We chat with the Hyrulean hero about his many adventures

Hello, and welcome to Good Day Nintendo, where we interview your favourite stars of gaming so you don’t have to! On today’s show, we have a very special guest: it’s the Hero of Time himself, Link!

Link: ...

WiiWareWave: Also joining us is Link’s translator: it’s everybody’s favourite fairy, Navi!

Navi: Hello!

WiiWareWave: But we couldn’t understand everything Navi said in the pre-interview-

Navi: HEY!

WiiWareWave: –so please welcome our surprise guest, and Navi’s translator, Tatl!

Tatl: Thank you! It’s a joy to be here! *JINGLE*

WiiWareWave: So Link, what was it like to grow up in Kokiri Forest?

Link: Hyaah!

Navi: Listen!

Tatl: “I had lots of fun living in the forest! I always liked playing games in the Lost Woods with my friend Silvia.”

Navi: HEY!

Tatl: Sorry, my bad, “Saria. But I always got along with Mido, our leader. He was my best friend.”

Navi: Listen!

Tatl: “But I never got along with Mido, our leader. He was my worst enemy.” Well, how do you expect me to translate your gibberish mumbling? *JINGLE*

Navi: HEY!

WiiWareWave: Moving swiftly on...and then you were charged with an important mission by the Great Deku Tree. How was your adventure?

Link: Huh!

Navi: Listen!

Tatl: What?! I’m not translating all that! Okay, long story short, some rich girl told him to get her jewellery, some farm girl gave him a horse, and some fish girl asked him to marry her. really are a hit with the ladies, aren’t you? Oh, and he defeated a giant pig who wanted to conquer the world or some such.

WiiWareWave: Uh...okay then. But things took a turn for the odd when you went searching for your fairy friend in the Lost Woods, only to end up in a parallel world. Tell us about that.

Link: Uh-

Tatl: With pleasure. I was rescued by Link after I became separated from my brother, Tael. He was my knight in...uh...flimsy green armour. He had found his fairy friend at last! *DING DING DING*

Navi: HEY!

Tatl: What?! You were the fairy he was trying to find?! Lies!

Navi: Listen!

Tatl: You might have known him first, but he was my friend longer!

Navi: HEY!

Tatl: Just because I technically only partnered with him for three days, once you take into account the time-loop equation I actually knew him for a lot longer! Sheesh, didn’t they teach you anything in Loser Fairy Academy?

Navi: HEY!

Tatl: What did you call me?!

Navi: HEY! HEY! HEY!

Tatl: No, YOUR mom is!

Navi: Listen!

Tatl: Oh, that is it! You’re going down, Tinker Bell! *DING DING* *DING DING*

Tatl flies straight towards Navi, who flies out of the room at high speed.

Tatl: Yeah, you’d better fly, pixie!

Tatl follows after Navi.

WiiWareWave: Wow, you must have your hands full. I bet it gets ugly when you visit a Fairy Fountain.

Link: Tell me about it...

WiiWareWave: D-Did...did you...?!

Link: Uh...I-I mean...SHYEAAH!

Join us next time when we interview the Star Fox mercenary unit. See you then! victory

Big thanks to Zelda Wiki for the image!

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And could there be an appearance from a particular fiery-haired spellcaster and his green-topped sidekick? Stay tuned!
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