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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on August 30th 2015, 1:48 pm
Awesome! Great season finale btw. Wink


Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on August 30th 2015, 1:54 pm
Thank you, @Ichigofan! Smile

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on August 30th 2015, 9:11 pm
The pilot of Shell of Thal, By the Seas of Thal, is currently in production, and will introduce a new cast of characters in the ocean-themed world of Thalasera. Here's a rundown of the show's main characters:

Shelley Wiley - The auburn-haired captain of the ship known as the Hat, Shelley is a plucky, no-nonsense swashbuckler with a strong sense of adventure who aspires to search every corner of the world's oceans. Early in the series, she meets an aquatic-dwelling young man named Py, and the two form a strong bond with one another. Shelley, much like Zed and Alph, has no memory of her past, but that just means she has something in common with each member of her crew.

Matey - Shelley's second-in-command who doesn't even know his own name, Matey is responsible for taking the rudder and sailing the Hat across the seas. Though he usually appears stern and serious, Matey has a fun side, often yearning to have some enjoyment. He puts his job, as well as the crew's wellbeing, before his own needs, which usually has the crew concerned that he will eventually do something unbelievably stupid and risk his own life to keep everyone else safe, a concern which often very nearly comes true.

Disswey - The ship's navigator, Disswey is often irritated when people say her name as "DISS-wey", even when she constantly stresses that it should be pronounced "de-SHWAY". However you say her name, she has absolutely no sense of direction, and couldn't read a chart if her wellbeing depended on it! Disswey puts a certain emphasis on herself, even at the expense of her own crewmates - she once traded crewmate Sven to a tailor in exchange for a pair of designer boots she "couldn't live without", much to the annoyance of Shelley and Matey! When it comes down to it, though, she would sacrifice her own needs for the good of the crew, as long as they made it up to her later.

Sven - The crew's lookout and entertainer, Sven mysteriously appeared onboard the Hat during its maiden voyage. Despite his role, Sven seemingly has no imagination whatsoever, which puzzles the crew as gnomes are supposed to be the most creatively-minded of all the surface-dwelling cultures. Sven will not say where he comes from, as though he is hiding something from the crew, though they usually respect his privacy. Sven is the only crew member who enjoys eating Connie's bland food, referring to it as "a flavour explosion in the mouth area". One baffling thing about Sven is how much he claims to love broccoli, even though he never touches it when it's served in front of him.

Connie Cuuk - The ship's cook, Connie is a member of the inland dwarf people who aspired to join a ship crew and sail across the seas. After her previous crew booted her out of their ship, Connie was welcomed by Shelley and the crew of the Hat, who didn't want her seafaring dreams to be crushed. Despite her status as a cook, Connie seems to have no sense of taste whatsoever, resulting in her food having less flavour than spring water. Despite this fact, she continues preparing the same menu every week, though that might partly be due to the crew not having the heart to tell her how bad her food tastes. If they did tell her the truth, however, she just might become the finest cook to ever sail across the ocean of Thal.

Michelle - Shelley's nemesis and the captain of rival ship the Hat Eater, Michelle is a pompous pirate who loves to loot and pillage other vessels. When she first boarded the Hat, she and Shelley sparked a fierce hatred for one another, though that hate is very much one-sided - whereas Shelley remains good-natured with her insults, Michelle takes them to heart, adding fuel to the fire. Whenever the two captains meet, it's usually because Michelle wants to punish Shelley, though Shelley can't understand why Michelle is always in such a bad mood when she's only having a bit of fun with her.

Py - A merborn human, Py first encountered Shelley when he saved her from the stormy sea she'd fallen into. Being of an alien culture, Py's mannerisms and speech patterns are somewhat unusual, as is his appearance. Shelley is constantly trying to figure him out, as he is to her, which only strengthens the bond they've forged. As Shelley spends more time in Py's aquatic realm, she wonders if she's becoming less of the isleborn she is, and more of something she still doesn't fully understand.

Well, I hope you're looking forward to the series début, which is coming soon. Oh, and also look forward to the premiere of Flight of Indigo as well!

