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The Pokémon XY Friend Safari Club Empty The Pokémon XY Friend Safari Club

on August 24th 2014, 2:02 pm
I thought I'd start a club for exchanging Friend Codes with others in order to add to their number of Friend Safari areas. If you're seeking a specific type or Pokémon, you may request an exchange right here. If you'd like to offer your own Friend Safari to others, that's fine too, and it's even better if you know its type and/or the available Pokémon in it.

I'd like to kick-off this club with a request of my own: does anybody have a Fairy-type Friend Safari? I'd prefer a Friend Safari which has Clefairy available to catch. I believe mine is Normal-type, with Teddiursa and Kecleon as available Pokémon; I don't yet know the third one. If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Smile

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