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Is Fast Racing League going to be released soon?

on May 1st 2011, 2:38 pm
I was just curious given the fact Shin'en games stated that it would be released in the following months nearly 3 months ago.....

I most certainly hope it wasn't canned Exclamation


on May 1st 2011, 2:52 pm
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I have no clue.......but I don't think it's been cancelled......

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I'd say........

on May 1st 2011, 5:15 pm
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I think it will get released sometime in the next 4-6 weeks Smile
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I haven't a clue.....

on May 1st 2011, 5:42 pm
I don't think it's been canned,but who knows when it'll be released as Nintendo rarely confirms release dates until a few hours before a title is released Exclamation



on May 11th 2011, 2:31 pm
Shin'en has announced that Fast Racing League will be released in Europe on Friday May 27th for 1000 Nintendo points however no North American date has been confirmed as of yet Neutral

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Great news!

on May 11th 2011, 2:39 pm
This is great news for European gamers now if only Shin'en will confirm this game for a may release here in America Very Happy

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on May 11th 2011, 2:43 pm
Good news for hardcore gamers now when is moto heroz coming Question

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Re: Is Fast Racing League going to be released soon?

on May 15th 2011, 12:32 pm
Shin'en is hinting at a possible global june release!

I hope it ends up happening Very Happy

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Re: Is Fast Racing League going to be released soon?

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