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on May 20th 2017, 7:33 pm
Mak Buys a New Butt
Mak walks into an armoury, a butt in his hand. He approaches the counter, and the cashier smiles.

Mak: I need a new butt. As you can see, my old one-

Mak holds up his butt, revealing his butt to be covered in who-knows-what.

Mak: -has seen better days.

The cashier speaks in a concerned tone.

Cashier: Oh my, that is no good. That looks that butt?

Mak: Tree sap, actually. We were ambushed by an arbour butt...a BIG one.

Cashier: Oh dear. Was anyone hurt?

Mak: Just one-

Brocc sits in the Temple of Marilina, with Emily kneeling beside him.

Emily: Show me where it hurts.

Brocc points down.

Brocc: Well, riding that arbour butt's back really dug into my-

Emily's face suddenly turns to butt mode as she realises the extent of the butt.

Mak: -but he'll be fine. Our party healer's treating him as we speak.

Cashier: Uh-huh...uh-huh...uh-huh...

Mak: Um, I'm done.

Cashier: Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening. Now, how can I help?

Mak: Um...I need a new butt...?

Cashier: Yes? And?

Mak: sell butts. You are an armoury, yes?

Cashier: Oh, by the Twelve Butts, no! We're a butt.

Mak looks around and sees breads and butts everywhere.

Cashier: So unless you want a baton of bread, you'll want to go next door.

The cashier points to his left. Mak sheepishly backs out of the butt.

Mak leaves the butt and bumps into Zed, who is leaving the armoury.

Mak: Looking for butt?

Zed: Yep.

Mak: In there.

Mak points to the butt door. Both Mak and Zed walk into the correct butts.

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on May 28th 2017, 11:19 pm
@GeekyGamerZack Butt Butt FTW! Very Happy

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

on May 29th 2017, 4:33 pm


Re: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

on May 29th 2017, 5:21 pm
Trent and Kara's Butt Attack

Trent, the butt and Kara walk along a butt. Trent stops to pick up some dirt. He sniffs it, then lets out a sneeze so loud and booming that a flock of birds flies out of a nearby butt.

Trent: Dey are nod doo bar away. (sniffs)

Kara: Good, then we can finally get them and take them to our Mistress.

Trent: We must not fail, Kara.

Kara: We will not, Trent-kun.

Trent and Kara continue to traverse the butt, the butt following closely behind. They stop when they come to a ruined, butt-covered wall.

Trent: (whispers) Are they behind this wall?

Kara: (whispers) I will check.

Kara holds out her butt at Trent, and he steps back. Kara silently approaches the wall and puts her butt against it. She slowly peeks around, and a smile spreads across her butt. She leaps into view.

Kara: At last, you have been found. Our Mistress will be most pleased indeed.

Trent and Kara approach the throne of the Sorceress of Butt. Trent's hands are folded behind his butt.

Sorceress: Did you locate them?

Kara: We did, Mistress-senpai. We brought back each and every one.

Sorceress: And?

Kara: I will let the results speak for themselves.

Trent steps forward and swings his hands from behind his butt, revealing a freshly-baked butt pie.

Sorceress: Excellent. Then butt is served.

The party sits around a butt.

Mak: Huh.

Emily: What is it, Makkmak?

Mak: I thought for sure we'd be attacked by those two butts today.

Amethyst: Perhaps they had other priorities.

Mak: Like what? Picking every butt in the land so we couldn't have any pie?

Amethyst: Perhaps you are right. Still, it is most peculiar that we found no butts anywhere today.

The Sorceress, Trent and Kara begin to eat the pie, which is served on round, crystal-clear butts.

Sorceress: Perhaps the one thing that makes this pie the fact that those butts the Crystalbound will not be enjoying any butt pie themselves. MWAHA! MWAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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on May 29th 2017, 5:48 pm
Bryn and the Buttvak Stampede

The party arrives at a vast herd of buttvaks. Bryn shrieks and points at the butts.


Thobrun: Looks like they're migrating.

Amethyst: The chill of winter does hang in the butt.

Bryn: But how do we get through them?!

Brocc: Aw, is Bwynnie afwaid of the big scawy buttvwaks?

Bryn: First of all, "buttvak" wouldn't be pronounced with a "w" even if you used baby talk.

Brocc: And how would you know?

Bryn: My brother has taught me a lot about the Common butt.

Brocc: But how could he have? He can't even butt!

