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Hi, and welcome to a new feature called ChromaiChat, where we chat with the protagonists, deuteragonists, antagonists and...well, just about any character in the multiverse, really! Today, we're kicking off this series with a bang, as we interview the main man of Crystals of Silveria himself, Zed Starmute!

WiiWareWave: Thank you for allowing us to interview you.

Zed: Thank you for having me.

WiiWareWave: Now before we get into the nitty-gritty, can you tell us about your series, for those at home who have never heard of it?

Zed: Well, Crystals of Silveria takes place on a continent called Ornoposia, which is made up of three main countries and one independent nation, with each country broken down into smaller sovereignties. I was chosen by a mysterious artefact called the Silverian Crystals to be the owner of one of them.

WiiWareWave: So this crystal...are you wearing it right now?

Zed: Of course, I always keep it with me, only taking it off to bathe or sleep.

WiiWareWave: Then what's to stop a would-be thief from taking it while you aren't wearing it?

Brocc: I'll field this one.

Brocc is suddenly in the room.

WiiWareWave: Uh...this is supposed to be a one-on-one intervi-

Brocc pulls a chart from seemingly out of nowhere, and picks up a stick from the studio floor.

Brocc: The crystals have a number of innate attributes, one of which is something called a "per-cep-tion dam-pen-er-er-rr".

WiiWareWave: Um...I'm not a two-year-old, you kn-

Brocc: This makes it impossible for a non-Crystalbound to actively perceive the existence of the crystals. They know they're there, but they don't KNOW they're there.

WiiWareWave: Uh...okay...?

Brocc pulls down the chart slightly, causing it to fly away into the air. He then drops the stick to the studio floor, causing a loud sound of crashing glass to appear. Brocc then bows and exits from the studio.

WiiWareWave: That was...different.

Zed: He's one funny guy, that's for sure.

WiiWareWave: So you've made some friends, haven't you?

Zed: Oh, yeah. Outside of the Crystalbound I've made a few friends: Kendall, Laura, Mr. Newt, Tamamaki-kun...Gazzo, I guess...

WiiWareWave: You guess?

Zed: Well, he tricked me into drinking a potion which caused my clothes to disappear into another plane. I should have seen it coming, though, since two days beforehand he pulled an equally bad prank.

WiiWareWave: Which was?

Zed: Well, he started by leading me into a small room, where he dropped a stink bomb. I did the first thing I could think of, which was putting on my breather. Except he'd rubbed the inside with an ointment which, when the fumes are breathed-in, make your voice incredibly squeaky!

WiiWareWave: (laughs) So then what happened?

Zed: Well, I raced out of the room and pulled it off, but my voice was stuck like that until the next evening! (laughs)

WiiWareWave: (laughs)

Zed: So when he did the clothes thing...well, fool me once, shame on him...fool me twice, shame on me...fool me a third time-

WiiWareWave: Wait...he did a third thing?!

Zed: Yep, while I was still declothed, he...well...he spiked my drink with ginger!

WiiWareWave: And that's a prank?

Zed: Well, I don't like the taste of ginger, which is ironic since I'm...well, you know.

WiiWareWave: Oh, right, your hair! (laughs) That's pretty clever!

Zed: Well, those three pranks were nothing compared to what BRYN did to him! You cross Bryn, or her friends, and you get burned! (laughs)

WiiWareWave: He was literally burned?

Zed: Well, no. But let's just say that the toilet in that tavern must still be out of order.

WiiWareWave: Oh? Oh! Oh...

Zed: Yeah...the less said, the better.

WiiWareWave: So you've made some friends, but you've also made some enemies.

Zed: Right, those losers.

WiiWareWave: Tell me about the villains of your adventure.

Zed: Well, I don't know much about them, but Nedford and Kelbort were really-

Mak: Not them! He means the Dark Crystalbound!

Mak and Bryn walk into the room.

Zed: Oh, right. Well, they each have a crystal of their own, but they've managed to harness the full power of theirs, while most of us still only have minor benefits. They're all really dangerous, though we-

Bryn: Zed, you're too slow! Look, bottom line: Trent? Druid. Can't be hit by normal magic. Kara? Monk. Moves faster than a hyperchook. Brent? Ranger. Immune to poison and disease. Sara? Barbarian. Impervious to physical attacks. Their ringleader? A sorcerer named-

Mak grabs Bryn and starts to drag her from the room.

Mak: Come on, Bryn. This is Zed's interview.

Bryn: But...but...I wanna be a star!

Mak: You can stuff yourself with food in the green room.

Bryn: Ooh, okay then!

WiiWareWave: ANYWAY, you've made some considerable progress, haven't you?

Zed: Definitely! The next episodes are much more action-packed than the first story arc. We end up travelling to Coppelia and Goldenia, so we get to see every country of Ornoposia, plus some other lands as well.

WiiWareWave: Well, we're out of time, but it's been a pleasure.

Zed: Thank you.

Tune in next time for ChromaiChat! See you then!

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Great feature! Megatron Happy
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on November 25th 2014, 3:49 pmGeekyGamerZack
@Megatron2000 Thank you! Smile

@Rukia-kun Pictures have been added as you requested. Wink
on November 27th 2014, 4:28 pmTowafan7
Great article @GamerZack87. Wink
on November 27th 2014, 5:38 pmGeekyGamerZack
Thank you, Rukia-kun! Smile
on November 30th 2014, 10:51 amFM_Alchemist
Your imagination is limitless @GamerZack87!
on November 30th 2014, 2:22 pmGeekyGamerZack
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on January 31st 2015, 9:29 pmTowafan7
@GamerZack87 I finally managed to fix your about the author box! Enjoy. Wink
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