! You're as bad as I am! HA!


Everybody laughs.

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