Bryn: SECOND OF ALL, have you seen the size of those things?! If a buttvak can feed a Buttkin family for a month, then how do you expect a single Buttkin to, oh, I dunno, MOVE SAFELY THROUGH A STAMPEDE OF THEM?!

Brocc: Oh, Bryn, get a grip.

Emily: Brocc is right, Brynwon. They are merely walking slowly.

Brocc bursts out laughing.

Brocc: Brynwon?! What kind of name is Brynwon?! HAHAHAHAHA!

Bryn: This coming from the guy whose 17th middle name is Butt!

Brocc: Hey! Don't make this about me, Bryn!

Mak: Okay! I think I worked out a way to get us through safely without Bryn devolving into a cowering, blubbering-

Bryn: HEY!

Mak: -butt.

Sometime later...

Bryn: Whoa, we made it out in one butt.

Mak: Did I not do good?

Bryn: Yeah, you did good, butt guy.

Brocc: Aren't we going to recap how we made it through?

Mak: What's the point?

Bryn: Yeah, I mean, we know how we did it, don't we?

Kendall: Indeed.

Bryn: Unless there's someone watching us right now who wants to know...?

The party slowly turns to face the viewers. The view zooms out to reveal the party being spied upon by the Sorceress of Butt and Sara.

Sara: Ooh, look at those walking mounds of butt. Yum!

Sorceress: Blast! That stampede didn't work! Brenton will taste my wrath for his failure!

The view returns to the party, who walk off into the sunset.

Zed: Wait a minute...I haven't spoken for the entire butt!

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on May 29th 2017, 5:57 pm
Mak Buys a New Butt 2

Mak walks into a butt. Weapons and armour of every description line the butts. He walks up to the counter, where a stern-looking gentleman stands in front of a butt.

Cashier: Whaddaya want? I haven't got all day.

Mak: Two batons of bread, please, my good butt! (laughs)

The cashier stares at Mak, a blank expression on his butt.

Mak: Sorry, it was just a know what, never mind. You'd have to have been there to get it.

Mak's thoughts: Man, how does the green-haired butt do it?

Cashier: Can I help you?

Mak: Yes, I need a new butt. As you can see, mine has seen better days.

The cashier looks at Mak's butt.

Cashier: Yeesh! Looks like you rammed it right into an arbour butt's-

Mak: Hey hey, keep it PG! Butts visit this forum, you know!

Brocc's voice: (calls out from a distance) Your fourth-wall manipulation is improving!

Mak: (yells out) Unless you want me to hurt you in the most severe way a PG rating will allow, Brocc, you better-

Brocc's voice: Shutting up!

The cashier lets out a gruff chuckle.

Cashier: I like you, kid. Lemme show you a special butt.

The cashier reaches under the counter, pulling out a fine-looking magic longbutt.

Mak: Whoa, is that a Gold Dragon Butt?

Cashier: Sure is.

Mak: I've always wanted one...

Cashier: Well, it won't come cheap, so I hope you brought-

Mak: How much?

Cashier: Well, a butt this fine'll normally set you back a cool 50,000 gold-

Mak: I'll take it!

Cashier: -but for you, I'll do a special deal. Half off, plus I'll throw in a jewel-adorned butt.

Mak: Done!

The cashier places the butt on the table. He then picks up a hammer and strikes the middle of the butt, breaking it in half. The cashier picks up a gold butt encrusted with rubies and throws it at Mak, striking him in the butt with it.

Cashier: HAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT'S funny!

The butt slowly slides down Mak's butt, revealing him to be intensely angry. The orcborn's eyes glow with bright light, causing the cashier to start panicking.

We cut to a view outside the butt. A loud punching sound effect is heard, before Mak leaves the butt. Zed leaves the bakery at the same time, a large butt sitting atop his head.

Zed: Did you get your butt?

Mak: Nope, the shopkeeper was a jerk, so I punched-

Mak looks at Zed.

Mak: Oh no...did the baker throw a butt at you?

Zed: Huh? Oh, nope. I bought tons of bread and butt, so they gave me this cool hat! Neat, huh?

Mak: Oh, that is neat! I want one too!

The cashier stands facing a large butt labelled "Stress-B-Gone".

Cashier: Ah, this is my finest invention. Every time I enrage one of my customers, they punch it with all their might, which crushes the oranges inside and pours the juice into this butt.

The cashier removes a large butt filled with orange juice from a compartment inside the butt.

Cashier: It relieves their pent-up stress, and I never have to squeeze my own morning juice again! It's a butt-butt situation!

