New 3DS, Xenoblade, and Smash Bros announcements

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A new announcement

During Nintendo's Japanese direct Nintendo announced their "New 3DS" There will be NFC built in to the system, a stronger CPU, a second circle pad, less 3D blur, additional shoulder buttons, and will use Micro SD.

A port of the critically acclaimed Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles will be available on the New 3DS. Watch the trailer here

And to go along with all of this, Shulk has been added to the Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U roster. See that trailer here

So what do our readers think of these new announcements? Drop a comment below!
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I don't like having to upgrade to a new handheld so soon just to play the latest 3DS games. Sad
So much for only having to buy hardware once per generation. This is actually worse than the dlc BS that third parties pull. pale
I'm not surprised at this announcement. Nintendo tends to release new Handhelds more often, which is something I don't agree with (because that's partially how Sega messed up) I won't get a New 3DS until I see more announced games, but don't expect the New 3DS to appear until 2015 at the earliest

By the way, price for New 3DS is $155, New 3DS XL $181 if you directly convert it from the yen price.
I like the nod to the Super Nintendo on the New 3DS (coloured ABXY buttons), but I'm not so sure about the second Circle "Pad". Hopefully there'll be a way for the original 3DS to compensate for New 3DS games, since I doubt Nintendo would want to alienate its current 3DS fanbase.
I'm getting it once it comes out, but I do hope we wont see anymore major improvements (asside from system updates) until 2018. Also thisll be my first time playing Xeenoblade!
passioNATE wrote:I'm getting it once it comes out, but I do hope we wont see anymore major improvements (asside from system updates) until 2018.
I agree. I'd rather this be treated as an entirely new console than a minor upgrade to an existing one. Smile
passioNATE wrote:Also thisll be my first time playing Xeenoblade!
Mine too! Very Happy
I'm surprised given how long the previous generation (Wii and DS) lasted.
The DS went for four years before the DSi was released, and I treat them both as separate consoles which happened to share a generation. Likewise, I see the New 3DS as a brand-new console which shares a generation with the original 3DS. Taking into account that the original 3DS will also go for four years before the New 3DS's debut (the 3DS first came out in 2010 in Japan and 2011 in NA and PAL regions), it's actually not too different from the previous generation. I think having two consoles in one generation may be a stretch if it's done too often, but if it's done right then it's actually quite good. Smile

I probably won't go for the New 3DS XL, opting instead for the New 3DS. The interchangeable Kisekae Plates look like plenty of fun, and I guess I prefer smaller screens since there's less eye-strain. I already know which extra plates I'd like to get: red, plus maybe aqua, green and purple, for my white one; and blue, plus maybe yellow, magenta and orange, for my black one. I'd be able to pick a different colour to suit my mood! Time to start saving! Very Happy
Yeah I look at it by a year by year comparison, right now 2014 for the 3DS is to what 2008 was for the DS, so this year having a DSi type for 3DS, and the exclusives for it are like the DSi Shop exclusive games only they have more physical copies since it already had a shop
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