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Even Sonic Is Worried About The Fate of His Creators!

Yikes there's been breaking news this morning and it's not looking good for SEGA or any of their sister companies and partners as SEGA SAMMY has announced that they will be scaling back or shutting down the many of their entertainment division teams with the exception of Team Sonic following an extremely grim financial report.

Rumor has it that 1,500 to 1,750 jobs will also be lost with 120+ workers being offered voluntary retirement with full retirement benefits. It also appears that SEGA SAMMY's "Amusement division" will also be greatly affected by this major restructuring of the corporation.

Also remember that ATLUS was recently bought by SEGA SAMMY so they might be gravely affected by this situation, anyways what are your thoughts regarding this? We'd really like to see what everyone thinks about this news in our comments below.

Source: TSSZ News


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I hope Nintendo can either save Sega or Atlus, but preferably both
passioNATE wrote:I hope Nintendo can either save Sega or Atlus, but preferably both
If you're interested please join #OperationSaveATLUS! Cool
I really hope Sega can get some of their games on eShop like from the Saturn and DreamCast era
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