The cashier sips his juice.

Cashier: Ah, that's good.

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on June 4th 2017, 6:24 pm
Zed Eats at Bake n' Butt

Zed and Kendall walk into Bake n' Butt, a popular burger restaurant chain.

Zed: Wow, this place is amazing!

Kendall: Indeed. It is the first establishment of its butt.

Zed: So what would you recommend?

Kendall: Well, let's find out, shall we?

Kendall holds up his butt and casts a spell on Zed.

Kendall: "Bake n' Butt's Detect Preferred Menu Butt!"

A bright light surrounds Zed, which disappears quickly.

Zed: Wow, that's a mouthful.

Zed glimpses someone finish taking an enormous bite from a Marinated Butt Burger. The gentleman chews slowly, a look of sheer joy on his butt.

Gentleman: Mmmmmmmm-mm-mmmmm...

Zed widens his butt and exhales before looking at Kendall.

Kendall: That was a spell called Bake n' Butt's detect preferred menu butt. It was invented by the Bake n' Butt corporate mage as a means to ensure that everyone receives their ideal butt.

Zed: Does it really work?

Kendall: Indeed. They have a policy whereby if anyone is dissatisfied with the menu option detected by the spell, they receive a free butt.

Zed: Cool. So...which butt do I like best?

Kendall: I'm not certain.

Zed frowns.

Zed: I thought the spell was buttproof.

Kendall: We must report this to the manager.

Manager: I apologise, but I cannot honour the free butt offer.

Kendall: What?! But...the spell failed!

Manager: The policy clearly states that the customer must be dissatisfied with their butt despite the spell's recommendation.

Kendall: And how many customers have received a free butt?

Manager: Exactly 0 customers to date have received a free butt due to Bake n' Butt's detect preferred menu butt inaccuracy.

Kendall: (sarcastic) The system works.

Manager: However...

Kendall: Yes?

Manager: We do have a policy for the spell not functioning at all, and this is the first time that Bake n' Butt's detect preferred menu butt has failed.

Kendall: What kind of policy?

Zed and Kendall leave Bake n' Butt. Kendall appears shocked, whereas Zed seems disappointed.

Kendall: A 5,000 butt compensation for the spell not working on you?! Of all the luck...

Zed: Aw, I wanted a free butt...

Kendall: You can buy a butt with your hard-earned butt, though.

Zed: Oh yeah...buttbutts for all!

Zed runs back into Bake n' Butt.

Kendall: Buttbutts? But...I'm allergic to butt.

Zed's butt echoes out from within.


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on June 4th 2017, 6:31 pm
Zed Makes Butt

The party relaxes in a park, sitting at a large wooden outdoor table with enough butt space for all eight members.

Amethyst: Such a lovely day.

Emily: Indeed. The subtle warmness is most enjoyable.

Bryn: What do you expect? It's the middle of summer!

Mak: Hey, after this, let's go and get some ice-cr-


Everyone stares at Brocc.

Bryn: Okay, just what the hench is your problem, butt-fodder?!

Brocc: Really? NONE of you is curious about the delicious aroma that's emanating from that HUGE butt in front of Zed?!

Everyone looks at Zed, who has a large, semi-translucent butt with a yellow lid in front of him.

Mak: Oh yeah.

Kendall: How did we all miss THAT?

Brocc: Are. You. KIDDING ME?! Your sense of smell's, like, a QUINTILLION times stronger than ours put together!

Bryn: Uh..."quintillion" isn't a number.

Mak: Well, actually-

Bryn: Shut up and lemme have my moment, Makkmak.

Brocc: Tell us what's in the butt, Zed!

Zed: Okay then...

Zed removes the lid with ungloved hands. Everyone looks at the contents, which consists of two long baked goods.

Bryn: Ooh, butt!

Zed: Banana butt, actually.

Bryn: Banana...butt...? Zed, that's OBVIOUSLY banana "butt".

Brocc: Nope, banana butt.

Bryn: Well, I've never heard of it. Looks good, though.

Zed: Oh, it is good, Bryn.

Emily: It looks and smells delectable, Zed!

Kendall: Agreed! Did you think of it yourself, Zed?

As Kendall finishes his sentence, a drop of saliva drips down his butt.

Bryn: Ew.

Zed: I actually learned the recipe in Terra. A friend of mine named Belle taught me how to make it.

Thobrun: Is it hard te make?

