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Its that time of the year again folks a gamers Christmas as i call it. Its only comes once a year and the closer it gets the longer the days become. Some Skip school to take part in it, others work, fanboys run rampant and everyone else wonders what the big deal is. So what event am I talking about? What even is so big, and so important that I plan to ask my Supervisor for the day off? If you guessed E3 then you are right.

E3 is upon us again and this years conference will be the most important one so far, it will be the Xbox One and PS4s first time to the event and a proving ground to see which will come out on top for 2014. But if anyone will have to prove themselves this year it will be Nintendo, slow WiiU sales, lack of third party developer support disappointed fans, and Loss of investor confidence are just a few of the things that they have had to put up with since the consoles first year on the market.  Similar to last year  Nintendo will be showing there presentation in the form of a Special E3 Nintendo Direct in place of the massive lavish event as previous years.

While they will have a Considerable amount of place on the E3 floor for their gaming Booths Nintendo is Swtiching it up this year by hosting a Smash Bros Tournament. In a video released today Nintendo showed the event and contestants and rules and a little extra special something near the end that gave me a miniature heart attack. a Heart Attack of happiness and gamer Satisfaction. I will not ruin it for you, for I will be placing the video below. As always im Pumped up and excited as hell for E3. Stick around here at Wiiwarewave as we live tweet and post articles about the event as they happen.

Happy gaming and enjoy E3.


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