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A Giant In A Little Kingdom!

Developed and published by Ninjabee games A World of Keflings is a simulation game that was originally released on XBLA for the Xbox 360. You are a giant that has been freed from an icy tomb by Keflings which are tiny people who you will help build and expand their kingdom! Does this unique game provide gamers with an enjoyable experience? Keep reading to find out!

The story is relatively straightforward and simple as the Keflings save you and you repay them by helping them build their Kingdoms. You get to play as your Mii character which is a really neat touch since most third parties don't utilize this feature! You must issue orders to Keflings to help you out by giving them a specific job such as a material gatherer or miner! The Keflings will become more proficient as they level up over time. You also have to help the Keflings as various issues come up such as scaring dragons away from buildings which is a cool thing to do, but honestly doesn't add much to the game. Occasionally after building key structures or completing tasks that you've been given you'll receive blueprints for new structures! This game isn't all that challenging, but you can easily get lost in a Zen-like state of proficiency while playing the game so it might actually take a half an hour or so before you really start getting into the game, but once you do it can be hard to stop!

The main campaign is quite short, maybe 10-15 hours at the most, but luckily the dlc campaigns add an additional 10-15 hours to the game as well as new scenarios and harder challenges! These dlc campaigns are free as they come as part of the game in the Wii U version and they really add alot to the base-game so the long wait for the game to release on the Wii U eshop doesn't feel so bad, since it allowed Ninjabee games to give us the dlc from the other versions of the game for free!

The Gamepad acts as a map, navigation menu, and has other useful functions. The asymmetric use of the Gamepad is better than even what most first party games provide, however the lack of Off-TV Play is somewhat disappointing, but at least the Gamepad is put to good use in other aspects! The controls are simple and smooth so nobody should have any difficulties learning the controls for this game!

The graphics in the game are quite nice as the characters and buildings are nicely detailed and the world itself is in beautiful HD with excellent lighting and special effects, while the audio is exceptional with plenty of detailed sound effects A World of Keflings doesn't disappoint with its presentation!


With superb gameplay, a huge amount of content, excellent controls, great use of the Gamepad, and an incredible audio-visual presentation, A World of Keflings is a game that every Wii U owner should download! The only downside to this game is the lack of Off-TV Play, but that's not much of an issue given the fact that the developer put the Gamepad to good use in other ways!

Price: $9.99


★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10


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This is an awesome game Exclamation
Awesome review @Rukiafan! Very Happy
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Rukiafan wrote:
@SKTTR wrote:I think this was available on XBLive in Europe. I really hope the Wii U version comes to Europe as well.

I heard it has some bugs though, so maybe/hopefully they fix it before they release in PAL regions.
I didn't run across any bugs during my playthrough so I don't think the bugs will be an issue for most people. Wink
Yeah, the bugs aren't very noticeable at all on the Wii U port.
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