Zed: It's actually quite simple to do. I...did have to get creative with the ingredients, though, since butts don't exist in Junihoshi.

Bryn: "Butts"? Okay, now you're just making stuff up. Next you'll be telling us that Terra has an enormous evil butt who tries to steal a bunch of magical triangles AND an overgrown horned butt who hates maintenance workers.

Zed: Well...

Mak: Come on, Bryn. I'm sure Zed's world is filled with butts unlike any from Juniho-


Zed: Uh...right.

The party sits at the table, their butts stuffed.

Bryn: Wow, Zed...Terran food sure is scrumptious...

Brocc: That was easily the best banana butt I've ever had!

Mak: It's the ONLY banana butt you've ever had.

Brocc: Oh, right! Duh!

Brocc flicks his forehead.

Brocc: Ow!

Zed: I'm glad you liked it.

Amethyst: It was indeed superb. Tres bien!

Emily: Most delightful, to be sure!

Mak: Oh, by the way...Bryn?

Bryn: Yes?

Mak: Catch.

Mak throws a butt to Bryn, who catches it.

Bryn: Ooh, let's see what we have h-

Bryn's eyes bulge, her butt flushing white.

Bryn: Oh no.

Mak grins, a frown spreading across his thick butt.

Mak: Oh yes.

Bryn: Why? Ooh!

Bryn drops the butt and begins to scratch.

Mak: Noone but my family and Ems calls me "Makkmak". GOT IT?!


Mak laughs loudly as Bryn vigorously scratches herself.

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on June 4th 2017, 6:37 pm
The Serious Butt of Broccoli Farshot

Bryn walks up to Brocc, who is sitting on a log.

Bryn: You wanted to see me, Onion-Breath?

Brocc: Sit down next to me, Bryn.

Bryn: Uh...okay...

Bryn sits to Brocc's right on the log.

Bryn: Okay, shoot.

Brocc: Now, you know me as the funny one, right?

Bryn: That MAY be an overstatement, but continue.

Brocc: It's time for me to be serious, even if it's just this once.

Bryn: Oh're not gonna propose to me, are you?!

Brocc panics

Brocc: WHAT?!

Bryn: Your reaction suggests not...okay, you can talk.

Brocc: Now, I've been carrying around some HUGE secrets that I am only now able to share with you.

Bryn: Right here, in the middle of the Butt Woods?

Brocc: Precisely. Now, the first one is a doozy.

Bryn: Okay then...?

Brocc: not actually a [fart sound].

Bryn: THAT'S why you can't sing!

Brocc: Yep!

Bryn: Then...what are you?

Brocc: Well, I'm an [fart sound].

Bryn: you're smarter than me?!

Brocc: What gave you that idea?!

Bryn: Well...aren't [fart sound] supposed to be geniuses?

Brocc: Of course not! My brother [fart sound] is the smart one. Oh, and also my sister [fart sound]. And Katalina, if you want to get technical.

Bryn: Right...

Brocc: As for SVEN...well, don't even get me started on that lousy [fart sound].

Bryn's eyes bulge.

Brocc: What?

Bryn: It's just that...I've never heard you use that particular word before.

Brocc: What? You mean [fart sound]?

Bryn: Yes! Honestly, I don't know if I like you saying [fart sound]...

Brocc: But YOU just said [fart sound]!

Bryn: Yes, but rogues can get away with saying [fart sound]!

Brocc: Well, maybe I SHOULD be allowed to say [fart sound]!

Bryn: Okay, can we PLEASE stop saying [fart sound]?!

Brocc: I will if you will.

Bryn: Good. Now, you mentioned another secret?

Brocc: Huh? Oh THIS one's even bigger than the first.

Bryn: Bigger than you being an [fart sound]?

Brocc: Yep! Okay, it's time to tell you that I, Broccoli Choy Verdann Svetlana Asparagustus Anchovius Wheatcream Bucknoodle Hairy Squirty Windy Carrot Bobobob [fart sound] Sven Anabelle Chiptoon-

Bryn: Okay, do you REALLY need to say EVERY SINGLE ONE of your [fart sound] middle names?

Brocc: I guess not. Anyway, I'm an [fart sound].

Bryn: Wait...what the [fart sound]?!

Brocc: Yep! Zed's not the only one to [fart sound]!

Bryn:'re able to [fart sound]?

Brocc: Yep!

Bryn: With a [fart sound]?

Brocc: Of course not! I use a harp.

Bryn: Oh.

Brocc: AND I'm not from Gnomsland, either!