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on August 31st 2015, 6:39 pm
Nice! Wink


Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on August 31st 2015, 11:01 pm
Thank you, @Ichigofan! Happy

By the way, what do you think of my new avatar? Wink

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*Squigley no Densetsu
*Ally-Squinn no Shinwa
*Octanner no Monogatari - NOW LIVE!
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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on September 7th 2015, 2:54 am
Okay, it's time for a special treat: a sample of my new series, Shell of Thal! The main character of this adventure is Shelley, captain of the seafaring vessel the Hat, who journeys with her crew across the Thal Ocean. This sample features all seven major characters of the series, so you'll get to know everyone's names right away. Unlike Crystals of Silveria and Mask of Akanius, which started at a slower pace, Shell of Thal is action-packed right from the word go, so I hope you enjoy it!
Shell of Thal Sneak Peek!:

Scene 1: The Hat: Morning

We see an expanse of deep blue ocean, the waves gently rolling across its surface. Suddenly, a wooden sea vessel with a woman carved into its front splashes into view. It seems to be sailing at high speed. We cut to a view on the ship’s deck. A handsome young man in reddish seafaring garb is doing his best to control the ship. He appears calm, though sweat drops from his brow at an alarming rate. He speaks with a deep, English-infused accent.

Man: Stay calm, Matey…you can do this. It’s what you’re best at.

A young woman in dark green garb bursts out from below deck and runs over to the young man. She speaks with an English accent as well. The young man greets her.

Man: Ahoy, Captain!

Captain: Matey, status report.

Matey: The Hat Eater’s been spotted off our stern.

Captain: Blast! How far away is it?

Matey: By my estimation…roughly 30 waves away.

The Captain appears surprised.

Captain: But that’s so close…how could we have missed it till now?!

Matey: Honestly, I have no idea.

The Captain sighs.

Captain: Well, try to speed up, Matey!

Matey: I can sail this ship as fast as the winds will allow, Captain.

The Captain facepalms.

Captain: Of course! How could I have forgotten?

Matey: You’ve had a lot on your mind lately, haven’t you?

A surprised look appears on the Captain’s face.

Captain: Who told you that?!

Matey: Why, Connie, of course. You know what a gossip she is.

The Captain sighs.

Captain: I might have known…

Opening Credits


Another young woman in dark seafaring garb races from below deck. She has shoulder-length silver hair and blue eyes. She runs up to the Captain and Matey.

Woman: Ahoy, Captain Shelley!

Shelley: Ahoy, Disswey.

Disswey: No, no…it’s pronounced “de-SHWAY”, not “DISS-way”!

Shelley: Whatever. We have much more pressing matters at hand than how to correctly say your name!

A voice cries out from the crow’s nest. It is identical to Brocc’s voice from Crystals of Silveria.

Voice: Hat Eater spotted! It’s coming towards us faster than a ship sailing at high speed towards a slightly-slower ship!

Shelley: How far away is it?

A gnome with spiky green hair and long sideburns lands next to Shelley.

Gnome: By my estimate, Captain, roughly-

A slightly larger ship suddenly comes into view on the ship’s portside. It is made of a darker-stained wood, and has a fearsome, monstrous face carved into its front. Shelley’s eyes widen before she has even seen it.

Gnome: -two waves to our portside.

Shelley slowly turns her head to the left. The captain of the vessel is clearly seen on the ship’s deck, wearing garb stereotypical of a pirate captain. She has long, wavy, chestnut-red hair and brown eyes.

Pirate: Ahoy, Captain Shelley!

Shelley: What do YOU want, you old hag?!

The pirate captain suddenly becomes ticked-off. She begins yelling loudly at Shelley.

Pirate: I’m only a few years older than you, you brat!

Shelley: And yet you reek of the wisdom of age!

The pirate shakes her fist at Shelley.

Pirate: Why, I oughta…

The pirate turns to face one of her crew.

Pirate: You there! Fire starboard cannons on my mark!

Voice: Aye, Cap’n!

The pirate turns to face Shelley. A grin spreads across her face.

Pirate: Give my regards to Thal, won’t you?

Shelley: Oh, for the love of-

Shelley sighs.

Shelley: Why do you always do this, Michelle?

The pirate appears surprised.

Michelle: You really don’t know?

Shelley: No, enlighten me with your wisdom!

Michelle becomes enraged.

Michelle: For the last time, I. AM. NOT. OLD!

Michelle turns to her crew.

Michelle: Ready? And…FI-

An enormous wave suddenly hits the side of the Hat Eater, causing Michelle and her crew to lose their balance and fall over.

Michelle: What’s going on?!

Michelle suddenly becomes alarmed.

Michelle: Quick! Sail us out of here! Right now!

