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Yacht Club Games Is Digging Up Another Update!

eshop: Shovel Knight V.1.1. Update Is Headed To The Wii U And 3DS "Soon"! 630x18

Yacht Club Games has confirmed that their version 1.1 update of Shovel Knight which recently went live on the PC platform will also be going live on Nintendo's platforms very soon with a few extra fixes exclusive to the Nintendo releases of the game! Here are the details regarding the upcoming update for Shovel Knight:

Yacht Club Games wrote:General: "Affects all versions of the game"!

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Timing issue where the Inventory screen could be opened with the game unpaused.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Getting captured by Treasure Knight’s chest while using the Ichor of Boldness leading to a missing Shovel Knight.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Cheats not carried over in New Game+ when a file is reloaded.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Falling into pit during final boss battles leading to soft lock.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Escaping final battle with Propeller Dagger.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Fall through floor if using Dust Knuckle when defeating Polar Knight during Round Table.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Enchantress blocks frozen by creative Chaos Orb use.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Entering Enchantress fight with shovel drop causing crash.

 Like a Star @ heaven Tweak: Fixed a portrait and added one slacker to the Hall of Champions.

Wii U

 Like a Star @ heaven Game can now be played with out the GamePad! “Please re-connect GamePad” message will only display if it was your last used controller before disconnect or if you were displaying the game on the GamePad screen.

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Music not resuming if a Miiverse post is selected while the inventory is open on screen.


 Like a Star @ heaven NEW! Update option on the main menu makes updating to new versions of Shovel Knight a breeze! Welcome to the internet future, medieval knight man!

 Like a Star @ heaven Fix: Home menu crash issues

Are you looking forward to these fixes and changes to the game? Let us know in our comments below!

eshop: Shovel Knight V.1.1. Update Is Headed To The Wii U And 3DS "Soon"! Rukiafan7
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What a beautiful update!
Yacht Club Games seems to be trying to make the game as good as it can possibly be! I love you
Booyaa! Nice patch, but I'm looking forward to the new campaigns and 4 player battle modes that were promised during the Kickstarter! Super Saiyen
I see that Yacht Club Games are busy making their game even better. Smile
Another patch?
Cool, cool, but when can we expect actual dlc?
I love Shovel Knight! I love you
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