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The WiiWareWave Forum's Video Games Trading Area!

on July 25th 2014, 11:47 am
This is the thread for users to trade digital items such as Club Nintendo survey codes, eshop credit codes, or game download codes in exchange for other survey or download codes! All exchanges involving the actual codes that have been agreed upon by both parties should be done via PM to prevent lurkers from stealing the code for themselves!

As for me I'd be willing to redeem and send you any of the current month's Club Nintendo rewards in exchange for a $5 DDP eshop credit code!

The offer is valid through August 2nd. Wink


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Re: The WiiWareWave Forum's Video Games Trading Area!

on August 18th 2014, 11:36 pm
Does anyone have a 3DS pin code for Club Nintendo?
I will give away my Wii U download code for My Exotic Farm in exchange for the survey code Smile

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Re: The WiiWareWave Forum's Video Games Trading Area!

on November 4th 2014, 5:39 pm
I would like to trade my code for Wrecking Crew for a $5 eshop code! Very Happy

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