Pokemon Black And White Impressions

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my first ds review is pokemon black/white version. to begin with its another pokemon game with diffrent kind of pokemon. i mean how much more pokemon is there going to be. but anyway i been dying on making a review on that game and i been holding it off for some reason but now here is my review.

1. start up: we all know how they need to blabber about pokemon that and pokemon that and its quite boring but for those versions it was quite ok

2. gameplay: well as i said(on the top) its another pokemon game. you fight, you get items, capture all pokemon and get stronger same stuff as you do in other pk games

3. music: the music was ok. it had some nice tunes and the sound effects were awesome

4. grapgics: well the graphics are so *boom* smooth awesome and its really candy for your eyes. you going to get sucked in the game pretty fast

5. fun factor: it is soo much fun to play it and to play online against your friends is even more fun. you cant have a boring time with this game

final score: i give this game ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8/10 well recommended game even for those who never played a pokemon game before. get it and capture them all

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

silks of sweden review

this review can also be viewed here

your house

fighting sequence

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That was your first review Surprised
it's way better than my first 7 or 8 reviews! Pokemon games are quite fun,and it sounds like black/white are no exception Smile
its a good game and i dont even like the newer generations Very Happy
im more of a 1,2,3 generation pokemon liker
I just moved this into the DS reviews section,since you're staff it's not a member review Wink,well it's nearly 3:00am here in arizona,so I'm going to get off now,but I'll be on again within the next 10 hours Wink
sounds good. have a nice rest pal. i keep my eyes open ^^
Sounds like a good game!
Nice review mod =)
@Supertimbros wrote:Sounds like a good game!
Nice review mod =)
thx. try my best to not give people wrong directions. i know how it feels like ohh i gotta buy this game and then when you playing you be like *i spend 50 $ on this piece of Crab*
Are pics going to be added to this review? or are they there already?
For some reason pictures don't show up on certain pages when I have poor connection.....
@Supertimbros wrote:Are pics going to be added to this review? or are they there already?
For some reason pictures don't show up on certain pages when I have poor connection.....
i havent uploaded any pics yet but planing to do it soon
An excellent 1st review silks =D
@H_Bogart32 wrote:An excellent 1st review silks =D
thx. i do my best to inform you which game is good n bad
there i now uploaded some screenshots. hope you all like it
Nice pics silks.
I'm not a fan,but you review is great Smile
Its a fun game no doubt about it!
I look forward to your future reviews and topics
Embarassed I forgot to greet you Embarassed
Hi silks welcome to this site Smile
This is a very accurate and enjoyable review silksofsweden!
Really nice review silksofsweden Smile
thx everyone. you give me more reason for making a review
i wanna post this mone on my site. With your permission that is. I need more DS reviews.
@KingreX32 wrote:i wanna post this mone on my site. With your permission that is. I need more DS reviews.

feel free to do so as long as you give me credit for it
Kenshin A-Go-Go
Great review!
Reviewer score 10/10 Smile
thx dkman. rock on
Pokémon is a blast and so is your review dude!
Nice work silks |D
thx megatron
Congratulations on getting 25 comments silks Wink
Way to go silks!
Great review,and welcome to wiiwarewave silks.
Rukiafan wrote:Congratulations on getting 25 comments silks Wink
Make that 28 comments Smile
Congratulations silksofsweden Surprised
thanks everyone. im gonna keep making review
I'm looking forward to that!
im gonna start on my newest review now. you gonna love it im sure of it
Wow rukiafan's doing two reviews as well @_@ 3 reviews in 1 day'll be awesome!
DBZmania wrote:Wow rukiafan's doing two reviews as well @_@ 3 reviews in 1 day'll be awesome!
my review is done check it up
I'll do that Wink
You're the most popular reviewer here congrats Very Happy
haha thx. i do my best to keep everyone entertained
Not to shabby of a review,for a person who doesn't usually like pokémon games like yourself this review has me actually interested in Black/White bounce
i am intrested in pokemon but only in 1,2 and 3rd generation pokemon games
This review is sweet,nicely done silks
thx mecha. much appreciated
RWBY Yellow = Yang
It sounds interesting,I think I'm going to get it Exclamation
thanks for your great review silks Very Happy
Nice review silks
Which version is better for water type pokémon?
dont really know. i havent played it that much
Oh well thanks for responding so quickly I love you

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thats my job as a reviewer ^^
Ok it took a while but here it is.

nice very nice indeed. i like your site
silks wrote:nice very nice indeed. i like your site

Why thank you. Unfortunatly im running into the same problems as Rukiafan, Ive run out of games to review. Ive got one more and thats it.
well there is some games for sure. i can find a game to review
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