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Indio Galaxy 3!

Arcane Pixel Games' new project Tiny Galaxy for the Wii U will undoubtedly remind Nintendo fans of the Super Mario Galaxy games, but on a much smaller scale. The game looks quite intriguing, however it has had a very rough first day on Kickstarter with only $86.00 raised so far. If you have any interest in this fantastic looking indie title you should contribute to the campaign if only to donate the minimum of $1 since every bit of money will help this campaign!

Here's some info from the developer's Kickstarter project page:

Arcane Pixel Games wrote:Tiny Galaxy is a new gravity based, rotational platforming game coming out for the Wii U from Nintendo! Typical platformers have the player move from point A (your starting point) to point B (end of level) on a flat, left to right area. Tiny Galaxy breaks that up by taking traditional platformer elements and bending it all into round planets instead of platforms. Each individual planet has its own gravitational pull rather than relying on straight down, plain old boring gravity! Tiny Galaxy will include 5 worlds, a forest world, a world made up of fruit slices and candy, a world of frozen planets, a world of dying planets, and finally a world of metal inorganic planets. Each world will consist of 10-15 levels. The final level count has not yet been determined but will range from 50 to 75. This will be dependent on the final downloadable file size.


Tiny Galaxy will support off screen game play using the Wii U GamePad controller. The touch screen is also being used to navigate the games menus as well as for level selection. A very important feature many developers do not think about is adding accessibility features in their games for disabled gamers. Taking this into consideration I have implemented a way to play Tiny Galaxy, one handed, right hand or left hand. This uses the Wii Remote Plus controller and uses the D-Pad to move and the B trigger to jump. These features a planned for the launch of the game, to be used on day one! I have also been experimenting with a completely limbless operation of the game using the Wii Balance Board. The idea is when a player shifts their weight, or applies pressure to the different areas of the balance board, this will allow the player to move and jump. Unfortunately the balance has been difficult to work with and this feature may not make into the final version of the game. I want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy and play the games I make so future updates may allow the use of my currently, experimental, balance board use.

We'll keep you updated as further details emerge and hope to see your thoughts regarding this new Kickstarter campaign in our comments below! And lastly here is a real-time stat-tracker of the Kickstarter campaign so you can see how much money the campaign has currently raised and how much time is remaining in the campaign:

Source: Official Tiny Galaxy Kickstarter page


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@Arcane Pixel if you'd like we could create a donation page for your game in our forums if you provide us with a link to your Paypal Donation Button "not the account itself just the link that is associated with your donation button. We might be a small community so you might only make a small amount of money total, but I can guarantee you that our members wouldn't heckle you. Wink

Anyways it's entirely up to you. We're looking forward to learning more about your upcoming title so if you want to do an interview with us or reveal any news regarding Tiny Galaxy feel free to contact us on Twitter or using the Contact Us link located in the footer of our website. Wink
Its all good, I dont need any donations or anything, I really appreciate the offer though. Im cool with doing any interviews or anything you would want to do though. Very Happy Im always free to talk about the game or plans for it. Let me know. You can email me p0taytersAtgmail(dot)com with anything you need or questions. Thanks for the offers!
Good luck with your project mr. developer! Very Happy
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