Another voice calls out to Michelle.

Voice: Aye, Cap’n!

Michelle: See you later, Shelley…AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

The Hat Eater sails away at high speed. The crew of Shelley's ship celebrates.

Sven: YES! She’s sailing away from us faster than a ship sailing away at high speed from another ship!

Shelley: Can’t you think of an anecdote that’s more creative, Sven?

Sven: Okay…um…she’s sailing away from us faster than…uh…a ship sailing at a speed which is somewhere between high speed and slightly-less-high speed!

Shelley facepalms.

Shelley: Never mind.

A dwarven woman with cook’s garb emerges from below deck.

Cook: Supper’s on! Come an’ get it ‘fore it gets cold!

Sven: Oh boy! Supper!

Sven races below deck, followed by a slower-paced Disswey. Shelley looks at Matey, who is busy keeping the ship on course.

Shelley: Aren’t you coming?

Matey: I need to keep the ship on course, Captain.

Shelley: And miss out on Connie’s scrumptious cuisine?

Matey: Oh boy, a nice, steaming bowl of rice and potato surprise…

Shelley: Actually, I believe tonight’s dish is fish and cottage cheese casserole.

Matey: Sounds delectable, but I must keep this ship from getting into any sort of trouble.

Shelley: As you wish.

Shelley begins heading for the door. She stops and turns to face Matey.

Shelley: That was a bit of a lucky break with Michelle, wasn’t it?

Matey: Thal must be guiding our journey, Captain.

Shelley: Well, see that you guide us too, Matey.

Matey: Aye, Captain.

Matey and Shelley smile. Shelley turns, walks through the door and begins heading below deck. She suddenly stops and checks the back of her right hand for a moment.

Shelley’s thoughts: Odd…I could swear I just saw something…

We cut back to a view of Matey. He is busy keeping the ship on course.

Matey: Huh…apart from our brief encounter with the Hat Eater, not a single bad thing has happened to us today. Maybe things are starting to turn around for the crew of the Hat


The Hat is sailing through a stormy stretch of ocean. Rain falls at an alarming rate, and the ship is rocked from side to side. The crew is all on deck trying to stabilise the vessel.

Matey: I knew I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth!

Shelley: Matey, status report!

Matey: Well, the ship’s taking on a lot of water, mostly from the rain…our supplies of dried fish and turnips have fallen into the ocean – thank the Seas of Thal – and Sven has just thrown up on Disswey’s boots.

Disswey: WHAT?!

Sven burps.

Sven: It’s Connie’s cooking, I’m telling you. Fantastic as her meals are… (burp) …I just can’t keep ‘em down!

Disswey examines her boots, stepping them up and down.

Disswey: Do you have any idea how much these cost me, you little squirt?!

Shelley: Let’s just focus on the matter at hand, Disswey!

Disswey: How many times must I tell you, Captain? It’s “de-SHWAY”, not “DISS-way”!

Shelley: Whatever, let’s just focus on finding a way out of this storm, okay?

Disswey: Aye, Captain!

An enormous wave washes across the deck, sending Sven sliding towards the starboard.


The railing catches Sven before he’s washed into the ocean.

Sven: Oh, thank the Seas I’m safe!

Shelley: Okay, everyone, be careful! There’s no telling when a wave might come up and wash you overboard!

Another wave suddenly washes across the deck, this time catching Shelley and sweeping her away.

Matey: Captain!

Shelley grabs onto a rope with her right hand and hangs tightly.

Shelley: I’m alright, Matey! There’s no need to-

A mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Shelley’s right hand with yellow-green light. Shelley catches a glimpse of the light and is startled.

Shelley: AH!

Shelley accidentally lets go of the rope in surprise, falling into the ocean below.


Matey runs over to the starboard, looking into the ocean for any sign of Shelley.


Matey pulls off his coat and shirt, revealing his tight muscles.

Disswey: What are you doing?!

Matey: I’m going in after her! I must save her!

Sven: Are you crazy?! You could get lost as well!

Matey: But I’m her only hope! I must try, even at the cost of my own life!

Disswey: Remember what Shelley always says? “Better to live a coward than die a hero!”

Matey: But she will die a coward if she is not saved!

Disswey: Well, I-

Disswey appears puzzled.

Disswey: Wow, you’ve really stuck me there, Matey!

Sven: Face it, she’s long gone by now!

Matey: But…but…

Matey hangs his head in sorrow.