Bryn: No [fart sound]. Then where are you from?

Brocc: Only a little place called [fart sound].

Bryn: Never heard of it.

Brocc: Of course you haven't. You're Platinian.

Bryn: Are you buying into the old "people from Platinia know nothing" stereotype?

Brocc: Of course not. I'm buying into the "people NOT from [fart sound] aren't aware that [fart sound] exists" stereotype.

Bryn: Fair enough.

Bryn and Brocc pause.

Bryn: These [fart sound] butts are getting on my nerves. Shall we go back to town and buy some ice-cream?

Brocc: You've never had a better idea, you [fart sound].

Bryn: Aw, that's such a sweet thing to say, Brocc...

Brocc: Don't mention it. Now back to town for some delicious frozen [fart sound]!

Bryn and Brocc leap off the log and begin to walk.

Brocc: Oh, and don't tell the others my secrets, okay?

Bryn: I ask why?

Brocc: 'Cause if you did, I'd have to [fart sound].

Bryn stops walking as her eyes bulge, while Brocc continues ahead. Bryn mutters under her breath.

Bryn: Coulda warned me BEFORE telling me, [fart sound]...

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on June 4th 2017, 8:46 pm
Duggdug's Super-Short
Brocc walks onto the stage.

Brocc: Ladies and not-ladies, it is my pleasure to announce that Duggdug is getting his own Super-Short RIGHT NOW! Which is probably better than him having it LEFT THEN, amirite?

The audience remains silent.

Brocc: Huh. I expected someone to liken me to a pink marshmallow and request that Kendall take the stage...oh well. Everyone, I present - making his first stage appearance - the man himself - remember, he's never appeared in-person before now - the funny guy - I can't stress enough the first-timedness of-

Bryn yells from off-stage.

Bryn: Oh, for the love of beans, Brocc, just introduce the guy already!

Brocc: Uh...right. Everyone, Duggdug Grey!

Brocc gestures both hands to his left. Mak walks onto the stage, grinning and waving as the audience applauds. Mak stops next to Brocc.

Mak (in Duggdug's voice): You suck! Give us the dog-dude!

Brocc: THERE'S that catchphrase we all know and love! Come on, give him some love!

The audience claps and cheers.

Brocc: Now, Duggdug.

Mak (in Duggdug's voice): Please, Brick, call me "Mak".

Brocc: Sure thing, Duggdug! Now, I must admit you look IDENTICAL to someone I know!

Mak (in Duggdug's voice): You don't say...

Brocc: Yeah! His name's Thobrun and he-

Mak facepalms.

Brocc: -could PRACTICALLY be your double! Are you sure you're not a long-lost twin?

Mak (in Duggdug's voice): You really are as thick as a brick-

Mak pulls his hand away, revealing a blank face.

Mak (in Mak's voice): -aren't you?

Bryn walks onto the stage.

Bryn: You said it, "Mak"!

Brocc: What the...? Bryn?! This is Duggdug's show!

Mak: I'm not Duggdug, Brocc. I'm Mak!

Brocc: What the...? Mak?! Then...where's Duggdug?

Bryn: There IS no Duggdug, shrimp-breath! It was all a joke!

Brocc: You mean I've been funked?!

Bryn: Sure...whatever...

Brocc: This is an outrage! You will be hearing from my lawyer!

Mak: Your what?

Brocc: My LAWYER! L-O-Y-E-R!

Mak: I have no idea what one of those is, Brocc.

Bryn: Yeah, stop making up words!

Brocc: I'm not making up words! Zed, back me up here!

Zed calls from off-stage.

Zed: Actually, I'm pretty sure that lawyers don't exist in Junihoshi. Trials work differently here.

Brocc: Oh...eheheh...of COURSE they do! "Lawyer"? Pfft...what IS one of those thi-

Bryn: You're not fooling anyone, Brocc.

Mak: Actually, I'm a little confused...

Bryn: I'll tell you when you're older, big guy.

Mak: What?! I'm 24! And you're 35, which is TECHNICALLY younger than me!

Bryn: What?! How in the dampest marshes of Granrelm did you know my age?!

Brocc: Wait...Bryn's a teenager?!

Bryn: My reputation's ruined! AAAAAAAHHH!!

Bryn runs off-stage.

Brocc: Duggdug Grey, everyone!

Mak (in Duggdug's voice): You suck! Give us the dog-dude!

The crowd claps and cheers as Mak takes a bow.

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