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Review: Master Reboot (Wii U eShop) (PAL Region)

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A psychological horror adventure from a first person perspective.

(C) Wales Interactive

PAL Review by SKTTR.

You wake up in a dark cel-shaded world, and have to find out who you are and where you are. Information is scarce, and the little you get from cutscenes initially add to the confusion. I wouldn't spoil anything because the story is a particular high point that everyone (except kids) should experience for themselves.

It's a straightforward and memorable experience, with stylish and quite beautiful areas to explore. There are a some simple platforming sections, and original but not too difficult puzzles. Pick up usable items (like an axe or a flashlight) and collectibles (like memory snippets).

The first two areas are like a tutorial. You move around with the analog sticks and use 5 buttons for either jumping, running, ducking, using an item, and interacting with/picking up interesting objects. After that you'll come across a hub where you can select from certain stages you want to dive in. From there on the game becomes a little more open.

All of the areas have a dark secret, and something bad is lurking already, trying to stop you from finding the truth. It's up to you to connect the dots that make up the plot by collecting memory snippets that are hidden in the stages.

On a technical side, the controls and graphics are alright, albeit they are a little rough at times, which adds to the unsettling ambience. The light effects are beautiful and very organic, and the music and sound effects round up a dense atmosphere. The 2D cutscenes look as they come from a cheap flash animation though. They're a huge letdown when compared to the 3D graphics (that make the other 90% of the game). However, this clash of two unique styles is starting to work as you get used to it, just because it's an odd world with unusual stuff happening in the first place.

MASTER REBOOT is a rather simple and beatable game: Small areas, lots of restart points, unlimited lives, (almost) no time limits, and autosave after each area. The puzzles are exciting for adventure fans, the story and atmosphere are great for horror fans, and the platforming and action sequences are simple enough for everyone to get through with a bit of practice and patience.

Wii U specific features: The GamePad mirrors the tv screen at all times. No additional uses apart from off-tv-play. Posting pictures on Miiverse isn't always possible: it's odd that it's deactivated most of the time but still available at seemingly random occasions. Since the game's update on 25th August 2014 the major bug in the final part of the game and other minor flaws have been fixed.

All in all I really like the game as its strengths outweigh the flaws. It makes you think, it makes you wonder, it even makes you jump! In the hands of its target audience this definately grows a fanbase. If you're into great adventure games for Wii U (like The Cave or Stick It To The Man) and are interested to play something similar from a first person perspective and in a much darker tone, then MASTER REBOOT is the game for you.


★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

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I changed a paragraph and added bits I forgot to mention. The review is updated now, just like the game. Smile
@SKTTR you live in Germany do you not?
So how did you download this lol? Surprised
I made a second NNID when the ZombiU Demo and a few free apps weren't available on the German Wii U eShop and set the region to UK.
Unfortunately I can't add funds (no credit card, or £ prepay cards) but I can download free stuff and games with download codes.

I received a review code for Master Reboot from this site, but couldn't download it with my main (German) account. "This software isn't available" popped up. Fortunately, with my old UK account, I was able to redeem the code.

It's a shame really that this game isn't available in my region. I wrote my sentiments about this in a letter to the USK (German age rating board).
Laws in my country definately have to change. So I actively confront any law that is not born out of wisdom.

Without Rukiafan I wouldn't have had the chance to experience this game so I'm very grateful. Thankyou Ruki! victory

Clouds cover the German eShop sky every few weeks/months and they bring a taste of those infamous Australian rainclouds.
Master Reboot is actually the 5th European Wii U eShop game that skips Germany. The Zelda-inspired Ittle Dew is confirmed to be next on the list. Sad

Great review.
Thanks again for writing another great review on our behalf! I look forward to your Child of Light review as well. Wink
Nice review SKTTR Smile
@SKTTR great review! I have a question for you. How many levels does this game have?
Awesome review! Very Happy
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