Matey: You are right…

Disswey: For now, we must focus on saving the ship and its remaining crew!


We cut to a view beneath the storm-wracked surface. Shelley tries to swim upward, but the currents continue to drag her under. As she struggles, she sees a light move towards her, which appears to be in a humanoid form. As the light approaches, she blacks out.

Scene 2: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Shelley awakens, and realises she is lying atop a platform inside a cave of greenish-blue rock. She sits up and looks around, still trying to figure out her situation.

Shelley: That light…surely it couldn’t have been Thal.

Voice: Ah, you’ve awakened.

Shelley looks around for the source of the voice. She sits up and swings her legs to the side of the platform, spotting a young man in a saltwater pool to her right. Only his head, neck and shoulder-tops are exposed.

Shelley: Oh, hello.

Man: Greetings.

Shelley: I take it you are the resident of this fine place?

Man: Aye, this is my home.

Shelley: Oh.

Shelley examines the cave.

Shelley: It’s…nice.

Man: I gather you are not used to such a location?

Shelley: Whatever gave you that idea?

Man: An isleborn, beneath the waves? Surely you are not used to being so far below the surface.

Shelley: Well, I don’t often make a habit of falling off my own ship, if that’s what you mean.

Shelley giggles.

Shelley: I’m Shelley, by the way. Shelley Wiley.

The man nods.

Man: A pleasure, Shelley Wiley. You may call me Py.

Shelley: “Py”, eh? Unusual name for an isleborn.

Py: Oh, I am no isleborn.

Shelley: Really? You are human, yes?

Py: Indeed.

Shelley: Then-

Py emerges from the water. He has two gill slits across his breastbone, mint green fish fins on his elbows, webbed hands and feet like scuba fins. His forearms, hands, shins and feet are covered in mint green scales. Shelley is surprised.

Shelley: WHOA!

Shelley leaps off her platform and backs away slowly.

Py: There is no need for alarm.

Py’s hands and feet change into normal human ones in a flash of yellow-green light, but the scales, gill slits and elbow-fins remain.

Shelley: Wh-What are you?! Stay away!

Py: I am a human, as you are.

Shelley: Then…then…why do you have…fish-thingies?!

Py: My kind, the merborn, are adapted for life in an aquatic environment. We can survive in water both salt and fresh, and we can also survive on land for periods at a time.

Shelley: Why have I not heard of you?

Py: I fail to see why my form frightens you. We merborn are well-known and accepted amongst the isleborn. You are the first I have met who shows genuine fear.

Shelley sighs.

Shelley: I guess I’m just so frightened by this experience. I guess I’ll just head through the cave and leave, if that’s alright with you.

Py: Oh, we did not enter through the cave, Shelley Wiley.

Shelley: Pardon?

Py: The entrance is through that pool over there.

Shelley looks over at the pool and stares at it briefly.

Shelley: Where exactly is this cave located?

Py: Why, roughly ten metres below the surface of the ocean.

Shelley: WHAT?!

Py: We will simply need to-

Shelley: I cannot leave through the pool! I won’t make it to the surface if I do!

Shelley looks over at the cave.

Shelley: How far does this cave go, exactly?

Py: I cannot say.

Shelley: How come?

Py: I have yet to venture within and explore it.

Shelley: But…this is your home, yes?

Py: Indeed. I moved in here just last week.

Shelley: Last week?!

Py: Well, yes. It was time for me to leave my childhood home and make my own way through the world.

An expression of confidence appears on Shelley’s face.

Shelley: Well then, we need to venture into the cave and see what lies within!

Shelley runs over to Py and takes his hand.

Shelley: Come on!

Py: But-

Shelley pulls Py into the cave, his legs barely able to keep up with her.
Well, what did you think of this special preview? Feel free to leave a thoughtful comment below! Happy

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on January 29th 2016, 9:41 pm
That cliffhanger on the second to last episode of the first season was epic! Very Happy

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Re: Crystals of Silveria Fan Club

on January 29th 2016, 10:01 pm
Thanks, @Staroceancrazy! Glad to see the season still has its fans even after its conclusion. Happy

By the way, have you checked out the double-length special, Tide of a New Beginning? It reveals a lot of the secrets left unanswered in the first season while setting up some of Crystals of Silveria II. I recommend it!

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*Ally-Squinn no Shinwa
*Octanner no Monogatari - NOW LIVE!
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